These 6 things from dry grapes to basil can bring relief in low blood pressure

Normally the blood pressure (blood pressure) rate is 120/80 and in low blood pressure it falls below 90/60. Reduction of blood pressure due to tension may not be of much concern in youth, but low blood pressure can be a serious problem in adults and with increasing age, because low blood pressure can cause blood to the brain and other parts of the body ( Blood flow) cannot reach properly, which can cause anxiety. Due to low blood pressure people suddenly feel dizzy, vomit, sweat profusely and get nervous. Low BP can happen anytime and it is not possible to find a doctor immediately. Let’s talk about some home remedies with which you can get relief in low BP.

1. Take sufficient salt:

Those with low blood pressure should always eat sufficient amount of salt. A little extra salt with natural salt of vegetables and fruits is necessary for low BP but, do not take too much salt or else it can cause lack of water in the body. Also you can be a victim of high blood pressure.

2. Do not put too much gap between food:

It is quite nice to take small miles once in a while. This reduces the chances of sudden lowering of blood pressure. So, if you eat a full meal 3 times a day, then eat a little bit of it in 5 parts. This is good for both low BP and sugar patients. For this, always keep some healthy snacks with you.

3. Take more liquid:

Everyone should drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water a day, and it is even more important for low BP people. Those who are complaining of low BP, they also drink mango emerald, pomegranate juice and bhel syrup, it maintains the electrolyte of the body. Due to which the complaint of low blood pressure is greatly reduced.

4. Tulasi:

Basil is rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin C, which helps in maintaining blood pressure. Therefore, eating 5 to 6 basil leaves every morning can reduce blood pressure.

5. Dry:

The use of dry grapes provides relief in the problem of low blood pressure. Allow 5 to 6 dry grapes to soak overnight. After this, boil them with milk and drink it. If you want, you can eat soaked raisins with breakfast even without milk.

6. Take Tea or Coffee:

If you suddenly have blood pressure, you can take help of tea or coffee. Although this is not a permanent treatment, it is helpful in maintaining your low blood pressure.

Suddenly the health starts deteriorating when blood pressure is low. Sweats with nervousness. In such a situation, if you are alone then it becomes even more worrisome. Therefore, by adopting these home remedies, you can get a lot of relief in the problem of low blood pressure, but, if you have a lot of BP problems, then please consult the doctor.

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