Which Doctor to Consult for Leg Swelling 2023 Updated

Which Doctor to Consult for Leg SwellingWhich Doctor to Consult for Leg Swelling

Which Doctor to Consult for Leg Swelling

Leg swelling can be very disturbing which can affect other parts of the body. It is also known as peripheral oedema. The leg swelling is caused due to being overweight, inactive, and sitting for a long time. In fact wearing tight stockings, certain medications and pregnancy can cause oedema. Peripheral oedema is closely related to heart failure and obesity. In some cases people are sleep deprived and have above average body weight. 

You may wonder which doctor to consult for leg swelling. In fact it gets difficult to find the right doctor as many people are uninformed. However there is always a doctor who is dedicated to the respective health conditions.

Who can treat leg swelling?

An endovascular surgeon is the health expert who deals with the treatment of hands, ligaments, joints and legs. They treat the conditions of the vascular system. In fact the doctor diagnosed the urgent medical condition. They are well trained to handle tough cases of leg swelling. In fact an endovascular surgeon also treats varicose veins, venous ulcers and legs. In case if your legs are hurt and swollen due to external injury, then the doctor may suggest surgery. 

Besides swelling and discoloration is the prime symptom of the leg injury. Internal injury includes enlarged blood vessels, spider veins and varicose veins. Patients also experience an aneurysm in extreme situations. 

Hence an endovascular surgeon is the right doctor to consult for leg swelling. Besides, a general surgeon is also suitable for leg injuries.

Why does my leg swell so much?

You might have noticed that your skin becomes tight and you become uncomfortable. Then these symptoms are obviously leg swelling. Yet, there are two primary reasons for

peripheral oedema:

Severe inflammation: When the tissues of your legs are swollen or tight you will have the sensation of pain. Your nerves might become numb. It happens due to long hours of work. Not taking enough breaks. In fact less activity and physical movement. 

Fluid buildup: It is an internal injury. It usually happens when the blood vessels are blocked or hold on more than required. But it also affects the entire part of the lower body. However in some cases patients encounter leg swelling due to serious medical conditions. 

Causes of Leg Swelling

Even with daily active life people still encounter leg swelling. The most common cause of swelling is the collected fluid. The formation of tissues causes a blockage of the blood circulation. Thus it created a tension in the legs. Some of the major causes of leg swelling includes:

  • Heat is one of the reasons why people suffer swollen legs. However it is not that severe or life-threatening.
  • Consistent long hours of the work and routine causes legs to feel numbness.
  • Pregnant women usually struggle with swollen legs due to the weight of the fetus. This generally occurs during 5 months of end pregnancy.
  • In cases when the patient has low protein they can experience less strength in both legs.
  • Having the thyroid can also provoke leg injury and swelling.
  • In some rare cases a patient experiences leg swelling during heart failure.

Once you decide on the right doctor to consult for leg swelling, then all these conditions can be treated. In fact it will help in reducing the complications. 

What are the symptoms of the swollen legs?

A person can experience internal or external injury. However the symptoms for inside or outside injury differs a lot. Some of the common symptoms of the swollen legs include:

  • One part of the leg starts looking reddish in color. It is caused due to the blood clot in the system.
  • Swelling is also witnessed around the joints where the colour turns into pinkesh or blue. The internal injury shows the color indication of the swollen area.
  • Sometimes the veins are affected by the heat or sudden change of temperature.
  • The external injury will hurt you and you might feel pain.
  • Due to the inflammation the color of the skin might change.
  • Lymphoedema is a condition in which the blockage of the lymph fluid occurs.

Treatment for swollen legs

Finding a suitable doctor to consult for leg swelling can be challenging. However it is essential to know what are the treatments available for the leg injury. You may wonder what the treatment practiced by the doctors is. As the doctor will proceed with compression therapy or minimally invasive procedures. These two treatments are more common for leg swelling. However compression therapy is still considered to be the best. 

Compression therapy- Compression therapy is usually performed by the vein specialist. Yet, it does not contain any procedure. The doctor will directly start performing the medical assessment. Besides, the doctor will examine the nerves and veins. Further the expert will provide medical-grade compression stockings. In fact the compression stockings are beneficial; it helps in relieving the damaged nerves. Therefore it is the treatment for the internal leg swelling. 

Final thoughts: As a patient it is questionable  for which doctor to consult for leg swelling. However an  endovascular surgeon is the health expert for leg swelling. Yet a general surgeon can also provide further treatment. Besides nerve specialists are suitable for internal leg swelling. In fact it is always good to maintain an active life. Take breaks frequently in your work life. Keep changing your seating position and location. During pregnancy women should wear comfortable and soft footwear. 

In case you notice any internal swelling dont waste time, seek immediate treatment. Besides compression stockings are useful for relieving the nerves. Remember to take care of your daily activity. Maintain a calm, peaceful and don’t overburn yourself. 

Frequently Asked Question   

  1. What causes swelling on the side of the leg?
  2. Normally leg swelling is caused due to congestive heart failure, venous insufficiency and salt retention.
  3. What is the internal injury in leg swelling?
  4. When the nerves are damaged and block the blood circulation causes internal swelling.
  5. What should I do if I have swelling in my legs?
  6. According to the experts, one must reduce the amount of salt in your diet.
  7. Can a venous insufficiency cause one leg to swell?
  8. Yes, venous insufficiency can affect one leg more than the other due to the damaged nerve.
  9. What are the common causes of leg swelling?
  10. Overweight, being inactive, wearing tight clothing causes leg swelling.
  11. Does sitting for long periods cause leg swelling?
  12. Yes, sitting for long hours can cause leg swelling, because your nerves are holding more than required.
  13. Which kind of doctor can treat leg swelling?
  14. An  endovascular surgeon, general surgeon and  nerve specialists are the doctor to consult for leg swelling.
  15. Is leg swelling life threatening?
  16. No leg swelling is not life threatening, however it depends on the condition of the injury.
  17. Why do pregnant women experience swollen legs?
  18. Yes during pregnancy women witness swollen legs due to the growing fetus in the womb.
  19. What is the treatment available for internal leg injury?
  20. Normally the doctors provide compressive therapy for internal leg injury.

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