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Rental Car Companies in Orlando, solar Companies near me

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Rental Car Companies in Orlando, solar Companies near me

  1. Sixt Rent A Car

Our location can be found in the airport’s on-site rental car center. When you are in the Arrivals terminal, simply take the elevator up to the third floor, where you will then follow the signs to the MIA Mover, a complimentary train that will quickly bring you directly to the center. After you have arrived at the center, you will be able to see our bright orange SIXT counter. When you wish to return your vehicle, you can do so by bringing it to the Rental Car Return section of the rental car center.  

Services: Car Rental

Truck Rental

Our Fleet

Our Locations

Car Rental Deals


SIXT Status Program


Address: 1 Airport Blvd A, Orlando, FL 32827, United States

Contact No.: +18887498227


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  1. Miles Car Rental

Whether you’re a visitor to the Miami area or a resident who needs transportation, Miles Car Rental in Miami can take care of your car rental Miami style. That means getting not just the car you need, but the care you want from efficient, friendly personnel. If you’re used to dealing with Alamo Miami or Hertz Car Rental Miami, you’ll find that Miles’ car hire Miami branches offer you all the convenience and quality you expect.

Services: Car Rental Miami

Hertz Car Rental Miami

Alamo Car Rental Miami

Van Rental Miami

Car Rental Deals

Address: 2875 S Orange Ave #1305, Orlando, FL 32806, United States

Contact No.: +14072186108


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  1. Payless Car Rental

Payless Car Rental was founded in 1971 in Spokane Washington. Today, Payless Car Rental operates approximately 120 rental locations in the United States, Canada, Europe and South America, including many in major airports. Payless Car Rental serves price-conscious leisure and business travelers and operates with a hybrid model of corporately operated locations along with locations operated by franchisees.

Services: Group & Event Rentals

Small Business Rentals

Car Rental Programs

Roadside Assistance

Address: 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd (Term A&B, Orlando, FL 32827, United States

Contact No.: +14078565539


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  1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an ongoing American success story. Our guiding principles, and humble beginning, revolve around personal honesty and integrity. We believe in strengthening our communities one neighborhood at a time, serving our customers as if they were our family, and rewarding hard work. These things are as true today as they were when we were founded in 1957.

Services: Cars



Minivans & Vans

Moving Trucks & Vans Link opens in a new window

Exotic Cars

Address: Orlando Air Traffic Control Tower, 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, United States

Contact No.: 1-855-266-9289


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  1. Budget Car Rental

Budget rent a car has a reputation for excellence and value across the globe. Get company info on Budget Car Rental USA at Budget Rent a Car 

Meet the executive team responsible for ensuring you get the best deals, rates, rental car selection, and service when you rent a car from Budget Car Rental.

Services: Car Guides

Popular Rental Cars

Products & Services


Protections & Coverages

Budget by the Month – Long Term Car Rental

Meetings & Groups Car Rentals

Address: 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd (Term A&B, Orlando, FL 32827, United States

Contact No.: +14078251700


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  1. Thrifty Car Rental

Get behind the wheel and get inspired. Let your local MIAMI Thrifty located at 3900 NW 25TH STREET help you plan your next trip with a rental car that matches your adventure. You’ll have plenty of options with our growing fleet of cars, SUVs, minivans, and trucks, and knowing that every one of our cars is non-smoking will make the journey even sweeter. The Thrifty near you has what you need to keep travel at the top of your priority list – right where it belongs.

Services: BMW X1 RENTAL










Address: 9302 AIRPORT BOULEVARD, Orlando, FL 32827, United States

Contact No.: +18772830898


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  1. National Car Rental

With National Car Rental and The Emerald Club, Green Means Go®. The Emerald Club is designed to make your car rental experience faster and more convenient. You can enjoy special privileges reserved for frequent renters every time you rent. National Car Rental is located on level 1 in both the A and B terminals. Upon arrival to the airport, please proceed to the National counter to obtain your rental agreement. All National vehicles are located on the first floor of the parking garage across the street from the terminal and are within walking distance.

Services: Emerald Aisle®

Emerald Checkout℠

Premier Selection

Emerald Reserve Service℠

Emerald Club Counter Service℠

Priority Service

Address: 1 Jeff Fuqua Blvd, Orlando, FL 32827, United States

Contact No.: +18443703165


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  1. Action Car Rental

Action Car Rental provides a wide selection of quality vehicles for your leisure or business car rental needs. Indeed, our fleet is composed of economic, family, and premium vehicles. To be even more precise, we carry small economical cars, compact, midsize, fullsize, premium, minivans, fullsize vans, SUV’s and exclusive convertibles, so you’ve got the choice !

Services: Free Shuttle Service

Always the latest models

Extras at your conveniance

No fee for underage driver

Exclusive Drive

Convenient Locations

Great Customer Service

Address: 3719 McCoy Rd, Orlando, FL 32812, United States

Contact No.: +14072402700


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  1. Advantage Rent A Car

We never stop searching for ways to enhance your experience. From our response to COVID-19 to our responsibility in keeping our vehicles well maintained. You can be confident that every time you rent an Advantage vehicle, it is washed and sanitized. You can also be certain that we will take every opportunity to improve the existing health and safety initiatives in our operations to keep you and your family safe.

Services: Best Price Guaranteed

Additional Coverage

After Hours Support

Easy Bookings

Address: 5601 Butler National Dr, Orlando, FL 32812, United States

Contact No.: +18886278227 


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  1. Discount Rent-A-Car

Discount Rent-A-Car was founded in 2016 with one thing in mind: how to provide a simple way to rent really nice vehicles without sacrificing quality, reliability and most of all price. We live up to the “Discount” in our name. You can be sure to expect nothing but a competitively-priced vehicle to accomplish your Florida travels. We are near Orlando International Airport (MCO) for your convenience.

Services: Mid Size

Full Size



Mid Size

Full Size


Address: 1700 McCoy Rd, Orlando, FL 32809, United States

Contact No.: +14076764950


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