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Elevator Companies in Miami, solar Companies near me

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Elevator Companies in Miami, solar Companies near me

  1. Maverick United Elevator

Maverick United Elevator is managed by a team of Elevator experts with experience of more than 30 years. Maverick United Elevator Company is an independent elevator company covering all of South Florida and specializes in all types of elevator repair, maintenance, upgrades, renovations, and modernizations. We pride ourselves on our strong and long lasting relationships with our clients and exceeding their expectations through our exceptional quality of work, frequent communication, and our fair and competitive pricing.





Address: 10639 NW 122nd St, Medley, FL 33178, United States

Contact No.: +18884007352


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  1. Premier Elevator

Premier Elevator Co., Inc. was started in 1992 with the goal of offering quality service at an exceptional value. Our knowledgeable and experienced managers and technicians are fully committed to our single greatest priority: 100% customer satisfaction. Premier Elevator has been delivering quality elevator services for over 20 years. Premier was established utilizing the expert knowledge and expertise that stemmed from senior staff having years with General Elevator, Dover Elevator, and Otis Elevator.

Services: Maintenance and Repairs

 New Construction and Installation


Address: Miami, FL 33166, United States

Contact No.: +13054550789


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  1. Mid-American Elevator Company, Inc.

Today’s high-rise buildings are a reflection of modern design and unique aesthetic values. Floor setbacks, special curtain wall systems and unusual roof treatments are a few of the factors our engineers contend with on a regular basis. Working closely with customers, they can quickly and accurately generate custom CAD drawings for each project. You’ll find our people are some of the most knowledgeable in the country on the application of construction hoist equipment.

Services: Hoist repair 

Hoist inspections

Hoist maintenance

Hoist testing

Address: 3220 NW S River Dr, Miami, FL 33142, United States

Contact No.: 773-486-6900


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  1. Advance Elevator Co

Advance Elevator Company is a Florida established business with the mission of offering a better service in modernization, repair, and maintenance of elevators.  Our team of professionals will give you the best experience under the standards of quality required by the State.  Our approach is to always be flexible, responsive, and open to new ideas.  We will also advice you honestly from simple refurbishment, to ongoing maintenance. Our diagnostic and maintenance technicians have extensive experience in all aspects of the elevator and escalator industry.

Services: Maintenance and repairing


Elevator Types Include Traction Hydraulic

Custom Installations

Safety Tests

Address: 4521 NW 33rd Ave, Miami, FL 33142, United States

Contact No.: +13053567042


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  1. South Florida Elevator Inspections

We have long been a reliable partner of Building Owners, Property Managers and Engineers in South Florida. Our mission is to optimize value for our customers by keeping them informed every step of the way. We develop processes to help meet or exceed established standards at every stage of operation. We pledge to our clients  to monitor our performance as an ongoing activity and to strive for continual improvement.

Services: Maintenance Audits

Modernization Consulting

Due Diligence



Quality Assurance

Address: 7086 SW 4th St, Miami, FL 33144, United States

Contact No.: +19542100467


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  1. Aventura Elevator

Aventura Elevator has the experienced team to provide the New Construction and installation of elevators to fit your project’s needs. We know that elevator installation is an important part of the functionality of your building and therefore we ensure our design-build process is customized for you. Depending on your specifications and budget, we select the equipment that best suits your needs. Our relationship with our vendors and vast experience in the industry allows us to work within your budget to provide quality equipment to fit your custom needs.





Address: 11130 Griffing Blvd. Biscayne Park, FL 33161

Contact No.: 786-420-5588


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  1. Coastal-Elevator

Founded in 2012 by Luis R. Jimenez, Coastal Elevator Services Inc. is a full service elevator company that provides installation, modernization, maintenance, service and repairs throughout Florida. With over 35 years of experience, this family owned business specializes in making their customers their number one priority. From the receptionists to the mechanics, their dedication to customer service and their ability to offer high end products and services at affordable prices sets them apart from the competition.





Address: 7104 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33166, United States

Contact No.:  +18887505070


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  1. Mobility Elevator South

Mobility elevator & lift co. Inc. was founded in 1980 by Barry Kolton under the name of General Mobility. In Jan. 1988, the company was purchased by Douglas Simon. In 1995 Kamran Shushtarian who is a Mechanical Engineer bought into the company. The company is co-owned today By Douglas Simon and Kamran Shushtarian. The company changed its name to Mobility Elevator & Lift Co. Inc. in 1992. Its office is located in West Caldwell , NJ and it’s sales concentrates in the New York city metro area. Mobility has a consistent 20% average annual growth rate over the past 30 years.

Products: Elevators

Wheelchair Lifts

Folding Incline Lifts


Address: 1111 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131, United States

Contact No.: +13059137141


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  1. TK Elevator Miami

In 40 short years, we’ve become one of the world’s leading elevator companies with unique engineering capabilities. When done well, urban mobility drives down congestion, pollution, stress and energy consumption. Our innovative, efficient and reliable passenger transportation systems are key to getting it right in cities. Whether building a new state-of-the-art system or modernizing an existing one, our products deliver crucial energy and time efficiencies.

Products: Elevators


Moving walks


Address: 7481 NW 66th St, Miami, FL 33166, United States

Contact No.: +13055927722


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  1. American International Elevator

We are an American and independently owned and operated elevator company based in the heart of South Florida. Licensed, insured and professional, we have experienced mechanics, and knowledgable staff to provide you with the best customer experience in a personal manner. As one of the fastest growing independent elevator service and installation companies in the State of Florida, AIE takes pride in it’s reputation and is continually striving to raise our level of service and quality. Your satisfaction is our goal

Services: Installations




Address: 7758 NW 71st St, Miami, FL 33166, United States

Contact No.: +13056293749


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