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Manufacturing Companies in Jacksonville FL, solar Companies near me

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Manufacturing Companies in Jacksonville FL, solar Companies near me

  1. Dixie Tank

Since 1943, Dixie Tank Company has manufactured carbon and stainless steel tanks, ASME Code pressure vessels, water heaters, filters, and custom fabrications for the water, water treatment, hot water, and industrial markets. Our commitment to quality ASME, ABS, UL and API fabrication and on time delivery has helped us become one of the foremost fabricators in the Southeast. Over the years, we have continued to expand our facilities to better serve our growing customer base. Our present manufacturing facility now covers over six acres, with approximately 78,000 square feet of manufacturing area under roof.

Contact no:904-781-9500

Address:5349 Highway Ave

Jacksonville, FL  32254


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  1. Load King

As a family-owned business, we pride on giving our customers the level of care and attention they deserve. We take a vested interest in your brand and will be here whenever you need us. From here on, consider yourself family.

With full service manufacturing, architecture, construction, graphics, shipping and client service departments, we’re equipped for projects of any size and scope.






Contact no:904.354.8882

Address:1357 W Beaver St, Jacksonville, FL 32209


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  1. Stenner Pumps

The Stenner Pump Company has been manufacturing peristaltic pumps since 1957. Why do business with the Stenner Pump Company? Because what is important to you, has to be important to us and according to our customers it is performance. Reliable performance means a dependable pump and a dependable pump reduces service time and expense. Over the years the original pump has gone through revisions.


Water Conditioning

Animal Health

Pool and Spa

Industrial Process

Water and Wastewater

Cooling Tower

Metal Finishing

Contact no:800.683.2378, 904.641.1666

Address:3174 DeSalvo Road Jacksonville, FL 32246 USA


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  1. Emory

If you wanted to customize your Emory model, how would you do it?

Go ahead and dive into our SHOP NOW button below and start your journey!

We’ve set up a world of custom options so you can choose the combination that fits you!

Contact no:(904) 354-3339

Address: Factory Location : 1730 Westcott Street

Jacksonville, FL 32206

Mail : PO Box 3812

Jacksonville, FL 32206


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  1. Bastech

For more than four decades, customers in the pulp, paper and fertilizer markets have turned to Bastech for a wide variety of high-quality chemicals. Now under new management, Bastech continues to meet the needs of customers who rely on our customized solutions, backed by our uncompromising commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service and attention to detail. Our experts utilize proven work processes that help us deliver the industry’s best service, safety and quality today, and that will drive our plans for expanding our offerings in the future.


Mining Products

Fertilizer Products

Pulp and Paper Products

Contact no:1-800-874-4886, (904) 737-1722

Address:3211 Powers Avenue

Jacksonville, FL 32207


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  1. Innovative Manufacturing Solutions, LLC

Innovative Manufacturing Solutions, LLC, (IMS), is an engineering solutions company that manufactures precision components and tooling for a variety of industries including medical.  IMS embraces a customer partnership philosophy in its creative endeavor to develop, test, and implement unique methods and processes to overcome the specific manufacturing challenges of its clients. Commitment to the highest quality standards is the centerpiece of IMS’s pursuit of excellence thereby consistently exceeding its client’s expectations.

Contact no:904-647-5300

Address:7949 Atlantic Boulevard, Unit 209

Jacksonville, Florida 32211


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  1. Brock Foam & Stone, Inc.

Brock Foam & Stone, Inc. has over 20 years of experience in the foam fabrication business.  The owner “Brock” was one of the first foam fabricators to have a computer controlled foam cutting machine and was instrumental in developing the acceptance of expanded polystyrene (E.P.S.) as an economical, viable substitute for traditional materials.

Contact no:904-619-8504

Address:5858-2 St. Augustine Rd.

Jacksonville, FL 32207


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  1. Jax Box LLC

Jax Box employees have decades of experience in the box manufacturing business. We can take care of all of your cardboard needs to ship your products and can handle orders of any size, large or small. A minimum unit amount is required.

Contact no:(904) 619-4750, (904) 619-8567

Address:101 South Myrtle Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32204


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  1. Sohacki Industries

Sohacki Industries, Inc. is led by Thomas J. Sohacki, a hardworking midwesterner with the mind of a maker and the spirit of an entrepreneur. After working for more than a decade as a tool and die maker in Michigan and Florida, Tom decided to venture out on his own in 1991 and start a small shop in a Jacksonville storage warehouse. Demand for Tom’s expertise and quality products steadily grew the company to become North Florida’s #1 high-precision machine shop, with more than 38 employees and 20,000 square feet of manufacturing space.


CNC Machining

Laser Etching

Metal Fabrication

Metal Stamping

Manual Machining


Engineering & CAD Applications

Quality Control Services

Contact no:(904) 826-0130

Address:185 Cumberland Park Dr, St. Augustine, FL 32095


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  1. NT Plastics

Customer profitability and satisfaction are the highest priorities at NT Plastics. For almost 40 years we’ve successfully combined technology, experience, and plastic materials to exceed our customers’ expectations in various markets. NT Plastics produces products for major corporations, mid-size businesses, and small businesses, providing clients with the best possible thermoformed plastics solution for their exact needs.

Contact no:904-353-5936

Address:119 Sewald Street Jacksonville, FL 32204, U.S.A.


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