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Is planning for C-section Delivery safe for both mother and child?

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Is planning for C-section Delivery safe for both mother and child?

The health of the mother and child, the topmost preference of the family, and the facility in which a woman gives birth all have a part in determining whether she will have a cesarean section or c-section. Fetal malpresentation (when the baby is flipped so that its feet or buttocks come out first), pelvic disproportion (a birth canal that is abnormally shaped or excessively narrow in relation to the baby’s size), and a previous cesarean are all common medical causes for caesareans.

It is common for women who strongly prefer vaginal delivery but end up having a cesarean delivery to feel a feeling of loss for the childbirth they intended to have. However, it is crucial to note that there are instances in which a cesarean section is the most appropriate and safest method of birth. Some women and their partners, on the other hand, have personal reasons for preferring not to go through with labor and giving birth vaginally. When a woman chooses to undergo a C-section delivery method even if she has never had one before and there is no medical necessity for it, this is referred to as an elective primary C-section (sometimes known as an elective repeat C-section). You can find The Best Gynecologist in Chennai for your c-section or normal delivery through Credihealth. 

Reasons to plan c-section for delivery – Planning for c-section to delivery may include various reasons, including personal choice, different health issues, and conditions. However, it’s a personal choice, and in some instances, it can be the best. But also, the delivery method has few side effects that can be managed by discussing with your gynecologist doctor. You can book an appointment or teleconsultation with a gynecologist in Chennai through Credihealth. Below are few reasons for which mothers may choose c-section delivery –

  • They may be concerned that their pain will not be adequately managed.
  • The fear that childbirth would induce pelvic floor issues, like incontinence, may be a source of anxiety.
  • They may be concerned about vaginal tears throughout the birth process.
  • They want to be sure that their own doctor is in charge of the delivery rather than an on-call doctor.
  • They may be self-conscious or ashamed by the fact that others are seeing them give birth.
  • It is critical that you communicate your wants and concerns to your doctor openly and honestly.

If you are planning to give birth vaginally, your doctor may be able to help you feel more secure about the process. For example, your doctor may review the various methods of pain management available during delivery. Another option is for the doctor to explain how frequently pelvic floor issues occur and what may be done to avoid them. These conversations may cause you to reconsider your decision to have a C-section.

The impact of c-section – Even though C-sections are typically relatively safe, they are nevertheless significant operations. Both in the hospital and after that, your recovery period will be lengthier than a typical vaginal birth. They also pose dangers to you and your baby. However, these risks can be reduced or lessened with the best gynecologist in Chennai, as they can assist you with safe and healthy delivery. A patient who undergoes a c-section may have a better probability of:

Heavily bled

Clots in the blood


Other organs are damaged

Babies born by C-section are more prone than other babies to experience respiratory difficulties after birth. They may need to stay in the neonatal critical care unit for a few days if this happens. Also, it’s considered, children born via C-section may be more likely to develop asthma, diabetes, allergies, and obesity as they grow older. 

So, suppose you are planning for an elective c-section. In that case, you need to consult your healthcare provider or a Gynecologist in Chennai in detail about your health conditions and risks and complications that may strike after the delivery. 

Finding the best gynecologist in Chennai is an easy task, as you could browse it on Credihealth, the online healthcare portal, and book an appointment with the pregnancy doctor of your choice. Additionally, a person can schedule an appointment, video & teleconsultation with a doctor associated with a particular hospital by checking their ratings and reviews on Credihealth. You may also discover more information on the site regarding diagnostic tests, ordering medications online, home care services, scheduling appointments online, and various other topics. You may request a call-back by calling 8010-994-994 or sending an email to


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