Follow these 7 home remedies on burning

It is common to touch a hot pot or spread tea and coffee while working in the kitchen. This condition causes burning and pain. Therefore first aid is very important. Actually, the treatment depends on which part is burnt. Treatment in first and second degree burns can be done at home as there is damage to the upper surface of the skin. However, third and fourth degree burns are a very serious condition in which the hospital should be taken. This article explains the home remedies for burns, which can give you immediate relief.

Follow these home remedies on burning

1. Cold Water

When light-hearted burning occurs, first of all pour water at that place. For this, you should use plain tap water. Wash with soap after keeping in contact with water for about 20 minutes.

2. Cold Compresses

Keeping a cool, wet, clean, soft cloth at that place on burning provides relief. Do not use compresses too cold or it may increase the burning sensation. Applying compressors on a gap of 5 to 10 minutes gives great relief.

3. Antibiotic Cream

Antibiotic creams and ointments reduce the pain and infection of burns. Use anti-bacterial cream on burning and cover it with a cloth.

4. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is useful in curing both first and second degree burns. Bacteria can also grow in the affected skin upon burning, which also prevents the bacteria from growing. For treatment, cut aloe vera leaf out of its gel and apply it in place of burns.

5. Honey

Honey has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties. Apply a thin layer of honey on burning, it will provide great relief.

6. Avoid the sun

On burning, the skin becomes very sensitive. In such a situation, one should not stay in the sun for too long. This can increase irritation and discomfort, so keep the burn area covered.

7. Do not tease blisters or blisters

If you have blisters or blisters on burning, do not burst them, it may increase infection.

The pain and burning sensation caused by burning is painful. Whether it is a spatter of oil or hot tea or coffee. You can get relief from these home remedies in first and second degree burns. Contact your doctor if the infection is increasing and you are not getting relief.

What is skin burn Treat it as

Burning causes a lot of trouble, but do you know what actually causes skin burns? If not, learn here. When our skin gets close to a source of extreme temperature, gets touched by an extremely hot thing, touches a hazardous chemical, or suffers an intense electric shock, the skin becomes damaged due to extreme temperatures. . This is called burning. Damage to the skin occurs very quickly due to burning with something. In such a situation, the brain makes us feel more of its pain. This is so that the skin, cells and muscles below do not get damaged.

There are three types of burns

Burn means three types, first degree, second degree or third degree.

First degree

This is normal burn. It makes the skin red and smooth and irritates on touching.

Second degree

On this type of burns, the skin becomes very red and blisters occur in it. There is terrible pain in it, there is fluid in the skin.

Third degree

Third degree burns are dangerous. In this, skin color changes due to bad burning. Nerves are also damaged due to burning of the inner layer of the skin, due to which many parts of the body are heard.

Fourth degree

The fourth degree is the most dangerous and fatal of all the above types. A person can also die if he burns fourth degree. This is because in this case the skin burns completely and damages internal organs, nerves, bones as well.

What to do when burnt

Take as much liquid as possible and avoid dehydration.
Take vitamin-C rich foods, so that the skin can heal quickly.
Take vitamin-E for quick healing of skin tissue.
Take high protein and high calorie diet for recovery.
What not to do when burnt
Avoid eating things that increase body heat such as garlic, black pepper, cloves etc.
Do not apply any kind of ghee, butter or oil on the burned skin.
On burning, there are blisters on the skin, which do not try to tear.
When to see a doctor?
In many cases you should not take home remedies and see a doctor directly, such as-

If the child’s skin is burnt

Skin burned with a chemical or electric shock
Skin burns around throat or mouth
After burning someone is having trouble breathing, nervousness or fainting.

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