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General Contractor Pittsburgh, Contractor near me

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General Contractor Pittsburgh, Contractor near me

1.Clark Renovations Inc.

ABOUT US:It’s no secret that most remodeling and home improvement businesses end up failing. The majority fail within 3 years or less, and very few see their 10th anniversary. Since we’ve been around for 49+ years, it got us to thinking what has made the difference.  When you get right down to it, the secret to our success is actually pretty simple: we are completely dedicated to doing right by the homeowners that hire us. We really do want to deliver the very best remodeling experience and very best results. This is not some formula we just stumbled upon – it has been in our DNA since the very beginning.

ADDRESS:3180 Industrial Blvd, Bethel Park, PA 15102, United States

PHONE: +1 412-833-7222


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2.DeLuca Roofing, LLC

ABOUT US:Since 1995, DeLuca Roofing has been providing expert roofing solutions in Pittsburgh, PA, and the nearby areas. We offer top-quality roofing, skylights, siding, and gutters to enhance your home’s appearance and increase its value. We are fully licensed and insured, and our highly trained roofing contractors are prepared to address all of your residential and commercial roofing needs.

ADDRESS: 215 Bessemer Ave, East Pittsburgh, PA 15112, United States

PHONE:+1 412-241-1643


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3.J Francis Company, LLC

ABOUT US:In the winter of 2000, J. Francis Company, LLC purchased a 22,000-sq. ft., 100-year-old soap factory on the North Side of Pittsburgh. 

ADDRESS:1410 High St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, United States

PHONE:+1 412-322-6407


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4.Rycon Construction Inc

ABOUT US:Rycon Construction, Inc., founded in 1989, provides preconstruction, general contracting, and construction management services throughout 40+ states.

ADDRESS: 2501 Smallman St #100, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States

PHONE:+1 412-392-2525


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5.P2 Contracting LLC

ABOUT US:P2 Contracting LLC is a small company with vast knowledge to implement and complete any size project we are tasked with. Our team is able to use its past experience to reduce costs and pass those savings on to our clients. We are proud to have served Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas for over 30 years now. 

SERVICE OPTIONS:On-site services

ADDRESS:141 Steuben St, Pittsburgh, PA 15220, United States

PHONE: +1 412-458-5036


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6.Flynn Construction Management

ABOUT US:Flynn Construction was founded in 1989 by Thomas O’Connor. The combination of cost-effective operations and quality control continue to enable our solid growth, making us one of America’s fastest growing, well-respected construction firms. Our market includes commercial, restaurant, retail, health and fitness clubs, corporate interiors, hospitality, government and historic preservation. We specialize in fast-track construction in high-stress environments. Flynn Construction strives to make your construction process as successful and memorable as your grand opening.

ADDRESS: 1305 Grandview Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15211, United States

PHONE: +1 412-243-2483


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7.Essig Renovation & Design

ABOUT US:Essig Renovation & Design, a design-build contracting company, is driven by quality, integrity, and a desire to build lasting relationships with its customers. Our hope is to cultivate a successful business in the Pittsburgh area and work together with our customers and trade partners to create and provide new opportunities. This is worked toward by being intentional with our work, good stewards of our resources, and by identifying and preserving the beauty of existing architecture. As a company, we seek to empower our employees to flourish both as a team and individuals who desire to grow in and master their craft. Whether it be a residential or commercial space, we look forward to having the privilege of working with you.

ADDRESS:1007 Constance St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, United States

PHONE: +1 412-345-3074


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8.Pittsburgh’s Best Remodeling Contractors – Honest Renovators

ABOUT US:We’ve been taking care of the city of Pittsburgh’s renovation needs since before we’d like to admit. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from doing quality electrical work, plumbing, restoration, it’s that experience= results. Not to toot our own horn, but we’re Pittsburgh legends. Not quite as famous as Big Ben, but almost as famous as Pittsburgh Dad.

SERVICE OPTIONS: Online estimates · On-site services

ADDRESS:5424 Walnut St 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, United States

PHONE:+1 412-212-6534


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9.Pittsburgh’s Best Remodeling – South

ABOUT US:“Pittsburgh’s best kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeler. Our remodelers are committed to serving our customers with high-quality workmanship.”

ADDRESS: 405 McNeilly Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15226, United States

PHONE:+1 412-561-2323


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10.John Hancock Contracting, Inc

ABOUT US: Contractor in Reserve Township, Pennsylvania

ADDRESS:33 Colby Terrace, Pittsburgh, PA 15214, United States

PHONE:+1 412-322-4560

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