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8 Tips to make the most out of your online doctor consultation

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8 Tips to make the most out of your online doctor consultation

Online doctor consultation is the next big phase in the healthcare industry, and not to mention, the new way of life right now. However, online doctor chat and online video consultation is still an unchartered territory, where both doctors as well as patients have some reservations about the system. This can mainly be accounted to the lack of understanding about how online consultation really works, and how easy it is for both parties to make the most out of this new way of doing things.

There are many modes and ways of carrying out an online doctor consultation – online video doctor consultation, online telephonic doctor consultation, online doctor chat, consultation through SMS, and so on.

No matter what mode of consultation you go for, it is essential to get everything you need, to be able to handle the medical issue at hand. A doctor consultation that is not a hundred percent satisfactory can sometimes be as good as no consultation at all.

To make sure every online doctor chat or every online video doctor consultation is hundred percent successful, there are 8 quick tips you, as a patient, can follow.

8 Tips to make the most out of your online doctor consultation

A working network or internet connection

A working phone network or internet connection is all the tech you need to be able to consult your doctor online. Being able to see and hear the other party during the consultation is a crucial way to ensure there is no miscommunication between the doctor and the patient.

Make a note of all symptoms with an accurate timeline

Apart from an online consultation being long-distance, there is no other difference between an online doctor-patient interaction from the one that is face-to-face. Making note of all the symptoms along with a timeline in advance, will help the doctor make an accurate assessment of the patient’s medical condition and establish an informed diagnosis & treatment approach.

Additionally, if all the information, the doctor feels that physical examination or lab tests are necessary for a particular case, the same can be communicated to the patient.

Make a note of recent medical history and medications

It is very important for a healthcare provider to know the medications and the dosage the patient is on, for a personalized treatment approach. Moreover, they need to know the patient’s recent medical history, like medical conditions or surgeries, in all completeness to be able to prescribe a treatment process.

Inform about allergies

Make sure the online doctor is aware of any allergies that the patient might have, especially in case of allergies to specific medicines or their components. The healthcare provider will need information about what medications trigger the allergic reactions in the patient, and the nature of such reactions.

Ask questions

There should be no room for confusion or incomplete information between you and the doctor. You must ask as many questions as seem necessary to completely understand the medical issue at hand and the treatment approach towards it.

Active participation

It is crucial for you to be an active participant in an online tele/video consultation with the doctor. Provide all information regarding medical history and symptoms, and listen attentively to the doctor’s questions and recommendations.

Repeat what you hear

It is a good exercise to repeat the doctor’s instructions and request for corrections if required. This will ensure that the healthcare provider and you are on the same page and there is no communication gap.

Follow up

Make sure to schedule a follow up online appointment with the doctor, especially if it has been prescribed so.

Online doctor consultation sure is convenient, but without transparency and clear communication, it is almost impossible to make this a fruitful exercise.

Bhanu Garg

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