How long can you live with one kidney?

How long can you live with one kidney?How long can you live with one kidney?

How long can you live with one kidney?

Well, people can live a normal life with a single kidney. Most importantly, an individual just needs one kidney to ensure an active life. But, one must ensure its protection to its full extent. Furthermore, the person must remember that he doesn’t have an alternate kidney to take over. However, one can read this article to know about the efficiency of one kidney. Even, an individual’s effect on life expectancy rate has its mention here. 

What does it feel like to have one kidney?

The kidneys contribute to waste filtration concerning the blood. Following that, an individual’s wastes are let out in the form of urination. The person’s kidneys can carry out blood segregation rapidly. So, a person can have a healthy life with a single kidney. Still, the individual’s one kidney should not be given any special attention. A person can ensure a good life by following certain recommendations. This includes the following:

  • Healthy Diet

Mainly, one’s overall health can be impacted by the consumption of healthy food. Eventually, the same should be the case with an individual bearing one kidney. An individual must concentrate on fluids to ease the process of filtration. 

  • Weight management

One can promise a tension-free life by managing the weight. An individual’s healthy life with one kidney can become easy this way. Moreover, a person can control his blood pressure by putting down some kilos. Even, one may normalize the blood pressure level with weight reduction.

  • Regular Exercises

A person can go for simple exercises for the improvement of kidney functioning. One may go swimming, cycling, walking, and dancing for a few minutes every day. In doing so, one can enhance smooth muscle movement. Following this, an individual’s single kidney can function perfectly.

  • Managing the blood pressure level

Individuals having solitary kidneys can experience a rise in blood pressure. However, the doctors of Fortis Hospital, Nagarbhavi can be contacted for its normalization. Thus, the person’s blood vessels shouldn’t be allowed to get contracted in any way. So, one must monitor the blood pressure level frequently.

  • Keeping oneself Hydrated

Most importantly, one can keep themselves to ignore any serious disease. Further, one’s fluid intake can ensure the proper removal of wastes through urination. In doing so, an individual’s toxic elements can be alleviated smoothly. Ultimately, one’s blood vessels can continue the process of blood flow smoothly. 

Thus, an individual’s body can deliver the essential nutrients. 

  • Frequent Doctor’s Visit

Generally, a person’s healthy life with one kidney should include a doctor’s visit. Furthermore, an individual has no option rather than taking care of that solitary kidney. So, one must give adequate significance to its functioning. 

Therefore, the person’s one kidney should be cared for efficiently. Moving on, an individual must protect the same from any kind of injury. Even, one should avoid medications that can deteriorate the kidney‘s functioning.

Main Problems with One Kidney

An individual’s kidneys work by balancing the fluids for their well-functioning. Moreover, one can have a healthy life with one kidney itself. Still, an individual can encounter several long-term issues with his solitary kidneys. Some of his problems include the following:

  • Imbalance in the blood pressure level
  • The problem is keeping up the fluid retention
  • Risks of proteinuria can become a reality

Most people can live a long life with one kidney. Simultaneously, one must make sure of avoiding simple kidney problems. The person should allow the protein’s presence in the urine. One can even increase the water consumption for keeping the blood pressure in control. Therefore, a person should cooperate with the solitary kidney.

Protecting a single kidney from getting injurious

Generally, a single kidney can become prone to more injury. This is because; an alternate kidney can’t come to its rescue. One’s injurious kidney can demand dialysis immediately. At times, the doctor can also recommend having a kidney transplant. 

So, one avoids certain activities for ensuring the same. This includes the following:

  • Avoiding Contact Sports

Mainly, an individual’s involvement in contact sports with one kidney can be dangerous. Following that, one shouldn’t carry out soccer, rugby, boxing, football, wrestling, and hockey. One’s participation in a martial art can also pose a risk.

  • Restriction from adventurous activities

Most importantly, a solitary can’t take the effort of going through adventurous activities. Usually, an individual should stay away from bungee jumping, rock climbing, motorbike riding, and water skiing. Eventually, one should also maintain a safe distance from horseback riding as well as racing.

Therefore, one’s problem can become noticeable only with a single kidney. An individual with both kidneys won’t get impacted with normal damage.

Can a healthy lifestyle help your kidneys?

A person’s healthy life with a single kidney can be achieved with lifestyle changes. This can include dietary modifications as well. So, an individual’s healthy lifestyle can include the following:

  • Quitting smoking permanently.
  • Control over alcohol intake
  • Including more fluids for staying hydrated.
  • Focusing on eliminating stress
  • Reducing weight in good amounts.
  • Sticking to regular exercises

A person with a single kidney should limit the consumption of protein and sodium. One’s solitary kidney can’t take the load of removing them smoothly. Ultimately, an individual can have bad consequences for the same.

Therefore, the person must have control of fluid intake too. Mainly, one should remain alarmed about its harmful effects. Eventually, a nephrologists’ advice can help a lot.

How can Credihealth help you?

Credihealth won’t lead you to suffer from any health problems. Following that, an individual can be rescued by booking doctors from the same. Most importantly, doctors’ compassionate care can give you hope. Further, one may also go to the Fortis Hospital, Nagarbhavi for consultation. Eventually, the best specialists can treat your cause with full attention. So, one can reach out to them from Credihealth’s official website. Thus, an individual can eliminate the potential risks effectively.

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