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What are the symptoms of a brain stroke?

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What are the symptoms of a brain stroke?

What is brain stroke

Brain stroke is a condition where the vessels in the brain rupture or get damaged due to which it connects and transports the oxygen to the brain which leads to the death of the brain cell. Brain stroke is an urgent medical condition where the blood supply of the brain is stopped, reduced, or came to halt for many reasons. And the process of dying of the brain cells starts within a few minutes. If medical help is not provided on time then it can become very complicated to operate for the surgeons to offer treatment and it can lead to death. Brain stroke is still one of the main reasons for leading death rates in various countries but with the help of the advancement in medical science, professionals have started treatments to offer relief during the brain stroke to the patient.

What are the symptoms of a brain stroke?

If somebody is having a brain stroke, it is necessary to note down the symptoms which change with time. It is very necessary to know about the symptoms under a time limit otherwise effective treatment cannot be provided. There are a few symptoms that can be looked after to know if the patient is having a brain stroke and these are followed below.

  • Trouble walking 

When your brain cells affect, it successively affects your normal functions such as the mind would not be able to provide you stability and focus. And the patient would not be able to walk properly. there can be dizziness and loss of coordination.

  • Paralysis

You can see the paralysis of the face, legs, or arms, and that too one-sided majorly. To confirm the brain stroke, ask the patient to raise both the hands above his head and if one hand starts to fall off, then it could be an indication of a brain stroke emergency. Also, the one-sided mouth can drop if the patient smiles.

  • Headache 

Headache is one of the very common symptoms which appears whenever the body faces any abnormality. Brain cells affecting the whole body can cause headaches, dizziness, and weakness. Nausea and vomiting may also occur.

  • Vision problem

The patient can complain about vision problems. It could affect either patient’s one eye or both. The vision would become unclear and blurred. This happens due to the dysfunctionality in the brain. Call a doctor immediately for brain stroke treatment.

  • Trouble in speaking

The patient would not be able to speak properly and their pronunciation and speech would degrade.

What are the possible causes of a brain stroke?

Usually, there are two major causes of brain stroke. If there is a leakage in the blood vessel or it blocks the supply of blood in the brain. Second, if the blood vessel ruptures it is responsible for supplying blood to the brain. This leads to the killing of the brain cells. Some other reasons can be ischemic attack or hemorrhagic stroke.

  • Ischemic stroke – in this condition, brain blood vessels become narrow causing a halt in blood supply. Reduction of the supply of oxygen and blood results in dead brain cells.
  • Hemorrhagic stroke – It is a condition when a blood vessel bursts out or starts leakage. Leaking is a deformity case and must be addressed by the neurosurgeon on an urgent basis.
  • Transient ischemic attack – In this condition, a small amount of stroke can be felt as the symptoms do not last longer than five minutes.

What are the factors which increase the potential for brain stroke?

There are few medical and lifestyle risk factors that increase the potential for brain stroke. 

Lifestyle risk factor 

  • Excessive alcohol drinking 
  • If the patient is into drugs and does drugs every then and now
  • Overweight and obesity Physical inactivity 

Medical risk factor 

  • Covid 19 infection
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep apnea
  • High blood pressure 
  • High cholesterol 
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Family history of brain disorder or brain stroke 
  • Smoking

Other factors 

  • People with age more than 50 have the potential of having a brain stroke. People with older age tend to have more risk than the younger generation.
  • It is observed that a specific ethnicity falls into this trap. For example, African Americans and Hispanics have a higher tendency for brain stroke. This could happen since there can be a mass mutation of internal changes that have made these people more prone to brain stroke
  • Males have a higher risk than females. It has been noted that women of much older age get in touch with brain stroke and the rate of death in females is more than in males who die due to brain stroke.
  • Hormonal pills – Excessive intake of hormonal increase pills such as birth contraceptives which include the level of estrogen can cause some side effects in the brain.

When to see a doctor?

Call a doctor or neurosurgeon as soon as you realize that a brain stroke is happening. It is a critical condition where careless regarding any of the symptoms can cost you to lose the patient’s life. A neurosurgeon can offer better brain stroke treatment if visited on time. Look for this sign immediately and call an ambulance in no time.

  • Face_ It is observed that when patients during brain stroke smile, the jaw drops to one side. It is an indication that you must take the patient to the emergency center.
  • Arms – Ask the patient to raise both his arms above the head and if one arm falls off then it could be a strong sign. body paralysis is usually on one side. 
  • Speech _ Ask the patient to repeat a simple phrase, if difficulty is speaking then visit a doctor as soon as possible.

If you suspect anyone having a brain stroke, then watch out for his symptoms while waiting for medical assistance. It could be beneficial for the doctors to know every stage of symptoms and they would be able to understand the condition more accurately.


Brains stroke is sometimes called a brain attack and the killing of brain cells causes the basic and life functioning activities to a halt. Activities such as walking, vision, and speech all get worse and functions like breathing are also affected. Therefore, it becomes a necessary action to call for medical help while encountering symptoms of a brain attack. You can consult with the best neurosurgeon in Chennai for better brain stroke treatment and prevention purposes. You can find a list of good neurosurgeons in Chennai at credihealth with counseling fees and customer ratings. Contact us at for more information and queries.

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