What are the signs and treatment options for Cataracts?

What are the signs and treatment options for Cataracts?What are the signs and treatment options for Cataracts?

What are the signs and treatment options for Cataracts?

Normally, an individual’s cloudy area in the lens of the eye is associated with a cataract. In general, a person must know that this disease develops slowly over time. Herein, a skilled ophthalmologist is responsible for extending treatment options for cataracts. Besides that, a patient needs to go through a series of diagnostic tests before the treatment begins. Eventually, a doctor looks into the reports to know about its cause. Lastly, one can contact an eye specialist for treatment. 

A reader can go through this article to learn about the crucial signs of this harmful disease. Furthermore, one can also come across the risk factors that trigger cataracts to a certain extent. 

What are the main signs of Cataracts?

Ideally, a person may know about the signs of cataracts for treating this condition before it worsens. In addition to that, an individual’s quality of life won’t be hampered in this manner. Following that, doctors believe that certain warning signs are there for notifying cataract’s occurrence. 

A few main signs of cataract may include:

  • Increased Sensitivity to Glare
  • Seeing colors as faded
  • Frequent need to change prescribed glasses
  • Double vision in the affected eye
  • Halos Surrounding light
  • Blurry Vision
  • Trouble Seeing at night

What are the crucial causes of Cataracts?

Mostly, older individuals become the utmost sufferer of cataracts at some point in time. In general, an ophthalmologist tells that aging, as well as injury, is the topmost reason for ending up in cataracts. Following that, one’s protein breakdown ends up making vision blurry. Besides that, a doctor must find out the causes to decide the

treatment options for cataracts.

Some Crucial causes of cataracts may include:

  • Smoking

Many people lose their vision due to changes in the eyes caused by smoking cigarettes. Moving on, an individual has the highest possibility of having cataracts by smoking regularly. 

  • Ultraviolent Radiation

A person’s lense protein can be damaged in a significant way after being exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Following that, an individual may have a harmful oxidative reaction in the lens with UV rays.

  • Other Diseases

At times, people having certain medical conditions end up having cataracts after some time. Individuals suffering from diabetes can also suffer a lot from cataracts. 

  • Medications

People must remain aware that certain medications can end up causing cataracts. Many times, a person using steroids can also get impacted by this harmful disease.

Hence, an individual with an overproduction of oxidants regularly can also become the victim of a cataract. Eventually, one can talk to the doctors about the cause and the consequences of this disease.

 How many types of cataracts are there?

One needs to understand that multiple kinds of cataracts can impact the human eye. In general, an individual must accept that its type relies upon the location of the cataract.

Certain types of cataracts may include:

  • Cortical Cataract
  • Secondary Cataract
  • Radiation Cataract
  • Traumatic Cataract
  • Posterior Capsular Cataract
  • Nuclear Cataract
  • Congenital Cataract

What is the best diagnostic test to check for cataracts?

Initially, the eye doctor performs a detailed eye examination for diagnosing the underlying problems in the eyes. Herein, an individual may go through an eye chart test for assessing vision issues. In addition to that, an ophthalmologist may direct certain specific tests as well. Eventually, a doctor may proceed with the

treatment options for cataracts in this manner.

Few best diagnostic tests to check cataracts may include:

  • Retinal Exam

Firstly, a doctor may put a few drops in the eyes for opening up the pupil properly. In doing so, an ophthalmologist may examine the back of the eyes in a specified way.

  • Sit-Lamp examination

One’s eye doctor may check the structures in the eye’s front with the use of a sit-lamp examination. Herein, a healthcare provider uses magnifying glass for the light required to illuminate the cornea. Furthermore, a doctor can view the cornea in small sections with this diagnostic test. Ultimately, an individual’s abnormalities in the eyes can be easily traced.

  • Applanation Tonometry

A person’s fluid pressure persisting in the eyes can be measured with the use of applanation tonometry. In general, a doctor may utilize several other devices for performing this test.

  • Visual Acuity Test

Mostly, one’s doctor takes the help of an eye chart for undergoing visual acuity tests. Moving on, a person’s eyes are tested for checking any kind of vision-related issues. 

Hence, an ophthalmologist may make use of numerous diagnostic tests to rule out the cataract. Moreover, a person’s every part of the eyes is tested for viewing every sort of damage.

What is the best treatment option available for Cataracts?

Generally, a person may choose

treatment options for cataracts at their convenience. Besides that, an individual can ask about the total treatment expense from their doctor.

The best treatment options for cataracts may include:

  • Surgery

People need to understand that surgery is the ultimate treatment option available to treat cataracts. A surgeon goes for surgical intervention if a cataract interferes with other eye problems. Besides that, one has to know this operation is much safe. Following that, a person needs to know that cataract surgery has a high success rate. However, an individual can suffer from the side effects of cataracts as well.

Therefore, one must realize that only 1% of complication is excepted while having a cataract operation. However, an individual may return home after cataract surgery on the same day. 

What are the potential side effects of cataract surgery?

A doctor aims at cataract surgery for improving vision problems for most individuals. Still, an individual needs to know that the complications aren’t that serious.

Few potential side effects of cataracts may include:

  • Inflammation
  • Glaucoma
  • Bleeding
  • Retinal detachment
  • Drooping Eyelid
  • Infection
  • Swelling
  • Dislocation of artificial lenses

What are the best ways to prevent Cataracts?

Truly, a person must know that cataract has turned out to be the leading cause of blindness over time. In general, a doctor couldn’t find any definite way to prevent its occurrence. Still, an individual can follow certain lifestyle changes for lowering the chances of having this disease.

Few best ways to prevent cataracts may include:

  • Quit Smoking

One needs to accept the fact that smoking can considerably damage the eyes. Moving on, a person may end up having free radicals in the eyes through smoking. Ultimately, one can have lots of toxins in the eyes that can end up causing cataracts.

  • Eating healthy Foods

A person having a family history of eye problems can alter their risk by having healthy foods. Herein, doctors believe that the consumption of foods containing vitamin C as well as vitamin E may prevent cataracts. Eventually, a person may slow down cataract growth in this manner.

  • Seek regular eye exams

An individual aged between 40 to 60 years must go for regular eye exams to prevent serious eye illness. One should go for a detailed eye exam after every 2 to 4 years or so. 


Therefore, people must know that there are various identifiable signs of cataracts. An individual needs to have an idea about the prime causes of these life-threatening diseases. Following that, a person should realize that surgery is the ultimate way to get rid of this disease. Moreover, one must follow preventive measures for getting away from cataracts as well. Ultimately, a person may talk to an eye specialist in Bangalore for treatment. 

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