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How Technology is digitising medical treatment in India

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How Technology is digitising medical treatment in India

We exhale and inhale digitally. Technology has become an important asset of our lives. It has brought a drastic change in every significant industrial trade including business, education, electrical power, entertainment, science with healthcare sector not so far behind. Instead, the digital revolution in the healthcare industry could completely change the face of healthcare!

Ruling of Digital Technology Over Conventional Criteria in Healthcare!

From mobility to cloud to analytics, digital innovations are helping the healthcare system to switch from paper-based to automate health record systems. By going digital, technology is moving beyond brick and mortar constraints for driving accuracy and efficiency in the healthcare system. New digital infrastructure has a centralized database that contains patients’ medical records reducing the further risk of medical errors. This would be accessible to both doctors as well as patients. This turns out to be helpful in getting an easy appointment with the relevant doctor. For example, if you want an appointment with the best gynecologist in India, you can access your records, look for the doctor’s available time slot and make your appointment. You get the confirmation via SMS or email.

The digital revolution has also introduced other concepts such as eInsurance, ePharmacy, eTelemedicine, eDiagnostics that make a flexible, robust system for patients as well as the healthcare team.

The increased use of smartphones and mobile data is penetrating across the country which results in a potential change in the healthcare industry sooner. Some studies suggest that India’s smartphone population will rise from 15% in 2014 to 80% in 2034 and it will surpass the US population in the coming years. This also predicts that there will be a tremendous increase of 58% in the number of internet users in rural areas by 2034.

Virtual Reality: Virtual is the new Real!

 From patient’s internal records to performing robotic surgery to providing mental therapy, Virtual Reality is a game changer in the healthcare industry. In fact, estimates suggest that the VR healthcare industry had taken a remarkable increment from $525 million to $976 million in 2012 which is expected to go up to $5.1 billion by 2025.

In the coming future, VR concept will have an essential role in improving the accuracy and effectivity of several medical procedures which will boost the capabilities of a human being as a patient and service provider. In other words, the scope of VR in the healthcare sector is huge and vast. It is limited only to those who are creating and applying the concepts.


Mobile health or m-health has an effective role in India’s digital health revolution. There are numerous healthcare apps available the Google play store or Apple store that are helping in spreading a word about healthcare measures and diseases management. It also has healthcare sessions by various specialists to educate people about a particular disease, preventive measures to be taken or you can also make an appointment with the relevant doctor. Now, you can choose the doctor accordingly in terms of the available time slot, hospital, near to your location, etc.

In 2015, the m-health services had made a contribution of 2,083 crore INR which is expected to grow up to 5,184 crore INR. In fact, 68% of doctors are recommending people to use m-health services and 59% of people across the country are leveraging its services.


 Today, India is emerging as the global leader in providing digital services. Studies also say that 70 percent of patients between the age of 18-65 are preferring digital health monitoring rather than standard methods of measuring various health parameters.

Today, a large number of gynecologic clinics owned by the top 10 gynecologists in India count on the latest technologies and robotic methods to enhance the effectiveness of various medical and surgical procedures.

As digital technology has already started to transform the gynecologic sector, just wonder its potential to transform the entire healthcare industry.

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