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1.B/e Aerospace Germany GmbH


From the smallest details to the highest pursuits, Collins Aerospace is dedicated to redefining aerospace.

With our customers, we relentlessly tackle the toughest challenges in our industry. And, every day, we imagine ways to make the skies and the spaces we touch smarter, safer and more amazing than ever.

Together, we chart new journeys and reunite families. We protect nations and save lives. And we explore the unknown.

We believe in the power of intelligence and partnership to guide our customers into the future.

The paths we pave together lead to limitless possibility. And the bonds we form propel us all higher again and again.

We are constant in our evolution.

We are connected to our customers—always.

We are compelling as we boldly step forward.


Seating Products

Galley Systems

Structures & Integration

Lighting & Integrated Systems

Oxygen & PSU Systems

Water & Waste Systems

Thermal and Power Management

Electronic Systems

ADDRESS:- Focksweg 36, 21129 Hamburg

Phone:-040 31979190


2.thyssenkrupp Aerospace Germany GmbH


We are thyssenkrupp Aerospace, a thyssenkrupp Materials Services company and partner for the world’s leading aerospace companies and their supply chains. We reduce the complexity of our customers’ Passionate employees at thyssenkrupp Aerospace collaborate to deliver integrated supply chain solutions for our clients’ manufacturing needs. It all starts by listening closely to each customer to truly understand their requirements and unique strategic goals. 

Our product range includes aluminum, titanium, steel, aluminum bronze, nickel and copper alloys as well as non-metallic materials in every form and type. We provide outstanding material sourcing services, geared towards the specific requirements of our clients. With our integrated network of state-of-the-art facilities, we keep supply routes short all over the world. As we work with the world’s leading material producers, the continuity of material supply is assured. Our comprehensive service portfolio allows us to satisfy varied material demands, independent of form or quantity. The broad spectrum of material types, products forms and sizes takes national as well as aircraft manufacturer’s proprietary specifications into account. Additionally, we have relationships with the leading mills to accommodate special requirements for extra sizes or unusual quantities. As an organization we can offer material supply with value added services to our customers.


Material service provision

Value added services

Supply Chain Management of finished parts

3rd Party Logistics


ADDRESS:- ThyssenKrupp Allee 1/Q8, 45143 Essen

Phone:-0201 8440


3.Supply Chain Excellence Initiative


Die Luftfahrtindustrie befindet sich in einem tiefgreifenden Wandel. Das starke Wachstum der Branche und die große Nachfrage haben einen umfangreichen Konsolidierungs- und Industrialisierungsprozess ausgelöst. Um diesen Strukturwandel bestmöglich zu unterstützen, haben sich insgesamt 14 Regionalverbände, Cluster und Initiativen, der Bundesverband BDLI sowie die industrielle Organisation „SPACE Germany“ zusammengeschlossen und die gemeinsame „Supply Chain Excellence Initiative“ ins Leben gerufen.

Im Rahmen der Supply Chain Excellence Initiative arbeiten die deutschen Luftfahrtverbände, -cluster und -initiativen gemeinsam mit Bund, Ländern und Industrie daran, die globale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit am Standort Deutschland weiter zu stärken. Der Strukturwandel in der Luftfahrtindustrie schreitet in immer schnelleren Zyklen voran. Durch die Industrialisierung der Wertschöpfungsketten geraten traditionelle Lieferbeziehungen unter Druck. Dies hat zur Folge, dass Teile der deutschen Zulieferindustrie in ihrer Wettbewerbsfähigkeit gefährdet sind – auch aufgrund staatlicher Interventionen / Unterstützung an Wettbewerbsstandorten.



Informationen zu Corona






ADDRESS:- Veritaskai 4, 21079 Hamburg

Phone:-040 355103424


4.MT Aerospace AG


MT Aerospace is an internationally leading group of companies in the field of space transportation, satellites and aircraft equipment. We have developed production technologies which are unique in the world. That’s why, today, we are pioneers when it comes to lightweight constructions made of metals and composites, and this is also the reason why we feel right at home where every gram counts: in the aerospace industry.

Our advanced structural components and tanks are successfully deployed in, amongst other things, the European launch system ARIANE, in spacecrafts, satellites and the Airbus and Boeing fleets. We also apply our tireless desire to improve to the development of forward-looking micro-boosters in our rocket factory.


Space sector

Aviation sector

Antennas & Mechatronics 

ADDRESS:- Franz-Josef-Strauß-Straße 5, 86153 Augsburg

Phone:-0821 50501


5.German Aerospace Academy (ASA)


Die German Aerospace Academy (ASA) ist ein Institut der international ausgewiesenen Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin (SHB), die als wissenschaftliche Hochschule mit Promotionsrecht in Berlin akkreditiert und weltweit anerkannt ist. Der Schwerpunk der ASA liegt auf der berufsbegleitenden Aus- und Weiterbildung. Ihr inhaltlicher Fokus ist auf Luftfahrttechnik, Satellitentechnik, Raumfahrttechnik, Leichtbau, Fertigungstechnologien und Management gerichtet. Hierin enthalten ist auch das weite Feld der Anwendungen der angesprochenen Technologien, wie beispielsweise Satellitennavigation, Fernerkundung, Erdbeobachtung, Planetologie und Robotik.

Mit Ihrem Studienprogramm möchte die ASA vor allem auch kleine und mittelständige Unternehmen ansprechen, einen Beitrag zur Stärkung ihrer Innovationskraft leisten und dem Arbeitskräftemangel im Ingenieursbereich entgegenwirken. Die wichtigen Branchen Luft- und Raumfahrt, Automotive, Energietechnik, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau sind international aufgestellt, dem trägt das Ausbildungskonzept der ASA Rechnung.

Als Lehrende verpflichtet die ASA Experten aus Universitäten, Hochschulen, Forschungsinstituten oder Unternehmen, die auf ihrem Gebiet über herausragende Forschungs- und Entwicklungserfahrungen verfügen. Als Kooperationspartner konnten beispielsweise die Fakultät Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik und Geodäsie der Universität Stuttgart, Forschungsinstitute des DLR, der Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, die Allianz Faserbasierter Werkstoffe, das Virtual Dimension Center Fellbach und EADS-ASTRIUM gewonnen werden. 


Wir über uns




Team / Geschäftsstelle


Netzwerk der Lehrenden

Sponsoren und Unterstützer

ADDRESS:- Filderhauptstraße 142, 70599 Stuttgart

Phone:-0711 45100111


6.Hoffmann Propeller


Hoffman Propeller is a German manufacturer of aircraft propellers. The company headquarters is located at Rosenheim in Bavaria, Germany. Established in 1955 the company initially designed and produced propellers for motor gliders with a staff of six. The company expanded into the field of general aviation propeller overhaul and today, with a staff of 57, the company offers a wide range of propeller services including new certified replacements for vintage aircraft where the original propeller type is unavailable


Aircraft propellers

ADDRESS:- Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany



MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH, founded in 1980 by Gerd Muehlbauer, is a manufacturer of composite propellers for single and twin engine aircraft, airships, wind tunnels and other special applications. In 2010 the company developed a special propeller design for restorations of the North American F-82 Twin Mustang.


Aircraft propellers

ADDRESS:- Straubing Wallmuhle Airport, Bavaria, Germany

8.Forum Luft- und Raumfahrt Baden-Württemberg – LR BW


As stakeholder and voice of the aerospace industry in southwestern Germany, the Forum Aerospace Baden-Wuerttemberg (LR BW) has all the highlights on its radar. We are the nodal point between industry, science, politics and society. With our networking activity, we increase the global competing power of local companies – with special focus on the mediumsize supplier industry. Apart from personal communication and regular newsletters about current trends and topics, our events and work groups allow for exchange about technological issues and needs in the supply chain. Joint exhibition appearances, business travels and projects enhance market chances and facilitate the opening of new markets for member organizations


Aerospace in BW

Facts & Figures

ADDRESS:- Forum Aerospace Baden-Wuerttemberg e.V.

Türlenstr. 2, 70191 Stuttgart

Phone: +49 711 99 88 70-90

Fax: +49 711 99 88 70-69


9.AeroX – Over 30 Years of Experience


AeroX is a major provider of structural modifications, cargo conversions, avionics installations/upgrades, maintenance, and urgent AOG services to commercial, corporate, and military operators worldwide. With over 30 years of experience, our proven reputation for success and quality has made us a leading provider in the aviation industry.

Our company culture is extremely positive and our highly skilled Technicians are truly appreciated, well compensated, and know that they play an integral part in our success. Without them, we are not able to successfully handle the various demands of aviation & aerospace. We remain ready to respond at all times and with minimal lead time. Our model is rapid response. We send AeroX teams to your aircraft, anywhere in the world. If you seek a trusted resource for AOG, Modifications, Repairs, or Maintenance; call AeroX.

We offer reliability, responsiveness, flexibility, quality, and efficiency.


Corporate MRO

Aircraft Sales

Aircraft Sales

Aircraft Storage

ADDRESS:- Am Alten Rathaus 1, 53937 Schleiden, Germany

Office: 606.787.4271

Fax: 606.328.5270



10.Aircraft Instruments Avionics – Download Free Parts Catalog


Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics provides superior instruments, avionics and power solutions to the global aerospace industry. Our expertise transcends 5 decades, manufacturing safe and certified products through the deployment of innovative technologies and development of sophisticated, clean-sheet designs.

Serving more than 100 countries, we operate one of the largest maintenance, overhaul and exchange programs in the world and proudly support customers in general, business and commercial aviation, UAVs, defense and special missions markets.


Airspeed Indicators


Annunciation Control Units

Attitude Indicators



Carburetor Temperature Indicators and Probes



Custom Function Displays

Directional Gyros

Emergency Locator Transmitters


Engine Instruments

GPS Antenna

GPS Receivers

Ground Power Units

Horizontal Situation Indicators

Installation Hardware




Navigation Indicators


Rate Gyroscopes

Relay Units

Standby Attitude Modules


Turn and Slip Indicators

Turn Coordinators

USB Charging Ports

Vertical Speed Indicators

ADDRESS:- Flughafen Siegerland Werfthalle G1

Burbach, Nordrhein-Westfalen

57299, Germany

Phone: +01 149273644280

Fax : +01 1492736442821

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