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What is Micro Influencer Marketing? Why Brands Prefer Micro Influencers?

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What is Micro Influencer Marketing? Why Brands Prefer Micro Influencers?

Social media has become a part of our everyday lives, and users are constantly observing, sometimes obsessively, what others are doing, eating, wearing, talking, etc. Since it allows people to grow a massive following and build trust with them, brands have started to hire influential users to share their messages across various platforms – an ideal approach for increasing awareness and visibility.

 Though the social media space is constantly evolving, one thing is for sure – influencers are going to dominate the marketing industry for years to come. More and more brands have shifted their focus to micro influencers in building trust and credibility with their target audience, to achieve a significant impact that eventually pays off in the long run.

 Therefore, it is essential to understand the importance of micro-influencers before you start incorporating them into your 2019 marketing campaigns.

 Who are micro influencers?

Micro influencers are ordinary people (like you and me) who have anywhere between 1,000 – 100,000 followers as a result of sharing their everyday experiences on social media. As they are experts in a particular field or topic, micro influencers are a valuable asset when it comes to running successful social media marketing campaigns.

 Just like traditional influencers, micro influencers have an ability to influence people’s perspective about a specific brand or product, and they often have loyal and highly engaged followers.

 Why brands prefer micro influencers?

 Mostly, people are drawn towards content that piques their interests and trust the suggestions made by their peers or friends over other forms of advertising.

 Micro influencers usually grow their following with a unique voice and theme. As a result, audiences take interest in what they have to offer and trust their opinions. They are known for creating engaging content that resonates with their followers, to establish a strong presence on social media.

 Micro influencers can ensure people read and engage with your brand’s content due to their ability to reach specific audience groups. So, they are perfect for running marketing campaigns to expand your brand’s reach on social media.

 As the number of followers won’t necessarily guarantee success on social media, even big brands have started to work with them. Ultimately, micro influencers can help brands reach their target audience without spending too much money on marketing campaigns – an affordable option for smaller brands.

The following are reasons why we think 2019 will definitely be the year of the micro influencers,

  • They are more compassionate with their audience than celebrity influencers.
  • They can be easily reached when compared to macro influencers.
  • Their opinions are valued as they are experts in a specific niche.

Benefits of micro influencers


Micro influencers are people who have a deeper connection with their audience through common interests and passions. Though this type of influencer may not have a huge follower’s base, they usually tend to have a great relationship with their audience. And they are more likely to engage with them when compared to macro or celebrity influencers.

Micro influencers are also dedicated to building trust, influence people’s decision and amplify your brand’s presence on social media. Due to this, followers are often interested in what a micro influencer has to say and even take their recommendations seriously.


Micro influencers are more like everyday people who are active on social media, making them a reliable option for brands. Due to their convenience and modesty, micro influencers can connect with your target audience on a more personal level and understand their viewpoint. These are exactly the reasons why people can easily relate to their everyday posts and content.

Unlike macro or celebrity influencers, micro influencers can produce content that resonates with your target audience – authenticity.


Because of the rising popularity of celebrities on social media, the cost of influencer marketing services has increased, way beyond your expectations. Consequently, the amount you pay for hiring an influencer depends on their status and follower count. This is the reason why smaller brands have started to explore affordable options through people who have a decent following on social media.

Marketing through micro influencers would allow brands to experiment and run trials before deciding on which content or influencer works best for them. So, instead of paying a huge sum for a macro influencer and hoping for the campaign to be successful, brands can test with micro influencers until they find the perfect marketing mix.

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How to create a successful micro influencer marketing campaign :

  • Research

In general, the best micro influencers for your brand are the ones who have already shared your posts or content that is quite similar to yours. So, do thorough research on social media, to find the right micro influencer for your brand – don’t just focus on the follower’s base.

In doing so, you can find people who are expressing interests with your brand or someone who shares content that aligns with your target audience. The best part is, you don’t have to invest too much time and energy in convincing them to promote your brand or product.

  • Build a relationship

After doing your research and spotting a suitable micro influencer for your brand, you should consider reaching out to that person, by following them and engaging with their content – the best way to develop a positive relationship.

Also, try to be honest with your expectations while approaching potential influencers for a partnership – let them know the exact reason in connecting with them. Explain the goals that you’d like to accomplish with your marketing campaigns and don’t forget to discuss what you can offer in return (reward or compensation). This would make them feel that you are more reasonable and trustworthy.

Like any other relationship, you must take time to develop a deeper connection with your micro influencers – so, be patient and do not rush this process!

  • Don’t forget the engagement rates

Though most micro influencers may look promising with thousands of followers, it’s important to dig in deep and understand the levels of engagement with their audience. You should always consider the key metrics (number of likes, comments, and shares) when it comes to choosing the right influencer for your brand.

So, if you don’t see a decent engagement rate on an influencer’s profile, there are chances that they might have fake followers – not suitable for running effective marketing campaigns.

Wrapping it up!

Just because an influencer has millions of followers doesn’t mean that your campaigns will be more effective than working with an influencer who has fewer followers. Since there are two kinds of influencers, micro and macro, knowing which one is suitable for your brand, would make sure that your marketing campaigns are successful.

Though micro influencers have fewer followers when compared to macro influencers, they are known for creating quality content for a more targeted niche (like fitness, technology, music, fashion, etc.). They even add a human element to your brand and guarantees creative content for your target audience. So, to achieve success, it’s all about finding the right micro influencer who can pay closer attention to the voice and tone of your brand.

In 2019, you are expected to see many top brands collaborating with a group of micro influencers rather than working with macro or celebrity influencers.

We hope this article helps you take your influencer marketing strategy to the next level and understand how micro influencers can benefit your brand!

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