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Kochi is also known as Cochinin some places of India. Kochi in situated in the state named Kerala (God’s own country). This city is also major post city in the south-west coast in India by Laccadive sea. It is also the part of District of Ernakulam and hence sometimes is referred as Ernakulam. This city is also the part of Great Cochin region. The development authorities of Kochi are Greater Cochin Development Authority (GCDA) and the Goshree Islands Development Authority (GIDA).This city is also known as the queen of Arabian sea, Kochi was an important spice trading centre of west coast of India from 14th century onwards.


Kerala has a vibrant culture in India. You can figure out from the name itself (God’s own country), means god has chosen this state for their residence. There are various beautiful cultures in Kerala.

  • CUISINES:-Kerala, dissimilar to its neighbours Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, takes pride in its wide assortment of non-veggie lover nourishment. They have chicken, sheep, hamburger, pork and an exciting assortment of fish – mussels, crab, tiger prawns, lord prawns, little prawns, shellfish, sardines, mackerel, fish and beautiful red lobsters. This ‘place that is known for flavours’ has numerous lovely nourishments to grandstand however their couple of fixings that I discovered basic to most sustenance’s – coconut, cleaved, ground or shaved, coconut drain, or glue utilized as a part of sauces or as oil for cooking. Chillies, curry leaf, mustard seeds and tamarind likewise rule the dishes.



Puttu and Kadala Curry – Puttu is a round and hollow steamed rice cake cooked with coconut shavings and is a to a great degree prominent breakfast dish, not simply in Kannur but rather through different parts of Kerala too. It’s normally presented with kadala curry (dark chickpeas/kala chana) yet can likewise be savored with ready bananas and ground coconut.

Appam with Stew – Honestly, appam is a progressive nourishment. Not once did I absent myself of the joy of its organization. It has a delicate and thick focus and a paper-thin outside. It’s basically a rice hotcake which you can combine with practically anything and it will in any case take the spotlight. In an ordinary Southern stew you’ll discover pieces of chicken or meat washed in a perfectly spiced and marvellous coconut sauce.

Dosa Ghee Roast with Kerala Style Sambar-Dosa is recorded among ‘World’s 50 most heavenly nourishments’ and considering current circumstances. Produced using aged rice and lentils, the ghee broil dosa is cooked in unadulterated ghee and simmered till it gets as fresh as possible.

Idiyappam with Egg Curry – Idiyappam, otherwise called noolappam is made of rice flour, salt and water. Various thin strands or sevai are weaved together to make this exquisite appam. Its plain surface is the thing that makes it adaptable and enables it to be matched up with a wide range of curries.

 Kerala Prawn Curry – It’s astonishing to perceive how straightforward fixings meet up to make a beautiful dish. The customary prawn curry is sprinkled with stew, salt, pepper and after that dunked in a ton of coconut drain, jaggery lastly completed with curry takes off.


  • FOLKLORE: – The old stories of Kerala incorporates components from the customary way of life of the general population of Kerala. The conventional convictions, customs, rituals and so forth are reflected in the folkart and melodies of Kerala. Kerala has a rich convention of Folklore. Folklore in this area is an unconstrained articulation of human conduct and musings. As a rule, Folklore could be characterized as the legend of the everyday citizens who had been underestimated amid the rule of primitive Kings. The Keralites have their way of life and legend which were for the most part some portion of agrarian. Sowing, planting of nharu (seedling), getting out the weeds, harvests and so on are the diverse phases of farming which have their normal customs. Various tunes and performing expressions are went with them. Kanyar Kali, Padayani, Mudiyettu, Thirayattam, Malavayiyattam, Theyyam, Kothamooriyattam, Nira, Puthari, and so on are a portion of the custom old stories of Kerala. It was under the govern of Kolathiris, the Kings of Kolathunadu, and they classified the ceremonies, convictions, taboos and people performing expressions. Indeed, even the dates of ripeness customs and society exhibitions were chosen by the Kolathiris of which many are proceeding even today. TheTheyyam celebrations, even now, are directed according to the dates once settled by the King. The society specialties of Kerala can be extensively characterized under two heads: ceremonial and non-formal. Formal society expressions can be additionally partitioned into two: reverential and otherworldly. Reverential society expressions are performed to appease a specific God or Goddess. Mystical people expressions look to win general flourishing for a group or exorcize insidious spirits or to bring forth youngsters. Gandharvas and nagas are venerated keeping in mind the end goal to win these favors. The supernatural society expressions incorporate pambinthullal, pooppadathullal, kolamthullal, malayankettu, and so on.


  • ONAM: – Onam is a gather celebration praised extremely by the general population of Kerala, India. It is likewise the state celebration of Kerala with State occasions on 4 days beginning from Onam Eve (Uthradom) to the fourth Onam Day. Onam Festival falls amid the Malayalam month of Chingam (Aug – Sep) and imprints the remembrance of Vamana avatara of Vishnu and the ensuing homecoming of King Mahabali, who Malayalees consider to be simply and reasonable King who was banished to the black market. Onam is reminiscent of Kerala’s agrarian past, as it is thought to be a gather celebration. It is one of the celebrations celebrated with most number of social components. Some of them are Vallam Kali, Pulikkali, Pookkalam, Onatthappan, ThumbiThullal, Onavillu, Kazhchakkula, Onapottan, Atthachamayame and so forth.



Kochi is the major and fast-growing city of Kerala, that is main reason why we must choose Kerala to grow our business. Kochi is also situated in the southernmost part of India. As we know, South India is the software hub of India, so it is obvious thata digital marketing company will get mote projects there and there is also a good scope of growth. As software companies are there more nearby to the Kochi so there is a huge scope of growing digital marketing business.


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