Top construction company in metro manila 2023 Updated

1.IEO Interior Design and Construction

Our company has built a solid reputation for market excellence, drawing on a rich history and strong heritage of quality, stability and innovative leadership in the industry that allows us to possess the stability to build long term partnership with our clienteles and offer them a full range of diversified design and construction services.

Our expertise has focused on the gut rehabilitation of constructing Residential and Commercial Structures, in which through this we oversee all aspects of a project’s development from start to finish. Offering a comprehensive range of design and construction services enables us to tailor a delivery system which fits our clientele’s requirements, goals, and budget.






Address: Unit 202, JGS Bldg. 30 Scout Tuason cor. Scout Lazcano, Quezon City, 1103, Metro Manila Philippines

Contact No.: (02) 7978 3390


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  1. 2. Comm Trend Construction Corporation

COMM TREND CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION (CTCC) was established in 2001 as a response to the ever growing needs of vital players in the Telecommunications Industry. In keeping with the nation’s bid for active participation in the global market, CTCC is an important contributor to providing faster access to communications regardless of the location of communicating parties.

Our team is composed of experts specializing in the fields of telecommunications, outside plant, site acquisition, engineering and civil works construction, steel fabrication and operation and maintenance.

This enables the company to offer a wide range of services that cover the different discipline in telecom industries of infrastructure projects, (i.e. outside plant engineering, implementation & maintenance, site acquisition, civil works design and construction, fabrication of installation materials & bi-pod poles, cable duct/pipe laying, telecommunications installation and systems integration, and preventive and corrective maintenance of existing telecom facilities).






Address: 23 Sarmiento St, Malabon, 1470 Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact no.: +63 2 8288 3956


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  1. 3. DATEM Incorporated

DATEM is one of the leading construction firms in the country, accredited as a Quadruple A contractor by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB), the implementing agency of the Construction Industry Association of the Philippines (CIAP). With over 35 years of experience in the industry, it offers value-driven engineering services through the confluence of technical expertise, innovation, and technology.

The company traces its origins to the business of providing total value-engineered construction services, partnering with developers, business owners, and other industry stakeholders in the creation of spaces for the comfort, leisure, and security of end-users.

Recognizing the need for cost-efficient yet reliable solutions, DATEM pioneered the use of precast wall systems. This innovation revolutionized the construction industry in the country, offering significantly faster, safer, and more cost-effective solutions to construction requirements.

DATEM has dramatically grown to become one of the most trusted general contractors in the country. Today, it boasts of partnerships with pivotal players in key industries, building an impressive portfolio that spans across a wide variety of industries.

Every structure built, every landmark unveiled is a testament to the unwavering commitment of DATEM to adhere to best practices, contribute to sustainable development, and deliver only the highest standards of excellence.









Address: Datem Building, 99 Mindanao Avenue, Project 8, Quezon City, 1006 Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact no.: (+632)  8923-2836


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  1. 4. Persan Construction, Inc

Founded in 1976, Persan has grown to be an ISO-Certified, Category AAA construction company that undertakes a wide range of work scopes– from private developments to government initiatives.

 Thoughout almost 4 decades, PCI’s philosophy remains focused on delivering safe, quality projects in the most productive and efficient manner possible.

Persan Construction, Inc. is a member of Philippine Contractors Association Board with PCAB license no. 2852. 

Address: 249 Quirino Hwy, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact no.: (02) 8361-1448



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  1. Hedron Construction and Development Corporation

In over 10 years, the foundation of HEDRON’s experience was established from taking on construction related business such as the hauling of filling materials, trading aggregates and the fabrication of concrete road barriers. Moving on, it gained substantial trust from its client as it venture into various construction projects such as excavation, site development, pipe laying, fabrication, equipment rental, fire protection and sanitary/plumbing, and other civil works. This leap in the business’s portfolio inspired the General Manager/Owner to continue expansion, and heed the call of becoming a corporation. Hence, the humble beginning of a single proprietorship company gives birth to HEDRON CONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT CORP.

Hedron was established in 2009 and is now a holder of PCAB License under Category A of General Building. The company is registered with the Philippine Overseas Construction Board since 2015.

The Company is currently venturing into the production of Concrete Precast Wall Panels. The Company is in partnership with a seasoned production engineer who has 30 years of experience in Precast Operations from a prestigious company. The continuing growth of the company enhanced its ambition to venture in overseas projects as labour contractor/manpower supplier. The company intends to gain prominence in the international market particularly in the Middle East and Asia Pacific.







Address: 24th Street corner Fortune Drive Fortune Village #5, Valenzuela, 1442 Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact no: (632) 8291-8265



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  1. Top-Notch Construction


A leading and preferred contractor of choice who builds at fair cost, best quality and top-notch customer service. Known for its integrity and fairness and sought after for its reliable execution, cost effectiveness and world class technical sophistication.


Our primary goal is to continue being the best at what we do, and the most respected for what we have accomplished. We are committed to provide safe, quality and efficient services, to ensure customer satisfaction, to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners in the business, to care for the environment we work in, to promote the growth of our people. We shall do so while acting in accordance with the highest standards of integrity that have always lent moral strength to the policies and principles of Top-Notch Construction.


Top-Notch Construction started as a small renovation company back in year 2009. It then witness an impressive growth through the years that follows. Rapidly transforming into a full pledge contractor of residential and commercial buildings and then continuously expanding the scale of its business at an impressive rate.

Engr. Ruben Quintal Jr., coming from humble beginnings, realize early in his career the value of comprehensive planning and scheduling in the success of every construction project and it is in this principle where he build the foundation of the business. Top-Notch Construction throughout the years derived its strength from its commitment to diligently and carefully plan the works and then vigorously working the plans.

Top-Notch Construction’s continued success is also due to its employees’ dedication to excellent work and their passion for serving customers. The desire to continuously improve the process and the outcome, to be the best at what we do and be the most respected for what we have accomplished.

Services: Design



Prefabricated buildings

Address: Unit 212 P&S Building, 717 Aurora boulevard, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact no.: +63 2 7358 9480 



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  1. Jeco Construction

Jeco Construction , a leader in the residential, commercial or townhouses  area

since We have completed time and material projects that take as little as two hours

to multi-million pesos expansion projects which span years.

Services: Design / Build

Architectural / Engineering

Post Build Services / Maintenance

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Construction Management

Address: 819 Antonio, Maceda St, Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact no.: +63 2 8781 2170



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  1. Jezka Construction Corporation

The company was founded by Engr. Eduardo E. Gaspe and incorporated under Philippine law on April 4, 1998 with the name of Jezka Construction and Builders. It was primarily organized to engage in vertical and horizontal construction and engineering. On February 2, 2005, the company changed its name to

Jezka Construction Corporation (JCC) to coincide with its expansion from purely civil works contractor to a full turnkey contractor.

Services: Civil Works



Project Management

Site Acquisition

OSP Engineering & Implementation (Including Supply of Materials)

Address: 26 Koppel, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact us.: +63 2 8932 4432



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  1. SMCC Philippines Inc.

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. Ltd. is the result of the merger between Japan’s two biggest construction companies, Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. And Sumitomo Construction Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2003. Through synergy, the representative offices and subsidiaries from both companies that have grown throughout Asia, Africa, and the USA have unified their know-how, experiences and resources which further enabled the company to establish a worldwide reputation for quality and expertise.

On September 25, 1995, the local subsidiary SMCC Philippines, Inc. (formerly Sumicon Philippines Inc.) was established and registered as a general construction company. SMCC Philippines provides architectural and civil engineering services that include planning, design, project implementation and management, and other ancillary services related to construction.

The strategic affiliation with business partners, allows the company to confidently undertake and manage even the largest and most complex projects. Its expertise includes:

  • Skyscraper technology
  • Bridge and Road construction technology
  • Plant and Factory construction technology
  • Power Plant technology (Coal, Geothermal, Wind)
  • Precast and concrete technology
  • Underground and Dam Marine structure technology


SMCC Philippines, Inc. has grown rapidly to now stand as one of the largest foreign contractor operating in the country. Projects completed cover both civil and building works including some of the country’s flagship projects that generated thousands of jobs for the Filipino people, thereby contributing to the country’s development.

SMCC Philippines, Inc. takes pride for making positive contribution to the society and shall continue doing so through conscientious business operation providing the most trustworthy, reliable, and creative design and build solutions.

We have grown bigger and ready for the new age of technological innovations where the Future, the People, the Earth and the Environment are taken into account.

We shall continue our commitment of service to our customers, shareholders, employees, and the society and work towards the achievement of lasting contributions in the field of construction.

Services: Construction planning, including marketing and feasibility studies

 Design and construction

 Ancillary services relating to the construction business.

Address: 8735 Paseo de Roxas Cor., Makati Avenue, 6F Peninsula Court Bldg., Makati, 1226 Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact us.: +63 2 8840 4913



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Uniklean Enviro Construction Corp. (UECC) began as Uniklean Enviro-Engineering Technology (UEET) in 2000. The company was incorporated as UECC in November 2010.

Then-owner and current CEO Engr. Carlito M. Santos, Jr. is a licensed civil, sanitary and geodetic engineer with over two decades of experience in constructing, maintaining, and designing wastewater treatment facilities. He is a former president of the Water Environment Association of the Philippines (WEAP) and a frequent resource speaker to many water-based organizations. He has worked as a Senior Sanitation Specialist (Consultant) for The World Bank, and is currently working with USAID and Oxfam in the Philippines to aid local communities in fostering a cleaner and safer water environment.

Services: Treatment services

Filtration systems

Packaged treatment systems

Address: 26 Road 6, GSIS Hills Subdivision, Caloocan, 1400 Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact no.: (632) 8281-4082, 8920-3471



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