I have 50,000 rupees, how should I invest it? 2023 Updated

If you cannot take too much risk, then it is better to invest in options like National Savings Certificate.

Vinay Singh wants to invest in mutual funds for five years. He has 50,000 rupees. How should they invest this money? They want to know whether it should be lump sum or should they invest more every month by adding more money? Come, let’s see what the experts are advising them. Certified financial planner Pankaj Malde says that Vinay cannot invest in equity funds. The reason is that a period of five years is not enough to invest in equity funds. Especially at a time when the market is at an all-time high.

If Vinay cannot take too much risk, then it would be better to put his money in the National Saving Certificate. The rate of interest in this is 7.90 percent. Also, there is no risk of any kind. Interest is paid on maturity. It is to be remembered here that tax accrues on the interest earned. If you are ready to take more risk for 10% return and can see negative returns in any period then you can invest in Balanced Advantage Fund.

Balanced Advantage Funds can invest in equity, debt and arbitrage. The equity portion is managed according to market conditions. The equity portion in the portfolio of these schemes is usually between 30 per cent and 80 per cent. By the way, some funds also cross this limit. Vinay can invest lump sum in Balanced Advantage schemes. Like our Facebook page for regular updates on personal finance and stock market in Hindi. To like this page

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