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New Home Builders in Schomberg Ontario, Home Builders near me

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New Home Builders in Schomberg Ontario, Home Builders near me

  1. Alliance Homes

About us: Advertising, glossy brochures, massive signs and special events are some of the tactics new home builders use to attract purchasers. Alliance Homes focuses more on building good, solid homes with lasting appeal for attractive prices in excellent locations. As a result, word-of-mouth has proven to be this progressive firm’s most powerful form of marketing.

Product/services: Hometown creemore, lake point village, waterways of Muskoka, hedge road landing.

Address: 6048 Highway #9 Unit 7 Schomberg, ON L0G 1T0 Canada

(905) 761-7086

Fax: (905) 761-7201


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  1. Honeyfield Communities New Home Store

About us: Established in 1971, Honeyfield is a community developer and builder operating throughout Ontario. The company was built around a simple principle we have discovered within ourselves – that the communities and the homes we choose to live in help shape our own identities as families, and as individuals within that family.

Product/services: Ventura, deer springs, tarion home.

Address: 1665 Tottenham Rd, Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0, Canada

+1 905-936-9366


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  1. Mosaik Homes

About us: Our goal is to personalize your new home to be a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. While committed to the traditions of excellence in timeless architecture and construction quality, we incorporate many of the latest technologies in home building techniques and project management. We embrace today’s technological advances including energy efficient construction materials and appliances, advanced entertainment systems, security options and more.

Product/services: Remodeling, Tile replacement, Ceramic Tile, Custom Cabinetry, Model Homes.

Address: 8800 Jane Street, Vaughan, ON L4K 2M9

+1 (905) 738 6444 |


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  1. Dreamfields by Rosehaven Homes

About us: Our homes are built to the highest standard – the Rosehaven standard. We build with the aim of distinguishing ourselves from other builders, with a difference in our communities, in our homes, and in the overall home ownership experience. The combination of exquisite architectural exterior and interior design, superior construction quality, and unparalleled customer service are only the start of the homeowner’s experience. 

Product/services: Interior decorating, Building Homes, Detached Homes, Home Purchase, Interior Finishes, New Build.




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  1. Trisan Construction

About us: Trisan Construction was established in the summer of 2001 as an infrastructure general contractor. The company was set up, and remains in Schomberg, Ontario. Trisan Construction started out with just one concrete crew, one sewer crew, and a relining crew, approximately 40 employees in all. As the years progressed, the amount of work increased and the company expanded.

Product/services: Hydro excavation, snow removal, bridge construction, sewer and water main, road construction.

Address: 5878 Hwy 9 Schomberg, ON L0G 1T0

(416) 410-3839

Fax: (905) 939-4082


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  1. Regal Crest Homes

About us: In 1965, a group of seventeen trades people with a shared dream realized that with hard work and a commitment to excellence, it was possible to build a reputation that would stand the test of time. For over 50 years, quality and integrity have gone hand in hand at Regal Crest Homes. It is that combination which, more than anything else, has become the cornerstone of our continued corporate success.

Product/services: Consultation, Design, Flooring, General repairs & maintenance, interior decorating, Project management, Flooring repair, Backsplash Tiles, Build New Homes, Home Décor, Homes Décor, New Construction.

Address: 171 Basaltic Road, Unit 1 Concord, Ontario L4K 1G4



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  1. Paradise Developments – New Kleinburg

About us: We never forget that your home is the single most precious investment of your life. Each day we go to work inspired with a purpose to fulfill that commitment to you.Since 1972, we have spent over 5 decades building homes and communities and have remained committed to our roots. Over 15,000 exquisitely built homes stand testimony to our passion and caring. These homes are filled with timeless design, thoughtful planning and unparalleled craftsmanship which anchors them with loving memories, heartwarming stories and unforgettable experiences.

Product/services: Clean gutters, Landscaping, Water fixture repair, Air Conditioning, Commercial Building, Concrete Porch, Detached Homes, Driveway Paving, Dryer Vent Clean, Electrical Service, Financial Services, Grass Maintenance, Hot Water Heater, Hot Water Tank, Kitchen Cabinets, Lawn Care, Leakage Inspect, New Builds, New Construction Homes, Patio Door, Pest Control, Plumbing And Heating, Privacy Fencing, Roof Shingles, Sewer Service, Tankless Water Heater, Waste Management, Water Damage.

Address: 9829 ON-27, Kleinburg, ON L0J 1C0, Canada

+1 905-893-4346


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  1. New Age Contracting

About us: For the past decade New Age Contracting has been proud to serve the GTA and surrounding areas with a broad range of home renovation projects and top of the line contracting services. We value our clients and their needs greatly! We consistently deliver quality work that exceeds expectations in a timely and detailed manner with fair pricing.

Product/services: interlocking, concrete, steps and walkouts, water-proofing, home renovation projects, general contracting.

Address: Main St, Schomberg, ON L0G 1T0, Canada

(416) – 884 – 5107


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  1. Previn Court Homes

About us: Our story began with a vision, a vision of communities, very special communities.  We built and continue to build, places of grace, to live and thrive. Our ability to create timeless architectural beauty…with easy livability is enhanced only by our unparalleled commitment to excellence in quality.  We are pleased to enjoy our long-standing dedication to serve the communities we believe in.

Product/services: Design, Air Conditioning, Building Custom Homes, Concept Designs, Custom Homes, Emergency Service, Full Repair, Home Decor, Hours Emergency Service, Pitched Roofing.

Address: 212 Walker Boulevard Alliston, ON L9R 0R4



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  1. Stylux Homes

About us: Stylux Homes is a new home builder with decades of international construction and development experience in the Middle East & South Asia. We are now developing communities all across the GTA, with major landholdings in Caledon, Brampton and Whitby.

Product/services: Commercial Building, Designers And Construction, Home Builder, Luxury Home Builder, Residential Building.

Address: 68B Leek Crescent, Suite 201 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1H1

+1 (905) 789-5891


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