Safety App for Girls : Top 10 Women Safety app in India


Given the safety of women, some such apps have been made, which they can keep themselves safe using in difficult times. The security of women in our country is the biggest problem in today’s era, whenever a woman comes out of our house for some purpose, then in her mind she is simply thought of returning her right home. 

Defense app

In this app, only one button can tell a woman about her location immediately to her family members or relatives. You can also choose one of your known phone numbers that can see your location. If your app is closed in the meantime, you can send your family to the arlot by pressing the volume button created in your mobile three times.

Woman Safety App

This app instantly gives information to your homeowners when they get trapped in an unsafe place. It will only tell the people who know about your location on a single button. This app sends your knower with a message, your location, and one and a picture by the camera in front and back. This app has three buttons, which are set according to the threat. You can use it according to your risk.

Safety pin

Safety Pins is an important app for the safety of women. This app is also available in Hindi as well as Bengali and English. In addition to the GPS, the emergency number and the direction of the safe place have also been given. This app also provides information about safe location.

Smart 24X7

This is an app that is designed to keep the security of the women as well as the safety of the elderly in mind. In this app, the person who knows the time goes and clicks on the phone along with the voice record that is being done at that time. This app also has call center support system. In any difficult situation, press the panic button present in the app and send information to the person you know.

Shake2 Safety

This is the easiest app to use. For the use of this app, only the person has to shake his smart phone or press the power button of your phone four times, after which your register number becomes a message or call.

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