Toothache will go away in minutes, follow these 8 home remedies

Any pain is painful now, whether it is stomach pain, leg pain, ear pain or even toothache. Although toothache problem is common but toothache is very dangerous. Because the nerve to the teeth is connected to both the heart and the brain and due to the pain of the teeth, if you are not able to eat and drink properly, then you may feel weak from health.

What is a toothache

Toothache is called tooth ache in English. Toothache is called toothache. Toothache causes pain in teeth and gums. Due to food and not taking special care of teeth, there is a problem of tooth. Toothache can occur at any age. Tooth pain is more annoying for women than men.

Due to toothache

Toothache is the leading cause of toothache in adults and children. The bacteria of the mouth start spreading in the teeth due to sugar and starch. These bacteria stick in the plaque of the teeth. Bacteria in the plaque of teeth start forming acid, which causes cavity due to decay in the teeth. The first symptom of tooth decay is pain, which causes cold or hot things in the teeth.

There are many more reasons for toothache:

Due to tooth roots or tooth fracture
Causes of stuck in the teeth after eating food
Due to tooth bruising or tooth wound
Due to infection in gums or tooth roots
Occasionally pain due to tooth crack
There is also pain due to wisdom molar
Tooth pain is also felt due to sinus infection.

What are the symptoms of toothache?

Symptoms of toothache are:
When a toothache occurs, pain is felt along with pricking.
Swelling comes around the teeth
Infections in teeth
Have trouble chewing food
Sensing sensitivity when eating hot or cold
Bleeding gums

What is a home remedy for toothache?

Keeping cloves in the mouth provides relief in toothache and applying a few drops of clove oil in cotton (cotton wool) near the teeth provides relief. Keep in mind if you use too much clove oil, it will cause damage.


Peeling the potato and placing it on the affected teeth will provide relief.


Lemon contains high amount of Vitamin-C which gives relief in toothache. Applying lemon juice on the painful part is beneficial.


Applying garlic bud to the teeth on the teeth also provides relief in toothache.


Fomenting on the painful part with ice also provides relief.


Putting a piece of raw onion on the teeth is also beneficial.

Mustard oil

Mixing salt in mustard oil and rubbing it on teeth and gums is also beneficial.

tea bag

Deep dip the tea bag in hot water and then fry it by placing it on the painful area, it will reduce the pain gradually.

Do not be careless with teeth

Do regular dental checkups with the dentist.
See a doctor immediately on any tooth problem (even if you have minor toothache).
Do not hide the problem of teeth or gums from the doctor.
Clean teeth regularly and properly.
Excessive tooth pick should not be used. There is a possibility of injury from it.
Change your tooth brush in two and a half to three months.
It is beneficial to see a doctor if you have a toothache
Having difficulty in eating and drinking due to pain.
No taste in food
By the way, it is often seen that in case of toothache, one can get relief for some time or days by adopting home remedies or with the help of painkiller, but again there is a risk of pain. But if it is not cured for a long time, then it is necessary to get treatment in such condition. Because any health problem causes a new problem as it gets old.

Take care of oral hygiene to avoid toothache

Brush twice a day
The best way to stay away from toothache is to brush teeth twice a day. This greatly reduces the possibility of plaque freezing. The plaque accumulates between the teeth and gums like a sticky layer, which subsequently causes toothache. Which causes cavity and inflammation by worsening teeth and gums. When not regularly brushed, this layer becomes even more solid, which is called tartar.

Choose the right toothbrush

When choosing a toothbrush, always remember that the bristles of the brush are soft. Due to which the teeth are cleaned and the gums are not damaged. At the same time, change your brush every three months. But if the bristles of the brush harden even before that

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