Why shouldn’t you ignore PCOS?

Why shouldn't you ignore PCOS?Why shouldn't you ignore PCOS?

Why shouldn't you ignore PCOS?

“Women” cries, suffers, bleeds but hardly reveals.”

 PCOS is Polycystic ovary syndrome that severely affects the woman’s hormone levels. This is something that enables too many male hormones in a woman. Further, Cloudnine Hospital, Chennai, looks into it. A woman can face menstruation issues and fertility problems. So, proper treatment can help. So, this article can serve the purpose of PCOS. Mainly, readers can become aware.

Effect of PCOS on Women

PCOS can affect badly by causing an ample amount of hair growth and even result in baldness. Further, women with this syndrome may risk their lives for heart diseases. Sadly, 70 percent of women having PCOS are still not diagnosed. So, PCOS concerning women can be serious. 

It largely causes harm to the ovaries and ovulation. The features of the following include:

  • Ovaries producing costs abnormal secretion of male hormones
  • Delayed periods

This happens because of the tiny sacs, i.e., filled with fluid developing in the ovaries. “polycystic” stands for “many cysts.” However, with the unnecessary male hormones, the menstrual cycle becomes imbalanced, causing problems in the period cycle.

Diagnosis of PCOS

Naturally, doctors of Cloudnine Hospital Chennai goes for diagnosis extensively. This can help out the patients. The symptoms are:

  1. Whether cysts exist in the ovaries or not.
  2. Getting the data of your menstrual cycle.
  3. Checking whether androgen levels are high or not.

Apart from that, certain other diagnoses will include checking for acne, excess hair growth all over the face and body, and gaining weight or not.

Treatment for PCOS

There is nothing to worry about, as treatments are readily available for you. PCOS can be cured by doing the following:

  • Take birth control measures

Women can start the intake of estrogen and progestin regularly for normal hormone functioning. This, however, can result in relief from symptoms ranging from abnormal hair growth to endometrial cancer. As a result, PCOS concerning women can be treated. However, hormones are available, pills, and patches are available. 

  • Metformin

A patient can cure type 2 diabetes with metformin. It is capable of treating PCOS concerning women as it enhances the production of insulin levels. Studies suggest that metformin is effective in maintaining proper menstruation. Its intake while having an efficient diet proves to be very effective.

  • Clomiphene

Clomiphene is a drug that helps infertility in women having the syndrome. Further, it makes sure that the woman gets pregnant. Still, the risk factor remains high in the case of twins or mothers giving birth to multiple babies.

  • Hair Removal Medicines

Suffering from problems with hair removal? Don’t worry; treatments are available there too. By taking such, you will get rid of those hairs and ensure these growths forever. There is a cream known as “

Eflornithine cream” that is a prescription drug, which becomes effective in slowing the growth of hairs. Other treatments include laser hair removal and electrolysis, which can remove the hair growing on your face and body.

  • Surgery

The best way to make a difference in your fertility is “surgery.” It works even when other treatments don’t. A procedure called “Ovarian drilling” works well with a laser for ensuring normal ovulation.

Change in Diet and Lifestyle – a measure to treat PCOS

Certain simple steps can contribute towards curing PCOS. Usually, just a slight lifestyle change, like losing weight, can help. Also, maintaining a proper diet plan as well works. One can lose at least 5 % percent for overcoming PCOS. 

Apart from that, weight loss can lead to a balance in your cholesterol level. One’s risk of heart issues plus diabetes can be controlled. In that case, intake of diets must consist of low-carbohydrate foods. Exercise helps the most. Regular exercising can help you lose weight faster, and as a result, PCOS gets cured. Adding to that, ovulation would show progress by practicing the same. Another small step is acupuncture. Yes, it works perfectly to improve PCOS.

Can PCOS lead to fertility issues?

As per gynecologists, fertility issues can turn around. So, PCOS concerning women can become significant. Menstruation is disrupted due to hormonal imbalance. Following that, improper metabolic activities startup. In doing so, fertility issues arise. Generally, fertility issues can follow up to no ovulation. One can become infertile from PCOS. Doctors link 80% of infertility with PCOS. So, a woman must stick to adequate treatment following PCOS.

Be calm; you can overcome PCOS easily. Just follow the simple tips, and in case you wish, consult a doctor and know the proper dose of medication. Be happy and enjoy the journey of life. Credihealth can be a companion in the medical journey. One’s usage of this website won’t be disappointing. So, the best hospitals can be accessed with world-class services. 

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