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Top Chiropractor Glasgow 2023 Updated

  1.  Southside Chiropractic Glasgow    

 The knowledge that our body is designed to heal plays a huge part in my life. To me this is what Chiropractic is about – allowing the brain and spinal cord to communicate with the body to the best of its abilities.” 

Service—Our nervous system – the brain and spinal cord – controls everything within our body, every cell, organ, muscle and tissue. The spine houses the spinal cord, protecting its nerves as they bring information from all over the body.   

Address—  727 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow G41 2AA, United Kingdom.  

Contact— +44 141 405 5905   



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  1.  Glasgow Chiropractic  

 Glasgow Chiropractic has been providing quality chiropractic care to the greater Glasgow community for more than 20 years.  

Service— Our clinic has been serving our local community since 1997. Over this period we have experienced the joy of seeing hundreds of patients who first come through our doors in pain, being lovingly cared for and helped back to a pain-free life. 

Address–3, 41 St Vincent Pl, Glasgow G1 2ER, United Kingdom. 

Contact— +44 141 222 2919    


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  1.  ChiroProActive  

 Steven Collins has been in private practice since 2008 following completion of a 4-year Chiropractic BSc.(Hons) degree at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic.   

Service—-  Adjustments

 Manipulation or mobilisation of joints

 Western acupuncture

 Release of muscle restrictions

 Sports taping

Address–: Suite 144 (2nd floor, 11 Bothwell St, Glasgow G2 6LY, United Kingdom.  

Contact—+44 141 278 6052 


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  •   Back Pain – Specialist Clinic – Glasgow – Central Chiropractic Clinic 

 he became seriously interested in Chiropractic as a career after car accident in November 1992.  Standard medical and physical therapy were not effective, and it wasn’t until she saw a Chiropractor that Lyn made a great recovery.  She was back working full time as a SCUBA diving instructor after just 3 weeks.    

Service—Relieves stress

Encourages relaxation

Improves circulation

Improves posture

Lowers blood pressure

Helps manage pain

Relaxes muscles

Improves flexibility  

Address—-: 93 Hope St, Glasgow G2 6LD, United Kingdom. 

Contact–+44 141 248 7271   



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  1.  Battlefield Chiropractic    

  Ben Chambers is unfortunately an Englishman, but don’t let that put you off, he’s a good one from Sheffield. He specialises in sports injuries, postural problems and work related conditions.

Service—Prevent any further relapses

Improve your overall posture and wellbeing

Enhance specific sporting performance (occasionally work related performance or activities at work)  

Address–210 Battlefield Rd, Glasgow G42 9HN, United Kingdom.   

Contact—: +44 141 636 9110 



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