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How to prevent breast from loosing after breastfeeding?

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How to prevent breast from loosing after breastfeeding?

When the child is one year old, the mother gradually reduces her breastfeeding and then stops after a time. Many women have problems that the breasts begin to loosen after stopping breastfeeding, due to which the breasts sag. For which women are very upset. So if you are worried about the problem of loose breast after breastfeeding, then this article is specially for you.

After all, why is the problem of having loose breasts after breastfeeding? Dr. Nithyaa Ramamurthy is a Gynaecologist in Fortis Hospital Chennai tells you

During pregnancy, hormones enlarge the breasts of women. After this, the breasts slowly start to loosen by breastfeeding. Breasts are loose for two reasons.

  • Due to the secretion of hormones, their size increases. Then when the milk comes out, they become loose.
  • Breastfeeding tends to strain the breast. Due to which cells start to loosen from inside.

These remedies may be useful in loose breast problem

There are some remedies, which you can get relief from the problem of loose breasts after breastfeeding. If you are troubled by the problem of loose breasts, then you can adopt the following measures. They can reduce your problem to a great extent:

  • Always wear the right size bra in case of loose breast problem. The wrong bra size can damage the shape of your breast even more.
  • Do not lose weight fast. With the goal of rapid weight loss, your skin gets loose and the breasts also start to lose. Cold-hot water can help. You can consume such water.
  • Do not stop breastfeeding suddenly to avoid the problem of loose breast. You may have problems with loose breasts due to sudden breastfeeding.
  • Do not consume excessive fat to prevent loose breasts. Consumption of too much fat can also lead to the problem of having loose breasts.
  • You can also take breast moisturizer cream, which will reduce these problems.
  • Exercise is the best solution. Exercise regularly to get relief from this problem.

Wear the right size bra:

The mother reduces or stops wearing a bra due to continuous breastfeeding. Due to which the breasts do not get the right support. For this you should choose the right size bra. Try to wear a nursing bra during breastfeeding, so that you can also breastfeed and your breast will also get support.

Do not lose weight fast:

After pregnancy, the focus of women is to lose weight. She wants to get slammed as soon as possible. So women start losing weight fast. Instead, if they try to reduce their weight gradually, the risk of breast hanging will be very less. Slow weight loss causes skin tightness and breasts do not hang.

Cold-hot water can help:

Cold and lukewarm water can help you with hanging breasts. Take a bath with hot and cold water one day. By doing this, the skin remains tight. Also, blood flow increases. Also, if you wish, you can massage the breasts with ice. Due to which the breasts will tighten.

Do not skip breastfeeding suddenly:

As such, the child should continue to breastfeed from one and a half to two years of age. Only then stop breastfeeding. Anytime you suddenly give up breastfeeding to the baby, you will suffer. Even after abruptly quitting breastfeeding, milk continues to form in your breasts. Due to which the breasts become hard. Then when you drain the milk, it will hang. But, the fat is not reduced on the breasts. Therefore, you should slowly breastfeed, doing so also reduces the fat of the breasts.

Do not consume excessive fat:

Reduce fat intake after breast feeding. Consuming more fat reduces skin tightness. You can take olive oil for normal fat. Also eat vitamin-B and vitamin-E rich food items.

Breast moisturizer cream may work for you:

You can use olive oil as a natural moisturizer to tighten breasts. Apart from this, breast moisturizer cream is also available in the market. Contains vitamin-E, shea butter and coca butter. Massage this cream by applying it twice a day. This not only increases the sting in the breast, but also reduces the stretch marks on the breasts.

Exercise is the best solution:

After quitting breastfeeding, the mother should concentrate on her food and drink. Mother should take healthy foods. Apart from this, exercise can also bring tension in the breasts. The easiest exercises to ease breasts are pushups. This exercise strengthens the pectoral muscles inside the breasts. This reduces fat accumulated around the breast. Apart from this, weight lifting causes tension in the breasts. At the same time, the arm stretch can also bring tightness to the breasts. You spread your arms as high as you can from the head. After this, combine both your palms. Keep both hands absolutely straight. Then move it up. Stay in this posture for 20 seconds. Then lower both arms.

With these easy methods, you will be able to get the size of the breasts before pregnancy and get relief from the problem of loose breast. You will also feel confident in yourself. Just keep wearing bra constantly and keep the breasts in the correct posture. With which he will be able to get the right size.


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