Life Coach in Gurgaon

Life Coach in Gurgaon

Life coaching is common and sought after in developed regions due to the awareness of mental health, career aspirations and emotional wellness. The power of coaching has been experienced and tested over time and it has managed to produce results every single time.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is seeking a professional life coach, who is certified and educated to help you navigate through various concerns of your life – personal, social or professional. The concerns can by dynamic, ranging from career advancement, office promotions, self-awareness, self-confidence, courage, decision making, building resilience, relationship management, personal development, mental health, emotional wellness, emotional strength building and many more.

Who is life coaching for?

Life coaching can be taken by a young adult to senior citizens, from all walks of life. The coaches can be students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians, home makers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, basically, everyone!

Seeking a life coach does not mean that you necessarily have an issue or a problem. Life coaches can also help you enhance the quality of your life, become better leaders, develop emotional intelligence, handle and express emotions better and most importantly, help you understand yourself better – your feelings, values, emotions, motivators and aspirations. 

The list of areas where life coaching can help is not limited to those mentioned above. Life coaches can help in different ways to varied situations and different people.  The best way to understand how a life coach can help you is by reaching out to one!

Coach Samira Gupta (PCC-ICF) is an internationally certified Life Coach, who has helped over 25 years of corporate experience and over 8 years of coaching and consulting experience. She has helped more than 500 people transform their lives, achieve their goals, and grow into their best versions through coaching. 

She is based out of Gurgaon and offers coaching both, in-person and virtually.

Are in-person coaching sessions better than virtual ones?

With Covid-19, the entire world went online. All meetings that once happened over coffee or in conference rooms turned to virtual platforms. So, did life coaching! 

Even before covid, clients from all across the world contacted life coaches in different countries and took sessions online. The effectiveness of coaching sessions is equal in person and online as long as you feel synergy with your chosen coach.

How to choose the best life coach for yourself?

We advise to reach out to atleast 3-4 life coaches and ask them for a chemistry call for about 10-15 minutes to understand and evaluate if there is a connection between you two. If the life coach feels right and you know that this life coach could help you, go for it!

How many sessions would it take to achieve our goals?

Every individual is unique and comes in with a unique set of aspirations, goals, experiences, emotions and coachability. Hence, there is no fixed session number that can help you achieve the desired outcome. While some clients experience breakthroughs in 2-3 sessions, other clients require 20-25 sessions.

It is also noticed that clients come to resolve/ address a particular concern but continue their coaching sessions for other areas of life as well because of the personal development they experience.

How much does a life coach charge?

The fee of a life coach in India could be INR 5,000 onwards going upto INR 50,000 per session, depending on the level of credentials of the coach, experience, expertise, skill set and the value they can bring to the coachee’s life.

Should one invest in a life coach?

Absolutely yes! Life coaches can help you in every aspect of your life – personal, professional or social.  

What are some of the benefits of life coaching? 

To have a life coach in your life who can help you know yourself better makes it easier for you to navigate through life’s challenges, become more resilient, handle your emotions better, express yourself positively, build  stronger relationships, uncover your hidden skills and improve the overall life satisfaction.

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