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Does it make sense to invest in SEO as a startup?

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Does it make sense to invest in SEO as a startup?

Regardless of whether it is a startup or an established business, SEO or search engine optimization is something you cannot do without. And being a startup even if you think that you have a constraint on your budget, still keeping aside some cash for this digital marketing campaign will yield good returns in the long run. 

In this article, let us delve deeper into the same concept that we will catch a glimpse of under the following sub-topics, namely,

  • Common SEO misconceptions to avoid 
  • Privileges you will fail to enjoy for not investing in SEO

So, the topic will deal with one subject at a time.

  • Common SEO misconceptions to avoid 

You will come across many founder and owners of companies that do not think it is necessary to invest in SEO. And for this, you will get to hear various reasons. However, experts say that these reasons are only excuses to avoid investment, but what they do not realize is that they are causing more harm to their business than good. And what excuses do you hear from them?

  • SEO is not affordable- Few are of the opinion that SEO is very expensive, and they do not have adequate funds to hire the services of a professional. However, studies reveal that this is one of the cheapest forms of B2B marketing medium that gives the maximum ROI. 

However, there is an important aspect that you must keep in mind, and that is, you cannot afford to lose patience. You have to put in your efforts, patience, and perseverance to enjoy optimum results. 

  • You do not stand a chance owing to competitive nature- This is true, but if you do not take any risks, you cannot see returns. But the challenge lies in taking the plunge and trying to carve out a niche for your brand amidst the prevailing competitiveness. 

It is not a cakewalk or a quick fix to get the best rankings or visibility, but it definitely will pay off over some time.

  • Results are not prompt-This holds true not just for your kind of business but regardless of any business that starts operating. 

As per “Forbes estimates,” it roughly takes 4 months to 6 months to see results and yield benefits. In the case of SEO, even if you are adopting the trial and error methods, all you lose is time, but eventually, you will see results.

For best results, you can always seek the assistance of reliable and reputed professionals like Digital Rocket Fuel Toronto that can help your SEO efforts to skyrocket in no time. 

  • Privileges you will fail to enjoy for not investing in SEO

Having said about the probable reasons why many startup owners do not invest in SEO, let us find out what are the privileges that you will be missing out if you fail to fund your SEO marketing campaign and strategies.

  • You will miss out on important visitors

You will lose out on organic web trafficwith the help of which you can measure various parameters pertaining to your visitors and accordingly make changes to search results and keywords.

You will not be able to know the visitor behavior and most importantly fail to understand the keywords and key phrases that you must optimize. 

  • Increased bounce rates

Unless you are aware of the type of content your visitors prefer or relate to, you will not be able to offer them the same. As a result, if you have a website that in no way serves your target audience or fails to keep them engaged to your website content, it is quite probable that you will lose out on a huge clientele. And this also means you are giving up on prospective leads. 

  • Ranking

The more visitors you can retain and more the number of digital footfalls, better will your position be in the search results. And there is no way you can manipulate owing to the search engine major’s ranking algorithms that change from time to time to offer the best experience to the visitors. So, you know where you stand virtually. 

Offering authentic, relevant, informative, and updates content will keep you in the forefront always, which says a lot for itself as far as ranking is concerned.

  • Better conversion rates

Unless you have the nuances of SEO to guide you for the sale of your products and services, you will not be able to improve your sales. You will find that every aspect is in relevance to one another. For instance, if you invest in SEO, you get to know about the keywords and key phrases that can draw web traffic. When you get organic traffic, the chances of visitors viewing your products increase. 

And when you have more digital footfalls, it means that chances of sale improve to a great extent. 

In a nutshell, investing in SEO despite being a startup does make sense. This is because if you have decided to operate virtually, you have to face the challenges too. Even if you have to invest an amount that you might think is a little on the higher side, it is worth the expense you incur at this stage. 

If the foundation of the business is strong, it is easier to attain stability. As your company grows and you have more funds at your disposal, the size of the SEO campaign that you undertake can increase. In this way, you can enhance your returns over a while.

However, remember that it is not uncommon for any brand that hit the market to suffer losses.

Hiring the best SEO experts

If you have a strong SEO service provider by your side, it is almost half the battle won. Compare rates and plans, and find out how cost effective it is going to be. 

Do not rush into hiring the first service provider you come across. If required you can always continue with one company till the time you do not honor the contract and hire the services of another company the following year if you think that they can give you something more through better implementation of SEO strategies.

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