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Laser skin treatment : Consult skin doctor in Gurgaon

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Laser skin treatment : Consult skin doctor in Gurgaon

Laser skin treatment 

In the modern world, people wants to do anything to regain their beauty and wants to beat the age. The females are obviously ahead in this race. 

The cosmetic world have brought plenty of creams , facials, lotions and many more countless products for females to control over their looks. 

But many of times the end result is not so wow full, hence the cosmetic world have done a more on this and now have developed laser beam based skin treatment to beat wrinkles, spots, patches and any other age marks.

Who can be eligible for this-?

If you have any skin marks related to age or some other reason (but not a serious medical proved reason) then you should consult skin doctor in Gurgaon. For dark skin individual or full of acne marks those people cannot be a good candidate for this.

How it works

It can be worked in two ways CO2 and Erbium:-

Erbium- It has been developed especially for wrinkles lines which can be on the face, hand or may be chest. Comparatively this has been the most less pain full, zero burning feel and not at all side effects, hence many females usually go got it. Also, people have a dark skin tone generally goes for this treatment.

CO2-In this process, the layers of skin in blocks manner will be removed to aid the healing CO2 process inside the tissues. This way the age spots, wrinkles etc. will be improved to be younger skin.


The process will help in like targeted therapy will shoot the bad skin cells to boost with new energy and up to certain extent, the wrinkles, marks get improved. The technology enables the medicine to reach out to the right target and starts working instantly to emit the result.

Post treatment precautions-

The treatment is not at all length, and even right after the treatment you can go back home immediately and start doing your daily routine work. However few exposures you have to take care like, do not face the heat into the treated area, avoid sun light, avoid extreme cold too, and also avoid oily and fried food for few days after the procedure. The food habits play a vital role in controlling your age effects so if you make a mingle of CO2 and Erbium process with your well planned food habits then the effects can stay longer than expected.

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