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Orthodontist KitchenerOrthodontist Kitchener

Orthodontist Kitchener

  1. Nicolucci Orthodontics

ABOUT US: “I love being an orthodontist. I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, and the relationships that I’ve built with my patients and their families are one of the best things about my job. It has always been my focus to make each patient feel at-home when they come to me for treatment and I work hard to give my patients the attention they deserve. I believe orthodontic treatment is a life-changing experience.

TREATMENTS/SERVICES: Herbst Appliance, Palatal Expander, TADs, Surgical Orthodontics, Craniofacial Orthodontics

ADDRESS: 720 King Street East

Kitchener, Ontario N2G 2M5

Phone: (226)-240-7728

Fax: (519)-745-4818



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  1. TriCity Orthodontics

ABOUT US: Since founded in 2012, TriCity Orthodontics has been working hard to change the perception of the orthodontic industry. We strive for our patients to feel a part of the TriCity Family upon their arrival. It is our duty not only to deliver you the smile you deserve but also to ensure the treatment process is comfortable and easy for our patients.


ADDRESS: 500 Fairway Rd S, Suite 202

Kitchener, Ontario

N2C 1X3


T: 519-896-6500


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  1. docbraces Kitchener (formerly Glasgow Orthodontics)

ABOUT US: A smile says a lot about you, and at docbraces we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident. As orthodontic specialists, we are committed to providing dependable, personalized treatment to our patients. docbraces is proud to be a home-grown Canadian network of orthodontic clinics. We value our connections to the communities we serve. Investing locally in what matters most to our patients makes sense to us. Our clinics support local initiatives whose values are closely aligned with our own.

TREATMENTS/SERVICES: We are committed to providing our patients with expertise in all orthodontic methodologies, ensuring the best possible treatment outcomes.

ADDRESS: 65 Glasgow St, Kitchener, ON N2G 2G8, Canada

Phone: +1 519-749-9713


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  1. kworthodontics

ABOUT US: Due to guidelines related to COVID-19, our clinic is closed presently but we continue to work hard to serve our patients via phone or email communications.  Please reach us at if you have an orthodontic emergency involving discomfort and we will assess if it is appropriate to invite you for an in-clinic visit.  Thank you for your understanding and please stay healthy!




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  1. Orthodontic Smile Studio

ABOUT US: There are several life events that make someone consider a smile makeover. Prom, graduation, job interviews, post-secondary studies, and weddings are just a few of them. We enjoy seeing their reactions to the transformations and the added confidence they get flashing their new smiles. We strive to make first-time visits enjoyable for our youngest patients. We work closely with parents and guardians to make this possible. Our goal is to earn their trust and establish positive relationships

TREATMENTS/SERVICES: Types Of Braces, Types Of Appliances, Types Of Treatment, Emergency Care

ADDRESS: 235 The Boardwalk Suite 201

Kitchener, ON N2N 0B1

(226) 929-8983


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  1. Kevin Patrick McSweeny Orthodontist

ABOUT US: Dr. McSweeny opened his practice in Waterloo in 1978, following his graduation from the orthodontic specialty program at the University of Toronto. In 1984 he relocated his practice to the current Kitchener location. With over 30 years of experience in the orthodontic field, Dr. McSweeny is dedicated to giving his patients the best possible smile. His philosophy is that each patient is a new challenge; teeth are as individual and unique as the patients themselves. 


ADDRESS: 966 King St W

Kitchener, N2G 1G4


(519) 579-3300  


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  1. Kuppers + Greene Orthodontics

ABOUT US: Dr. Kuppers and Dr. Greene are Certified Orthodontic Specialists. We are passionate about what we do. We are a team of highly skilled professionals who know what it takes to create a wonderful patient experience – passion, dedication and an unwavering commitment to orthodontic excellence.

TREATMENTS/SERVICES: Interceptive, Braces, Bring Back Your Smile, Clear Aligners, Surgical Orthodontics

ADDRESS: 96 Union St E, Waterloo, ON N2J 1C2, Canada

Phone: +1 519-884-2556


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  1. Lackner Woods Family Dentistry

ABOUT US: Whether your needs are a simple dental exam and cleaning, or a complex cosmetic restoration, our practice can fulfill your desires. At Lackner Woods Family Dentistry, the patient is our primary concern. Our fully digital practice utilizes technology to provide efficient and seamless care.

TREATMENTS/SERVICES: General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Invisalign, Sedation Dentistry, Dental Guards & Dental Appliances, Dental Technology, Emergency Dentistry

ADDRESS: 900 Fairway Crescent, Unit 4

Kitchener, ON N2A 0A1



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  1. RiteBite Orthodontics

ABOUT US: Ritebite Orthodontics Is a family-ownded orthodontic practice with 8 locations in Ontario. We offer expert orthodontic care with Invisalign, Invisalign Teen and braces. We’re proud of Diamond Plus Invisalign status.

TREATMENTS/SERVICES: Invisalign, Braces, Financial

ADDRESS: Phone: (519) 279-1620

560 Fairway Road South, Unit 2

Kitchener, ON N2C 1X3


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  1. Dawson Dental

ABOUT US: At Dawson Dental, we’re all about you. We care about you as a person. We want to help you learn about your oral health, help you understand your treatment solutions, and help you make decisions that are best for you. We understand what it’s like to be anxious about seeing the dentist, so we ensure every person who walks through our doors feels at ease and comfortable before and during treatment. Welcome to Dawson.


ADDRESS: 235 Ira Needles Blvd, Kitchener, ON N2N 0B2, Canada

Phone: +1 519-742-2010


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1. What services does the orthodontist in Kitchener provide? Our orthodontist in Kitchener offers a comprehensive range of services, including braces, clear aligners, retainers, and orthodontic consultations. We are committed to providing personalized treatment plans to address your specific orthodontic needs effectively.

2. How can orthodontic treatment benefit me? Orthodontic treatment can help improve your oral health, correct misaligned teeth, and enhance your smile’s aesthetics. Additionally, it can alleviate issues like overbite, underbite, crowded teeth, and gaps, leading to better oral function and increased self-confidence.

3. Are the orthodontic treatments suitable for adults? Absolutely! Orthodontic treatments are suitable for both children and adults. Our team specializes in providing adult orthodontic care, offering discreet options such as clear aligners to ensure a seamless and comfortable treatment experience.

4. How long does orthodontic treatment usually take? The duration of orthodontic treatment varies based on individual needs and treatment plans. On average, treatment can last anywhere from several months to a few years. During your initial consultation, our orthodontist will provide a more accurate estimate based on your unique case.

5. Is the orthodontic treatment painful? Orthodontic treatment may cause some discomfort initially, particularly when braces or aligners are adjusted. However, this discomfort is usually temporary and can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. Our orthodontist will guide you on how to minimize any potential discomfort during the treatment process.

6. How often should I visit the orthodontist during treatment? Regular visits to the orthodontist are crucial for monitoring progress and making necessary adjustments. Typically, patients are scheduled for appointments every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on their treatment plan.

7. How can I schedule a consultation with the orthodontist in Kitchener? Scheduling a consultation is easy. Simply visit our website and fill out the contact form or give us a call. Our friendly team will assist you in setting up an appointment that fits your schedule.

8. Are orthodontic treatments covered by insurance? Orthodontic coverage varies depending on your insurance plan. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to determine the extent of orthodontic coverage you have. Our team can also help you navigate insurance-related queries during your consultation.

9. Can I finance orthodontic treatment if needed? Yes, we understand that orthodontic treatment is an investment in your oral health and smile. We offer flexible financing options to help make treatment affordable for our patients. During your consultation, we can discuss the available financing plans to suit your needs.

10. What sets Digital Marketing Deal’s orthodontist in Kitchener apart? At Digital Marketing Deal, our orthodontic team is dedicated to delivering exceptional care using the latest techniques and technology. We prioritize patient comfort, personalized treatment plans, and outstanding results, ensuring a positive orthodontic experience for every individual we serve.

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