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Best Pharmaceutical companies in Johannesburg List 2023 Updated

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Best Pharmaceutical companies in Johannesburg List 2023 Updated

1.Austell Laboratories

At Austell, we believe there is a better way to serve patients’ healthcare needs. We adopt a more conscious and considerate approach, which is more value centric and less profit driven.

Austell was founded in 2005 with a single-minded goal of bringing “medicine with a conscience” to the world. We believe that patients and healthcare professionals deserve the best in healthcare, the best products, service and innovation. This is who Austell is. We are a healthcare Company dedicated to making a positive impact on patients’ lives and we achieve this because of our :

Products: Is this the best product .This is the fundamental question that we answer before we bring a product to patients. We are relentless in our pursuit of the best products for patients. All Austell products are underpinned by clinical evidence which prove that our products are better than the current treatment approach, both for efficacy and safety.

People: Liberation of talent is central to the success of Austell. Each person who joins our team is here for a reason. Not only  are they  talented,  but they have that something special, a sense of purpose and a desire to make healthcare better. We nurture talent… we channel that sense of purpose… and the result is an incredible team making a difference every day.

Culture: This is our secret weapon. We are value centric, performance driven, brutally honest (with respect), innovative, passionate about our customers (external and internal) and we operate with unyielding integrity where our values will always trump profit. Our culture is sacrosanct and strongly protected.










Address:Austell Laboratories (Pty) Ltd

1 Sherborne Road, Parktown, 2193

PO Box 1110 Crown Mines 2025

Phone:+27 11 611 1400

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2.Key Oncologics (Pty) Ltd

A strong sense of urgency and commitment

Total customer focus, dedication and service

Positive and supportive teamwork

Open, honest & responsible communication

Mutual trust & respect.

Key Oncologics (Pty) Ltd is a South African pharmaceutical company that primarily focuses on the treatment of cancer and allied diseases.

The company was founded in 1998 representing international companies that do not have an independent presence in South Africa.

Over the years our product profile has grown from a single product to a comprehensive portfolio. We have also diversified into biologics and are in the process of building a generic portfolio. In moving forward Key Oncologics will continue to seek options for patients to live longer and live better.

Key Oncologics (Pty) Ltd has experience in registering, marketing, selling and distributing cancer products in the South African market.

We also have a clinical trial division with the necessary infrastructure to conduct Oncology Clinical Trials according to GCP.


Delivering innovative products to improve patient outcome through partnering with companies that compliment our mission.

Helping patients navigate the challenges of medical aid coverage to ensure they have access to the medicines they need

Providing outstanding customer service

Integration of scientific and commercial knowledge

Employing competent and qualified people

Supporting and maintaining excellent relationships with stakeholders in the therapeutic areas we serve

Address:39, 11th Avenue, Houghton Estate.johannesburg 

Postal Address: Postnet Suite 19, PO Box 92418, Norwood, 2117, South Africa

Phone:+27-11-483-0060/5, +27-82-567-5197

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3.Hersol Manufacturing Laboratories

.Hersol Manufacturing Laboratories is a registered Pharmaceutical manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing and packing complementary medicines for various South African marketing and distribution companies. Founded in 1980 by Laurence Solomons and Sam Hertzakowitz, Hersol has grown exponentially. Fast forward to the 2020’s, Hersol remains a key player in the complementary pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape in South Africa.

Hersol became a speciality company manufacturing in a wide range of dosage forms. In the early 90s the directors and management team built up the company and it has since grown exponentially. An opportunity presented itself whereby Hersol was able to employ the services of very good senior management. Today, Hersol employs over 400 people utilising more than 13,000 square meters that we own.



Powders, Granules, Solutions, Suspensions, Syrups, Extracts, Ointments, Creams, Cosmetics.


Tablets (Both Coated and Uncoated), Effervescent, Granules, Veterinary Medication, Delayed/Modified Release tablets, Specialty Tablets.


Gelatine Capsules, Vegetarian Capsules, Soft Gelatine Capsules.


Sugar Coating, Film Coating.

Address:36 Madison St, Jeppestown, Johannesburg, 2043

Phone:+27 11 614 6631

Fax: +27 11 614 4615

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4.Divpharm Manufacturing & Packaging (Pty) Ltd

Since 1991 Divpharm has serviced the SA pharmaceutical industry including major multinational companies manufacturing and packaging to cGMP standards. Our facility boasts unique oncology and cephalosporin suites. We have commissioned a separate Agvet site for blending feed pre-mixes. 

The Divpharm site has held its MCC licence continuously for over 20 years. Divpharm also holds TDA and MHRA licence for packing specific products. The Quality and Regulatory function includes 2 Qualified Persons who ensure that comprehensive Technical Agreements are held with all customers thus assuring prompt, high quality service. 

Upon entering the facility, every product batch is sample tested and its passage is then tracked, monitored and documented at every stage of handling. Safety, hygiene and quality procedures are strictly enforced, and the absolute maintenance of product integrity is at the top of everyone’s agenda. 


  • Manufacture of liquids, creams and ointments
  • Powder blending and filling
  • Ampoule/vial/bottle filling
  • Blister/strip/sachet packaging
  • Tube and liquid filling
  • Cartoning

Address:25 Longdale Loop | Longdale, Industria | Johannesburg | South Africa

Phone:+27(011) 473-2140/1/2


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5.Apothecon Labs

Making the right choices early in life can have a significant impact in one’s life in the future. One of these aspects is an investment in one’s health through nutrition and exercise. Many people seem to equate old age with being inactive and unhealthy.  However, research does not support this opinion but instead shows that we have the ability to age in a healthy active manner. We should all remember that our genetics or genes may load the gun, but diet and lifestyle pull the trigger.

We should therefore be encouraged to build a supplement regimen designed to preserve some of the most significant factors involved in healthy aging.

The Nutrissentials range of softgel supplements have been carefully researched and formulated to assist in preserving and improving each of these factors, which are linked to each other in some way or the other.  An improvement in one factor may lead to improvements in others, for example blood sugar control can help improve vision and heart health whilst improvements in joint health can lead to more time spent on exercising thereby improving our cardiovascular system.

These factors include:


Ambulance Services

Ambulatory Health Care Services



Child Care Services


Continuing Care & Assisted Living Facilities


Address:72 Fourth Street,Booysens Reserve

Johannesburg, GP 2091,South Africa



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6.DSV Healthcare

Since our establishment in 1976, we have been through a series of mergers to maintain a key position in the global transport industry. As a result, we have grown stronger and larger. With the acquisition of Panalpina Welttransport, we have further strengthened our global network and are now the world’s fifth largest transport and logistics company.

It all began in 1976 when Leif Tullberg and nine independent trucking companies established DSV, De Sammensluttede Vognmænd af 13-7 1976 A/S. The company operated as a cartage department for the owners and only handled contracting haulage and deliveries.

 Soon, the vision became to enter the international transport market. It was realised in 1989 with the acquisition of two competing export companies Borup Autotransport A/S and Hammerbro A/S-Bech Trans, followed by Samson Transport Co. A/S in 1997 and Svex Group AB in 1999.

 These were important acquisitions as they altered the services and product focus as well as made the framework for an international future of the company.

We want to be a leading global supplier, fulfilling customer needs for transport and logistics services, targeting extensive growth and being among the most profitable in our industry.


Cargo and freight insurance

Customs clearance and broker services

Procurement finance

DSV Protect

DSV Purchase Order Management

Address:Meadowview business estate,1 meadowview Ln, Linbro bank, sandton,johannesburg 


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7.3Sixty Biopharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd

3Sixty Biopharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd is a South African company based in Johannesburg, the commercial hub of South Africa.

The company is committed to the development and commercialisation of South African intellectual property and it seeks to achieve this either by itself or through collaboration with principals both from the private and/or public sector.


Anti infection 



Address:7,west St.houghton estate, johannesburg 2198 South Africa 


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8.Phed Pharma Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Phed Pharma Solutions (PPS) is a well-established international pharmaceutical organisation based in South Africa that provides services in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Biotec Industries. The scope of our services span the spectrum of formulation and drug delivery systems development, pharmaceutical (human and veterinary) development activities from formulation development through to full product commercialisation, commercial technology transfer, training and development, product registration, warehousing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and surgicals and medical devices.”







Address:AMR Office Park, 3 Concorde E Rd, Bedfordview Johannesburg, 2008,South Africa

Phone:: +27 10 007 5139, +27 81 716 8668

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Novawes Import has a proud history in the importing and trading industry which is backed up by a strong staff unit and key personnel. With our main offices in Johannesburg, we are able to services the importing needs of the whole country when it comes to supplying disposable hygiene products, food ingredients (such as tapioca starch, wheat gluten, corn starch and more) as well as empty capsules. Everything about our company is aimed at servicing the core needs of companies in need of our customers and we will go the extra mile to supply you with top quality products time and time again.

Traditionally having made its mark in the food and pharmaceutical importing industry through supplying a range of pharmaceutical products and food ingredients to the South African market,  Novawes, through diverse agencies and solid relationships, has grown its range of quality products to include specific disposable items for local hygiene and beverage applications. The Novawes Import team will go about managing every aspect of the supply chain from the placing of orders to the final on-time delivery to customers throughout South African and neighbouring countries.


NW pharma

NW food 

NW hygiene 

NW beverage 

NW silica gels

Address:2 Avalon Road, Block 28b, westlake view, modderfontein,Johannesburg 1609

Phone:011 466 4660,+27 (0) 11 466 4660

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10.Pharmaco Distribution (Pty) Ltd

Pharmaco was established with the purpose to effectively support International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in the registration, the distribution and the marketing and sales of products in Africa, by adding value for our customers.

“We are determined to establish and maintain our leadership in the provision of integrated pharmaceutical services in Africa, through our products, our people and the excellence of our services to all our healthcare partners.”



Registration of products (Applicant)

Sales Promotion

Marketing Activities

Warehousing and Distribution

Local Manufacturing

Project Management

Management of Specific Healthcare Products:

Address:3 Sandown Valley Crescent,

South Tower, 1st Floor Sandton, 2196 South Africa

Phone:+27 (0) 11 – 784-0077 +27 (0) 11784-6985, +27 (0) 11 784-6988

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