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Top 10 Qr Code Generator Software List Ranking 2022 Updated

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Top 10 Qr Code Generator Software List Ranking 2022 Updated

You know, the QR Codes’ usage expands every day across the globe. Also especially marketing. It was developed by the automotive industry as a bar code to quickly and reliably distinguish parts but had originally been mainly for industrial use, as they were simpler to produce, and they had been easy to read even if dirty or partly lost. The QR code is easily photographed by the camera, camera or mobile imager, and digitally encoded so as to understand the text. 

As they have camera applications, a mobile phone and smartphone today will run QR code reading software, but even better is the opportunity to produce your very own QR code with the best QR code generation software. There is numerous software that helps in the generation of QR code and some of them are listed below.

  1. Qrcodescannerpro (

This programme provides a broad variety of useful tools and functions that greatly simplifies the process. One of the significant benefits of qrcodescannerpro is the user interface. It has no intrusion at all so it’s the optimal option for this material. 

The support for—  Enables all sorts of visual knowledge that can be generated without limitations a wide repository of models and references to save much time details

This is a free QR code generator and it’s one of the most common templates that millions of people already have used this generator’s code. They include limitless digital displays over time, QR codes, powerful interface, emblem QR codes, custom colours for different versions, Vector Formats for QR codes (SVG), which can be set free in business environments. The features are unlimited vibration check so you can find more detail here.

With the help of this qr code software you can build, administer, and monitor custom colours and logos with beautiful QR codes, so you can keep the campaigns multimedia-enabled to view and portable on national, social, and local easily recognisable. 

With versatile targeted content, it is an easy and economical application to build intelligent codes that will fit all your specifications, and you can adapt designs and URLs and gain bulk production HD code.

Some of the advantages provided by the best programme to generate QR code include the development of leads, enticing view codes in order to draw further scans, the 23 types of QR code, opportunity to view a number of scans according to date, positions and the system type, and the display of dynamic codes, ensuring that you are able to configure contents anytime.

  1. Zopefy (

Zopefy is tailored to creating branded, innovative, solid QR codes that complement 50-400 per cent scans, feeds, duplicated leads and social links with 2x the other main interface or with the managed launcher. This gives you all the requirements for the build of the QR code in one place. You will be able to use images for construct nice and entertaining codes for people and for viewing purposes, modifiable codes and QR codes. There are certain characters they have if you wish to adjust their performance after publishing it and, for those goals, include submitting re-directs to URLs, Facebook and so on.

With this QR Code tech, your clients can actively connect you, have immediate internet traffic to and from the ready and tracing print media, and run end-to-end QR Code promotions that you can develop, plan, handle and follow. 

3. Egoditor

Egoditor was founded in 2009 by Nils Drescher and Nils Engelking. They both saw the true potential of QR Codes when it was still under the radar. But when the impact on mobile marketing became obvious, was already miles ahead.  QR Code Generator lets you create memorable marketing campaigns with trackable QR Codes—designed by you.

Website :

4. The Qrcode Generator

Our Services may include web-based or downloadable software, which may update automatically on your device to newer versions. We grant you a worldwide, non-exclusive and non-transferable to use the software solely to use the Services. Components of the software may be offered under an open source license, in this case we will make that license available to you. Provisions of the open source license may expressly override some of these Terms.


5. QRCode Monkey 

QRCode Monkey is one of the most popular free online qr code generators with millions of already created QR codes. The high resolution of the QR codes and the powerful design options make it one of the best free QR code generators on the web that can be used for commercial and print purposes.

Website :

6. Unitag’s tool

Unitag’s tool helps you create effective mobile-optimized surveys in minutes to reach your target audience on-the-go. Collect valuable insights for all your projects: product launch, new app, upcoming event, etc. Driving customer insights and satisfaction has never been so easy!

Website :

7. goQR is one of the leading sites on the web for QR Codes, QR Code marketing and QR in general. We’re offering our customers expertise to all things concerning the right usage of QR Codes. Besides that, we’re the people behind QR Server, a professional marketing platform for targeted QR Code Management (Campaigns, editable QR Codes etc.)

Website :

8. QR Stuff QR Code Scanner

The QR Stuff QR Code Scanner allows users to scan QR codes simply and easily from within your browser with no need to download and install a QR code scanning app or QR code reader software. Simply go to Scan from the menu bar at the top of this page and after granting access to your device camera, you’re ready to scan a QR code using your laptop or mobile device.*


9. QRTiger

QR codes are essential for any brand these days as they are the offline lead to your e-commerce, social media, event, website, Vcard (business card)… . QRTiger allows you to generate with our QR code maker customized QR codes with logo. Our customized QR codes get 30% more scans than any classic black and white QR code. QRTiger has been selected as one of the best and most complete QR code generator online to track data. Making use of dynamic QR codes can help you easily to track and edit any URL behind your QR codes. We also have a bulk QR code generator and QR code generator API for more professional needs. QR codes will become an important marketing tool for any business type as they are easy to use.

10. Beaconstac
An integrated QR Code solution to create branded QR Codes, manage campaigns, and track performance in a single dashboard.
Our QR Code Manager is available as a fully private-labeled platform. Your customers will never know we exist, so you can take all the credit! Just link your domain to our server and provide us with your Logo and Brand Name to get started.
Website :

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