5 Content Marketing Hacks to Boost Productivity 2023 Updated

There are a lot of different techniques and methods involved in content marketing. Blogs, infographics, emails, newsletters, and books…the list goes on. It can be difficult for a brand to cover every single technique. Due to this, you may find one brand focusing more on blogging whereas another brand could be prioritizing email marketing instead. If you’re new to this field and you’re having trouble managing the various content marketing techniques, read this post till the end. We’re going to talk about some hacks and tips that you can try to boost your productivity and make your work easier.

5 Content Marketing Tips for Better Productivity

In our tips, we’ll try and talk about different techniques. Let’s get started.

1.Invest in Quality Content

You cannot expect your content marketing strategies to work successfully if you don’t use high-quality content. Whether it’s blog posts, newsletters, emails or any other type of content, you have to make sure that the quality is outstanding. By investing in quality content, you won’t have to waste time revising or editing a lot. When the content will be high-quality, to begin with, there won’t be a lot that you will have to do yourself. This will help in boosting productivity. If you want to invest in quality content, you can either outsource it to a professional agency, or you can hire proficient writers for your own team.

2.Automate Your Email Campaign

Email marketing is a proven method for generating leads and boosting brand popularity. This is, in all probability, the reason that it is opted for by 64% of small businesses as a customer outreach strategy. However, when it comes to email marketing, there is no feasible and possible way of doing it manually…unless your brand is in its infancy and it does not have a lot of addresses in its database to which the emails have to be sent.

But, if you have to, for example, send 3 – 4 emails weekly to thousands of recipients at the same time, you have to use email automation software like Hubspot or Mailchimp. By automating your emails, you will be able to focus on other important tasks and techniques in your content marketing strategy. This will, in turn, improve productivity and enable you to get more work done simultaneously.

3.Learn to Avoid Google Penalties

Google penalties pertain to SEO and the SERP ranking of a website. Basically, if a website is caught violating Google’s guidelines, it can get penalized by either a rank reduction or completely de-indexing. There are a number of different violations that can lead to this. For example, the practice of cloaking or keyword stuffing can get your website removed from search engines.

Plagiarism is also a big problem due to which your website can get penalized by Google (or any other search engine). Plagiarized content, which is also referred to as

duplicate content, is the material that a website picks up from an existing online source and then presents as its own. Although plagiarism is generally thought to be something that is committed intentionally, it can occur even without the knowledge of the author. This sort of duplication is known as accidental plagiarism, and it is an issue faced by almost every writer.

This is actually the reason why we’re discussing plagiarism in so much detail. Other violations, such as cloaking, hacking, keyword stuffing etc., are acts that people do deliberately. But, when it comes to plagiarism, it can even occur accidentally, but while having the same repercussions as intentional duplication.

This problem can be resolved by using a plagiarism checker free tool. It essentially work by scanning the given content against the internet. If there is any part in the content that matches with some existing material, it gets pointed out for the user to easily see.

4.Use Tools for Content Optimization

When we’re talking about content marketing, we can’t leave out discussing content optimization. Content optimization is the process in which various types of imperfections, errors and mistakes are removed from a write-up. Similarly, in the optimization process, elements such as tables, images, charts and graphs are added to the content.

Now, when it comes to finding and removing errors from a piece of content, it can be very time-taking to do manually. For example, if you want to look for grammar errors, you will have to read the whole text multiple times and then correct the mistakes as you find them. The same goes for errors such as high readability and disorganization.  Instead of spending hours doing all this yourself, you can utilize content optimization tools instead. This will help you save time, and enable you to focus on other important tasks.

One content optimization step that can be neglected by a lot of writers is paraphrasing. By ‘paraphrasing’, we don’t mean to refer to the act of rephrasing the works of other people or anything. Rather, we’re referring to paraphrasing one’s own content as a measure to increase its quality. For example, if a certain piece of text in your write-up is very difficult to read, you can have it paraphrased for better clarity.

Paraphrasing is of two types. It can either be done by the writers themselves, or it can be performed by an automated tool. These paraphrasing tools essentially enable writers to paraphrase online in a matter of seconds instead of manually wasting a lot of time on it. However, online paraphrasing tools have to be selected a little carefully. Not all of them work very smartly, and they can make weird sorts of contextual errors in the output. Before selecting one, it’s advisable to do a couple of test runs on it.

5.Use Analytic Tools for Monitoring Purposes

Content marketing is, as we stated earlier, a broad field. There are different steps that specialists have to take to make sure that their content marketing strategy provides the required outcomes. Analyzing webpage performance is one such step that specialists have to necessarily take.

Basically, when content marketers use blogging as a technique, they have to keep an eye on the performance of each of their posts. If, for example, the performance of a certain blog post is particularly abysmal as compared to the others, then it will be a signal that it (the post) has some issues due to which it is not getting received properly.

This can also help in boosting productivity since it will help the specialists promptly find and resolve problems in the content.


And there you have it. If you follow the hacks and tips that we’ve mentioned above, you will be able to increase your productivity and get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. Thanks to the availability of online tools, you can automate different tasks in your content marketing strategy in order to accomplish them quickly.

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