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Biotech companies in SeattleBiotech companies in Seattle

Biotech companies in Seattle

1.Stratos Genomics

The quantity and wealth of information that can be gathered from sequencing data has increased tremendously from Sanger sequencing to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), with a corresponding precipitous drop in the cost of sequencing1. Several new sequencing technologies have been developed in recent years, some of which enable the sequencing of single DNA molecules. Sequencing using nanopores, tiny apertures on the cell membrane, offers several advantages over existing technologies that use optical or pH change methods to detect DNA sequences.

Nanopore technology offers several benefits:

Flexibility and versatility

Single molecule sequencing

Both short and long read lengths

Real-time data generation and analysis



Directed Evolution

Hybridization-based Target Enrichment

Liquid Biopsy


Next Generation Sequencing

Contact no: +1 206-448-7961

Address:World Trade Center, 2211 Elliott Ave #210, Seattle, WA 98121, United States



Proteins are molecular machines that carry out the vast majority of functions within living things. The ability to rationally engineer protein function is foundational to engineering biology – including entire organisms.

Arzeda’s unique combination of computational protein design and state-of-the-art high-throughput screening is a radical change over what’s possible with traditional protein engineering. Our proprietary technology has been peer-reviewed in Science and Nature, and is based on solid and vetted models of protein biophysics and metabolic biochemistry coupled with large-scale computing.


Functionalized Sweeteners & Ingredients

Advanced Chemicals & Materials

Pharmaceuticals & Diagnostics

Contact no:+1 206-402-6506

Address:3421 Thorndyke Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119, United States


3.Adaptive Biotechnologies

In 2009, Harlan Robins made a breakthrough that created a window into the adaptive immune system the world hadn’t thought possible. Together, Harlan and his brother Chad, founded Adaptive to meet the worldwide demand for immunosequencing technology. Over the past decade, we have developed our proprietary immune medicine platform to read and translate the adaptive immune system at scale and with precision in order to use its capabilities in the clinic.

And now, Adaptive is ready to evolve and generate opportunities across life sciences research, clinical diagnostics, and drug discovery.




immunoSEQ T-MAP





Cellular Therapy

Neutralizing Antibodies



Clinical Portfolio & Pipeline


Biopharma Partners

Technology Partners

Contact no:+1 206-659-0067

Address:1551 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102, United States



Zymergen is a science and material innovation company. We partner with nature to create previously unimaginable materials and are changing not only how things are made but what they are made of. Foldable electronics that actually fold, bacteria that eats plastic, an insect repellent as effective as it is natural, a solution to help farmers protect their crops to feed a growing global population. These are not pipe dreams, this is what we do every day.

We develop and commercialize our materials with a unique technology platform that combines biology, machine learning and automation. With one of the largest libraries of proprietary genomic data in the world, we are able to find pathways that humans alone simply can’t. As a result, we can bring new products to market in as little as half the time and for a dramatically lower cost than companies that use petrochemical-based materials.



Consumer Care


Emerging Areas

Contact no: +1 415-801-8073

Address:1624 4th Ave #300, Seattle, WA 98101, United States


5.Cyrus Biotechnology

Cyrus solves difficult protein engineering and structure prediction problems using the most scientifically advanced, powerful, and laboratory-proven software tools available. Cyrus’ work is based primarily on the Rosetta molecular modeling and design toolkit first developed at the lab of co-founder David Baker. We are passionate about scientific excellence, operational excellence, and customer success.

Computational biology has made huge leaps forward in the last decade, with the first designs of biologically active proteins by software. This software, Rosetta, was named one of the top-10 scientific breakthroughs of 2016. Rosetta-designed proteins can treat brain cancer, break down gluten in Celiac Disease patients, and block a broad range of flu strains. The Cyrus founders gained experience in using and developing Rosetta at David Baker’s lab. While trying to help others who struggled to learn how to use these powerful tools, they realized that a new organization was needed to bring Rosetta to the thousands of scientists and companies who need it.

Software & Services

Cyrus Bench™

CryoEM Services


Contact no: +1 206-258-6561

Address:1201 2nd Ave Suite 900, Seattle, WA 98101, United States


6.TRIA Bioscience Corp.

TRIA Bioscience is a privately-held company focusing on the development of a new generation of conjugate vaccines. Scientists at TRIA are using a proprietary synthetic peptide to achieve robust immune responses to traditionally weak antigens. These vaccines are very simple in design, their targets are specific, and their reduced manufacturing costs are unmatched by current technologies.





Address:1616 Eastlake Ave E #260, Seattle, WA 98102, United States


7.Sana Biotechnology

We believe we are entering a new era of medicine.  The ability to modify genes and use cells as medicines provides new tools to meaningfully change the outcome of many human diseases.

Early pioneers have made good progress, but most of what we can deliver for patients remains in front of us. 

Sana was founded with the long view – bringing together great people and the best technologies to deliver on the challenging promise of engineered cells as medicines.


Scientists have made tremendous progress over the past decade in understanding how to modulate genes and use them now to make transformative medicines. The first wave of these transformative medicines has recently launched or is on pace to reach patients soon.  However, the field is still in its infancy.

Assembling the right technologies is key to opening up therapeutic opportunities ranging from rare diseases caused by a single genetic mutation to acquired diseases that affect millions.

Address:: 188 E Blaine St #400, Seattle, WA 98102, United States


8.Olympic Protein Technologies

Olympic Protein Technologies (OPT) is a contract research organization focused on providing high-quality protein science services for clients and partners.

The quality of proteins is vital to the success of experiments that form the foundation of the discovery and development of therapeutics. Our staff has a wealth of collective experience in top-tier biotechnology companies successfully designing, producing and characterizing protein therapeutic candidates as well as critically important antigens and reagents. This experience includes solving problems associated with the expression/purification of challenging proteins. The aim of our team is to leverage this knowledge to provide the best experience and outcomes for our partners and clients by providing quality science delivered with full engagement and the highest standards, integrity, and data security.  








Contact no: +1 206-849-9811

Address:454 N 34th St, Seattle, WA 98103, United States


9.AVM Biotechnology

AVM is enrolling patients in the AVM0703-001 or “WWRD” study, an open-label adaptive design expansion cohort pivotal Phase 1/2 study in Relapsed/Refractory Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at major cancer treatment centers in the US.  Phase 1 is dose-finding and Phase 2 is intended to determine efficacy.  Patients in Phase 1 can retreat in this trial at the highest, most effective, and safest dose identified from dose-finding. It is believed that AVM0703 can induce remission or sufficiently improve patient’s health so they may tolerate other treatments, such as hematopoietic cell transplantation (HSCT) or cell therapy protocols. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has given AVM permission to begin clinical trials with AVM0703 in patients with a variety of lymphomas, i.e., mantel cell lymphoma (MCL), primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma (PMBL), Burkitt or Burkitt-like lymphoma/leukemia, chronic and small lymphocytic leukemias (CLL/SLL), B-lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma, T-lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma, acute leukemia/lymphoma, acute leukemias of ambiguous lineage or natural killer (NK) cell lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma.  More information can be found here on, NCT04329728.

Doctoral degree in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stanford University School of Medicine. Holds more than 47 issued US/EU/Japan patents and 4 discoveries in clinical trials. Over 30 years of pharmaceutical leadership experience including Genentech, Repligen, ZymoGenetics, Immunex, and Amgen.



Infectious Disease

Contact no: +1 206-906-9922

Address:1749 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, United States



Kineta, Inc. is a clinical stage biotechnology company committed to developing disruptive life science technologies that address unmet patient needs. We have leveraged our expertise in immunology to advance a focused pipeline of investigational drugs in oncology, neuroscience and biodefense. We actively collaborate with a broad array of industry, government and academic partners to advance our innovative research.





Contact no: +1 206-378-0400

Address:219 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, United States


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