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Home Remedies to Immediately deal with Migraine

A migraine is not like a typical headache but a feeling of nausea, pain, and a sensitivity to light and sound. Sometimes, the person suffering from migraine feels so down and loses all hope in his/her life that it starts affecting their psychological health. When you suffer because of a migraine attack, it is hard to continue with any work and any task given to you. In case of any emergency, you may ask for help from your nearby Best neurosurgeon in Bangalore or may seek help from Credihealth.

Here, we intend to describe the Home remedies to immediately deal with migraine. These remedies may include drug-free methods, and over-the-counter medications, and may help you with the severity of the case.

#1.  Work on your diet

Diet is one of the most essential activities that may help you manage half of your health issues. It is said that the stomach is like a dustbin which gets filled limitlessly until it starts reversing or vomiting out things. Similarly, diet is essential. What you take in your body or mouth helps you tackle a lot of your health conditions. Therefore, the food that you should avoid during this period, are-

  • Highly processed food
  • Chocolates
  • Cheese
  • Alcohol
  • Foods that contain monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Ice creams, iced drinks and other cold drinks or cold food
  • Pickled food
  • Beans
  • Dried fruits
  • Cultured dairy products

You don’t need to avoid all the above-mentioned food, but the facts are that how much amount of such foods you are taking in your routine activities. For instance, a small amount of caffeine helps to fight migraine but if you will drink coffee containing caffeine in large amounts, it may dehydrate your body and will incline you more towards the same disease.

#2.  Apply lavender oil

If you are fond of essential oils, try figuring out the things with the help of lavender oil. You can inhale the oil directly or can dilute it first and later can use it to soothe your tempers. It is found that a regular three-month trial use of lavender oil while you are suffering because of a migraine, may help you reduce the severity of migraine attacks.

#3.  Try acupuncture

It is one of the various Home remedies to immediately deal with migraine. Acupuncture, though works slowly, results effectively to cure any medical issue. The management applies to the skin and the massage therapies that further help to stimulate the relief of the health conditions. It is scientifically found that at least 20 sessions of acupuncture along with casual care helps to prevent migraine attacks or can give your mind a diversion from the headache.

#4.  Apply peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is rich in a small quantity of chemical menthol that further help to prevent migraine episodes. One of the scientific studies in this matter has revealed that peppermint oil is essential for the improvement of various migraine-related symptoms. Although there is very little research and it is not found whether the peppermint leaf help to perform the same function, evidence is based on this study indicating that peppermint oil helps to tackle various migraine headaches.

#5.  Ginger

Ginger eases out the migraine symptoms, and helps to relieve the pain and the various migraine attacks. Ginger is found to be beneficial for various health conditions helping to rule out the presence of bacteria in the mouth, easing the sound by cleaning the throat and helping you fight the symptoms of migraine. There needs to be more research in this regard. It is not known what amount and what compounds of ginger help to treat migraine pain.

#6.  Get inclined towards yoga and a few exercise sessions

Every pose of yoga involves breathing (in a controlled manner), maintenance of the body posture, maintenance of good internal and organ health, and good well-being. Yoga helps you maintain all your psychological, emotional, bodily, physical and motor skills. A yoga session is done with a good extent of frequency, duration, and intensity helps to maintain migraine symptoms. Yoga is beneficial for control over the body and various other benefits.

#7.  Add magnesium to your diet

Food is one of the best Home remedies to immediately deal with migraine. There is nothing better than controlling medical conditions and the worst or mishaps with the help of food intake. If you are taking a magnesium-rich diet along with the magnesium oxide supplementation, it may help you prevent migraines with aura. It is one of the best remedies helping to control the headaches or migraines triggered because of menstrual cycles in females.

Taking around 500 mg of magnesium oxide twice a day for nearly eight weeks helps to prevent headaches of migraine and various symptoms without any significant side effects. Moreover, there are a variety of foods that may help you get the diet ready with magnesium, and these are –

  • Milk
  • Almonds
  • Brazil nuts
  • Sesame seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Oatmeal
  • Cashews
  • Peanut butter
  • Eggs

#8.  Get a ready-made massage

Massage is the best way to reduce or divert your mind from the headache or the pain because of a migraine. In general, migraine brings a lower level of serotonin in the brain, which is further increased by the high and good level of head massage. Although there is a limited invention in this regard, it is generally accepted that it is safe and secure to massage the paining areas of the body during a migraine attack.

#9.  Get your hands on Acupressure

It is the practice of applying pressure on fingers, hands, legs, feet and toes. It is believed (according to acupressure theories) that half of medical conditions develop because of poor blood circulation. This blood circulation gets corrected with the help of the pressure points and massaging them. Also, acupressure helps to get rid of migraine headaches without any side effects and it is simple to understand and follow.

#10.  Take a healthy Goodnight Sleep

You may not feel healthy and productive unless or until you are completely fine with your stress management and the healthy sleeping factor. The more you take a good sleep of around 7-9 hours per night, the more you can manage your productivity throughout the day. Also, healthy sleep maintains the correlation between migraine frequency and poor sleep quality. To get good sleep, avoid taking alcohol, food, caffeine, and other stimulating products before 1-2 hours of going to bed.


Although you take all the preventions mentioned above under the category of Home remedies to immediately deal with migraine, you must maintain your follow-ups with your Best neurosurgeon in Bangalore. No age or no time is wrong to seek help from the right doctor. A doctor may help you seek guidance regarding what you would have been missing in your life. They may ask certain questions from you regarding your physical, psychological and motor skills. This may give important information regarding the frequency and intensity of migraine. It is therefore advisable to get yourself treated with the help of the right doctor.

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