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What doctor to see for Hip Pain 2023 Updated

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What doctor to see for Hip Pain 2023 Updated

What doctor to see for Hip Pain. You are suffering from hip pain, and wonder, which is the best doctor for hip pain? Most of the time, there’s a straightforward reason behind hip pain. For instance, if you’ve overdone it at the same time as exercising. Your pain is familiar because of strained or infected gentle tissues in this condition. It includes tendons, and it regularly clears up inside some days. 

Besides, the long-time period hip ache may be because of unique conditions. If you’ve got heavy work together and your hip joint, you can experience hip pain. The pain also occurs within the groin, down the front of the leg, and the knee. Sometimes the pain is the best signal of a hip hassle – that is known as a referred ache or radiated ache. You can also experience pain outdoors of your hip or in your pelvis. So, in addition, we’re going to understand hip pain and which medical doctor you shall appoint.

Understanding Hip pain

Your hip is an excellent and sturdy joint. It’s referred to as a ball-and-socket joint. It is because the pinnacle of the thigh bone is fashioned like a ball. This ‘ball’ sits inside a hole socket on your pelvis. Ball-and-socket joints supply the maximum motion of all of the varieties of joints inside the body. The hip joint is held collectively through an overlaying of muscle tissue which the surgeon might secure to the bones through sturdy cords referred to as tendons. 

These muscle tissue and tendons shape a tablet across the joint and assist its movements. They pass the joint, helping your leg and higher body motion. Besides, if your hip pain keeps increasing, consult a doctor at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai.

Inside the tablet is the synovium, which lubricates the joint with synovial fluid and maintains the cartilage healthily. The cartilage sits among the bones of your hip joint to prevent them from rubbing collectively and decreases any effect while you stroll or pass your hip. With all this assistance, it’s miles uncommon for the hip to emerge as dislocated, even after a high-effect injury.

Which doctor to see for hip pain?

It is vital to understand which health practitioner helps you with chronic hip pain. So, you may need an orthopedic specialist or physical therapist. 

Orthopedic specialist: Plan to get the maximum from your first consultation with your orthopedist in advance. Bring your clinical records and produce alongside a listing of medications — inclusive of dietary supplements and natural medicines — and a listing of questions you need to be answered. If you struggle with chronic pain, an orthopedic specialist is the best doctor for hip pain.

Depending on your standard fitness issues and precise hip ache symptoms, ask as many different questions as you sense necessary. You intend to have an intensive dialogue together with your orthopedist as you recollect all your treatment options. The doctor will provide a treatment plan for the same. 

Physical therapist: If your condition worsens, you can get whole-body therapy. The health practitioner will assist you in figuring joint pains and knee problems. In addition, the doctor will offer full occupational therapy. A physical therapist is also a good doctor for hip pain. 

General physician: The general practitioner also provides quick medications for hip pain. You can consult the doctor if you are going to acute hip pain. The doctor will prescribe medications to treat the condition. Some general physicians specialize in bones and joints. Therefore, general physicians also provide a treatment plan for chronic pain. 

What can you expect during a consultation with orthopedic specialists?

The medical doctor will ask you approximately your well-known fitness, or beyond fitness conditions. In addition, the doctor will also question your family relatives’ clinical history and the different current conditions that you can have.  They will, in particular, need to recognize conditions including arthritis, osteoporosis, anemia, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, because those troubles can also additionally affect the treatment alternative.

In all likelihood, you’ve mentioned any pain you are experiencing together with your physician. You can ask and perform different physical tests for the same.  Even if you’re experiencing pains that might become independent from the primary recognition of your ache or the place of the primary issue, they might all be linked to the particular orthopedic condition. Be positive to say the effect your pain has had on your functionality. 

Physical examinations are vital for the health care provider to evaluate your variety of motion, swelling, reflexes, pores, and skin condition. Your medical doctor can examine your well-known ability to transport around in certain positions, including walking, sitting, standing, hiking stairs, bending ahead and backward, etc. 

Which are the diagnostic test the doctor might recommend?

The orthopedic doctor may suggest a few diagnostic tests. It includes: 

X-rays: X-rays are regularly the pleasant manner of locating out what’s incorrect with your hip as they display the condition of the bones. They may display issues on your pelvis that may explain your pain. X-ray is not beneficial for searching the smooth tissues across the joint.

CT scans: A CT scan can regularly benefit a training session if the hip joint has an uncommon shape. There are conditions wherein the hip socket may be very shallow, and a CT scan report can display this issue. CT scans use x-rays to reveal sections or ‘slices’ of the hip, which a laptop then places collectively to shape a 3-d picture of the hip.

MRI scans: MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans use radio waves to construct an image to reveal what’s going on to the smooth tissue, which includes the muscle mass and tendons, the interior of your hip. They’re mainly helpful in diagnosing the painful condition of avascular necrosis, which reduces the drift of blood to the ends of the bone, causing them to collapse. 

Blood test: If your medical doctor thinks your ache is due to contamination or rheumatoid arthritis, blood checks can regularly help.

What treatment option can you expect from the doctor?

It is natural to sense the soreness concerning the treatment alternatives for hip pain. The physician will offer a pre-treatment plan and different therapy options such as:

Occupational Therapy:

If you are an athlete or sports person, it is probably the primary reason for your pain. It’s well worth discussing this with an occupational therapist.

An occupational therapist is an educated consultant who will help you regain your independence by showing you how to extrude health problems. They can also propose to you how devices or diversifications may help lessen the pressure on your hip. Occupational therapy helps to extrude your chronic pain and helps you recover fast. Many doctors suggest occupational therapy for chronic hip pain. 

Steroid injections:

Steroid injections can help to reduce hip pain. They are typically very beneficial in treating conditions affecting the trochanteric location in the hip and pelvis. The doctor offers an anesthetic to numb the location of the hip pain. Besides, the doctor can also provide steroid injections in intervals. 


Not all people with hip pain will want a surgical operation. Hip fractures, however, nearly continually need a surgical operation to stabilize the bone and preserve it in place. Replacement of the ball of the hip can also be necessary.

People can frequently be in the hospital for multiple weeks or extra to recover from the operation. However, it may take time to recover from the surgery. In some cases, the patient may need assistance during the discharge. 


Once a treatment plan has been discussed. Make sure to consult your orthopedic physician to approximately the rehabilitation procedure and the fee. Your session with the orthopedist can assist them in deciding the first-class treatment alternatives. It helps provide you with a long-time period of comfort and aid a healthful lifestyle for you.

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