How to get a normal delivery without pain?

How to get a normal delivery without pain?How to get a normal delivery without pain?

How to get a normal delivery without pain?

If you’re a mom, you’ll feel a mix of excitement and anxiety. If you’re expecting, consider eating healthy and establishing an active lifestyle that will provide your baby with proper nutrition. An easy and painless normal delivery is something that every mother would like to experience.

As you get closer to the due date, you’ll probably be tense considering how you’re going to deliver your child. The options include vaginal birth or a C-section. If you are still in doubt regarding the delivery, you can take a medical opinion from a gynecologist at Surya Hospital Pune

What is normal delivery without pain?

Normal birth is exactly like a vaginal birth, in which the procedure isn’t surgical. Most women have a normal birth process since it helps the body recover in the shortest time.

Many women are worried about the pain of labor and how they will endure it. People who have been through it will inform the truth that it can be difficult. However, the same women will share with you how they dealt with the pain, and in many instances, they did so without medical intervention. Therefore, it is natural to be a little anxious regarding your pregnancy. 

How to achieve painless normal delivery?

There are numerous specialists in doctors that specialize in the birthing process. Be sure to choose your doctor with care. Selecting a trustworthy doctor makes the normal delivery process halfway. A qualified doctor will aid you through the normal delivery operation and assist you in labor.

Do not skip drinking water. Water is essential for overall health. It boosts our energy levels and increases endurance. If you’re well-hydrated, you will not require intravenous fluid. The labor process is extremely demanding and requires that your body has plenty of stamina and energy.

A healthy and balanced diet is vital. There is no need to gain much weight. Women who aren’t overweight tend to have an easier and more normal birth.

Before you enter real pain during delivery, you may feel a few contractions. It is not recommended to go to the hospital when you feel your first contraction. Remaining at home will help make you more relaxed and calm. However, visit the hospital if contractions become more frequent and stronger.

Remember to call a doctor, on an immediate basis if you have a first contraction. As we know, most of the contractions are just false alarms. 

Preparing yourself for painless normal delivery.

Many factors go along with a painless delivery. But, it is possible to plan for a better result:

  • Avoid difficult situations. Stress is the biggest opponent during pregnancy. Women often think about having a baby and are stressed, which affects their well-being.
  • Eat healthy foods: Food is the main source of vitamins, nutrition, and fibers. If you’re a mom, make sure you get your fruits and veggies in good condition.
  • Exercise: Experts agree that exercising during pregnancy is essential. It can help you prevent health issues and to strengthen your muscles.
  • Drinking water is essential to our health. It helps us feel more energetic and boosts endurance.
  • Reading books about pregnancy helps stay informed with the necessary details.

What can you experience during delivery pain?

  • During labor, contractions cause pain in the uterus’ muscles and pressure on the cervix. The pain may manifest as a strong cramping sensation around the abdomen, groin, and back, and an uncomfortable feeling. Women may experience pain on their thighs or sides too.
  • During labor, other reasons for discomfort are pressure on the bowels and bladder caused by the baby’s head and the contraction in the birth canal and vagina.
  • Labor pain is different for each woman. It differs between women and even between pregnancy and pregnancy. Women experience labor pain in different ways, and for some, it’s similar to menstrual cramps; for others, intense pressure, and others, intense waves that feel similar to cramps in the bowel.
  • It’s usually not the discomfort of each contraction that women feel the most to bear, but rather the fact that contractions are constant and, as labor progresses, there are shorter and shorter intervals between contractions to rest.

Important things one must remember:

  • The use of medicines can ease some discomfort, though they will not relieve all the pain.
  • The effects of labor may be more severe than you anticipated.
  • Women who have stated that they don’t want any pain medication change their minds after labor.
  • Certain medications can harm your infant by making your baby sleepy or causing changes in heart rate.
  • If you would like to rub your perineum, place your thumb in the lower part of your vagina, push it outward, and then forward.
  • When you are sitting with stretched or folded legs, it may cause swelling.
  • To prevent discomfort in pregnancy, fill your bathtub with water and then soak yourself in the tub to avoid pain during pregnancy.
  • Butterfly pose assists in opening the pelvis while relaxing the lower back.

Is normal delivery possible without pain?

It is indeed possible to undergo a normal birth without suffering. However, there are many aspects to consider for this. For example, women have a shorter recovery period when they deliver normally, and babies protect bacteria inside the birth canal. The bacteria help build the infant’s immune system and help protect him from illnesses.

If you’re a healthy mom, it’s easier to have an uninvolved normal birth. But, you could also opt for a C-section. There is nothing better than a good or bad birth. It’s all about the moment both you and your doctor make the decision.

Every delivery is good, but it’s a wonderful moment as you get to become a mother. If you look at both births, many women recommend a normal delivery over the long term. So you shall focus on your health to have a painless normal delivery. 


If your due date is getting closer, make sure that you are eating well, and drinking plenty of water is crucial. If you’re healthy and on a good diet, you’ll be able to get more positive outcomes. It will eventually lead to an easy and painless birth. If you’re still unsure whether you can have a pain-free normal birth, concentrate on ensuring that you are healthy.

Keep in mind that if your condition is a bit shaky, you could be prone to future problems. So, if it is time, ensure that you take care of your health.

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