How to care for your children’s teeth

Chewing gum is recommended for eating, but it is very important for the teeth to be healthy. If the teeth are strong then you and your children will be able to eat everything easily and they will not have any problems with the teeth. But to take care of the teeth of children, you have to do these things.
Let’s know from the doctor Dr. Mona Singh Dentist in Mumbai how you can take care of your children’s teeth.

Keep Yourself Such

The care of the baby’s teeth is already started before it is born. When the baby is in the stomach for 6 weeks, the process of formation of her teeth begins and 3 to 4 months begins to be made of Enamel. In such cases, pregnant women need calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D to take plenty of diets. Milk, cheese and yogurt contain a large source of calcium and on the other hand there is abundant phosphorus in grains and meats. For Vitamin D, you can sit in the morning and early morning sun rays for a long time or even take vitamin D medicines. Enamel is also made of well by adding proteins to food.

Do not do this at all during pregnancy

Dr. Singh talked of not taking any antibiotics and pain killer to women during pregnancy, because doing so could make the texture of the child’s teeth worse. At the same time, she also says that due to pregnancy, women should not even platting because it puts too much emphasis inside and the risk of child’s tooth becoming blue is high. Tooth starts appearing within 6 to 9 months of the baby’s birth and every parent should continue to clean the gums of his child from Sterelised Cotton. According to the doctor, children should start eating as soon as they There is a need to take plenty of calcium, phosphorus and protein diets so that the teeth are Growth and Development.

Do not let children less than that age toothpaste

Dr. S.K. Singh has also told that the level of floride present in the water proves to be good or bad for the teeth. If it is more than 1.2 ppm (part per million) then that water should not be consumed at all. The water which has a quantity of 0.7mg to 1.12mg is of fluid, the same water is potable. Inclusion of Floride in excessive amount of water creates a child’s victim of Flourosis, which makes it look right, but becomes very weak. Children below two years should not even give toothpaste of fluoride because they have a habit of swallowing and it not only damages tooth but also bones.

Do these things after breastfeeding

After breast feeding at night, after feeding some sticky items, after eating junk food, chocolate or sugar, doctors always recommend brushing. In the end, he has just told that brushing a balanced diet and props early in the morning, simultaneously chewing more things, food is very important for strong teeth.

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