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New Year 2020: Women should adopt this fitness plan to stay fit in the new year

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New Year 2020: Women should adopt this fitness plan to stay fit in the new year

Given the physical challenges of women, a separate plan for their fitness and eating is necessary. Be it a female housewife or a worker, she spends a day in Bhagdaur. Therefore, it is important to take measures that can fit in a short time. When making a fitness plan, keep in mind that women have to work all day. The stress of household as well as family responsibilities can have a bad effect on health. Along with manual labor, it is also important to take care of catering.
Usually women are unable to focus on themselves in relation to their children, husband and other family members. Nutritious foods are the first to be fit. So never miss breakfast and lunch.

The heavier the breakfast, the better. The breakfast plate should contain a good amount of protein, fiber. If you are a housewife, you get a workout when doing many household chores, but if there is a long meeting in the office, then a little exercise in the morning is necessary.

Spend at least 1 hour on yourself. Other types of exercise can be included with yoga asana and pranayama. Such as a 10-15 minute treadmill. Women go through conditions like pregnancy and menstruation, which have a long-term impact on health.
During pregnancy, the whole family takes care of the woman, but during menstruation she has to take care of herself. Take complete rest. Later, remove the weakness caused by it with proper food and drink.

Do not do any kind of workout or heavy work if you feel weakness. Eat a balanced diet with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Eat fruits whenever you have time in the day. Eating an apple daily improves the immunity system in women.

The vitamins and nutrients present in apple are beneficial for all types of diseases. Eating apple does not cause anemia in women and controls blood sugar.

Drink enough water throughout the day to keep the body hydrated. In order to keep the body functioning throughout the day and boost metabolism, the body needs to remain hydrated. So drink 2-3 liters of water throughout the day.

Some women insist on dieting to make themselves lean, but it can also have disadvantages. The first condition of fitness is to get nutritious foods to the body, followed by exercise. So if you want to lose weight, a better way is to eat in regular amounts and exercise. Extremely easy methods such as daily walking, easy yoga, light exercise can be reduced by making weight a part of lifestyle.

Some women remain seated all day. It will be better for them to make habit of doing small household tasks themselves, this will also have a big impact on fitness.
If you want to stay away from heart diseases, cardio vascular exercise such as high impact aerobics, gyming, walking, swimming and other types of exercise can be chosen.

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