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How to increase traffic of New Website 2023 Updated

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How to increase traffic of New Website 2023 Updated

Just like a celebrity likes more fans, a newly opened businessman or digital marketer craves for increase in web traffic generation. To them more web traffic equals to more customers for fulfilling their business wish list. Now you may think that to increase traffic you may need to spend massive amounts of money on ad campaigns. But that is not the truth, there are several nifty ways one can generate increased traffic for their websites without spending so much as a penny.

Yes, you read that right, we are going to discuss on the highly inquired topic of how to increase website traffic for free.

Step 1: Get traffic to your website free by getting social:

Okay, so you did your research and were able to produce a great content, but now that you have published it. So, you are sitting around waiting for potential readers to find your content! But that alone will not cut it for you. As a digital marketer you must be proactive. The best way to promote your website content and other internet efforts is by putting them on social media. Places like Twitter and Google+ are best places to showcase short, snappy (tempting, click-worthy) links. Moreover, Google+ can also help promote your content in personalized search results. It is a great avenue that especially works for B2B sectors. If you are a B2C product company, then you might find great results with increase in traction from image heavy sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

Step 2: Use advertisements increase website traffic fast:

This is definitely an obvious option, however not totally free. Still things like paid searches, social media advertising, display ads etc. are great ways of attracting visitors, creating a brand and getting people to visit your website.

So, tweak your paid search strategies to meet your goals. Consider the following questions – am I looking for just increased traffic or actual increase in conversions too. Know that different paid channels come with their own set of pros and cons, so plan accordingly about the goals in mind and then reach for your credit card.

 Step 3: mix things up for better success:

Content marketing does not come with any sort of magic formula, many rookies marketers believe this way. But this field is highly transparent where true value always wins. So, to keep up with the flow, keep mixing up the format and style of your content. It is your job to make it more appealing for your viewers. Disperse shorter, news articles or blogs with long form story like content as well as use videos, infographics and data-backed pieces to have maximum impact.

Step 4: Make your headlines irresistible:

The most important part of one’s content is the headlines. If you do not have a compelling headline then even the best written, most detailed blog will go unnoticed by target readers. Consider headline writing an art which you must muster. Viral content marketing sites like BuzzFeed and unworthy actually write several headlines for the same content before firing one up to the publishing finish Lin. So, before you click submit, think twice about that dull looking headline that gives away everything about your content.

These were the most important steps to increase the traffic of website. To give you a broader picture of what traffic can do for your business here’s info graphic showcasing the traffic details of major internet giants:


Total Facebook users:

500 Million

Average Time spent by each user:

32-37 minutes

Total sites linked to Facebook:


Monthly unique users to YouTube:

1 Billion

Daily views of videos on YouTube:


Total hours spent on YouTube:

6.25 Billion





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