Can a CT scan detect bladder cancer?

Can a CT scan detect bladder cancer?Can a CT scan detect bladder cancer?

Can a CT scan detect bladder cancer?

Typically, people may contain cancerous cells in their urinary bladder. But, an individual’s bladder cancer may worsen when it proceeds to the bladder wall. Furthermore, one needs to visit an oncologist for treating cancer over time. Usually, a doctor may recommend a series of diagnostic tests for screening cancer. Even, the person needs to go through a CT Scan for detecting the same. Here, an individual may gain significant information about the cancerous cell. Also, you may visit the nephrologist to treat the condition.  Here, the readers may know about CT Scan’s relevance in cancer tracing. Moreover, one can understand the significance underlying this procedure. 

What can a CT Scan of a bladder show?

Precisely, one’s CT Scan uses the rays for forming a cross-sectional image of the body. A doctor can undertake a combined CT Scan of the kidneys, uterus, and bladder. Now, one can refer to this term as CT urogram. An individual may have detailed information about the shape and size of any tumor. Mostly, a doctor uses this to trace the tumors in the urinary tract that engulfs the bladder. Moving on, the patient may expect a three-dimensional image through CT Scan. So, a doctor’s usage of a CT Scan to detect bladder cancer may show certain things. This may include the following:

  • The formation of stones in the urinary tract can be seen.
  • Infections
  • Cysts
  • Obstructions
  • Tumors, and
  • Traumatic Injuries

However, a doctor can use a low or high-dose CT Scan to trace urinary stones. 

Why would a nephrologist ask for CT Scan?

Necessarily, a doctor may use a CT urogram for examining the kidneys, ureters, and bladder. Following that, one’s functioning of the bladder can be monitored through this. Mainly, the doctor can check for shape and size for diagnosing it’s working.  However, an individual’s signs of disease affecting the urinary tract are also examined. Even, nephrologists may note down the blockages for further treatment. 

Can CT Scan cause a life risk?

Undoubtedly, an individual may be adversely affected by this diagnostic means. A patient may receive ionizing radiation from its X-rays that can affect the DNA. However, the person’s threat to DNA can be the prime cause of cancer formation. Still, one may note many other impacts of CT Scan to detect bladder cancer. This side-effect is but not limited to the following:

  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal Cramping
  • Diarrhea

But, one must be assured that fatal cancers can’t be caused by using this procedure. However, an individual must remain aware of the potential risks of this diagnostic technique. 

What are the other ways of detecting bladder cancer?

Firstly, resilient doctors will go through a complete medical history of the patient. Simultaneously, a patient may have to answer questions about his health. Furthermore, the doctor will enquire about the family history of cancer’s cause.  However, people can go for other tests accordingly. So, these tests might include the following:

Physical Examination

One’s physical examination may speak a lot about the possibility of bladder cancer. The doctor may carry out a digital rectal exam for tracing the same. Following that, a doctor needs to put a gloved, lubricated finger in the rectum. Moving on, the patient on being a woman might be asked for a pelvic exam. Usually, the person can analyze tumors with this. Even, a patient may get an idea of the extensity of that tumor. 

  • Urine Test

A patient, along with

CT Scan for detecting bladder cancer needs to focus on a urine test. Notably, one’s urinalysis may detect blood’s presence in the urine. Following that, an individual can also be asked to undertake urine culture for germ detection. A doctor needs to send the sample to a lab for its examination. Mostly, one’s urine infection can be traced through this means. Later, the person can go for urine cytology to get confirmation of cancer cells occurrence.
  • Ultrasound

Generally, a doctor can use ultrasound for creating the sound waves associated with the pictures of the urinary tract. Most importantly, an individual can know about the extensity of the tumor by this procedure. 

  • Cystoscopy

The doctor will place a cystoscope in the urethra’s opening. One’s camera is inserted along with the tube in the bladder. Following that, the person may use salt water for injecting into the bladder. Moving on, one may use black and white cystoscopy for helping in detecting invasive bladder cancer. Furthermore, the doctor can recommend certain medications for numbing your urethra and bladder. Ultimately, the doctor uses anesthesia in this. Therefore, your doctor may use many other tests like chest X-rays, bone scans, etc for detecting the same. Also, a patient’s cooperation with the doctor can be productive in this regard. 

Can you prevent bladder cancer before its occurrence?

People may go for certain tests including CT Scan for detecting bladder cancer. An individual can manage the symptoms of bladder cancer in different ways.  So, one may prevent bladder cancer in the following ways:

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking attributes to be the topmost cause of bladder cancer. Usually, an individual needs to quit smoking to eliminate the risk. 

  • Drink Plenty of Fluids

One’s bladder needs enough fluids for normal functioning. So, the person must concentrate on fluid-based foods more. 

  • Stop getting exposed to chemicals

Mostly, people working in chemical industries can have the risk. One’s chemical exposure is risky. The workers can have a high risk of getting bladder cancer. 

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Each person must focus on fruits and vegetables in their diet. Usually, a person can attend to his overall health through this. Therefore, an individual may follow these preventive measures for helping with bladder cancer. 


People should know that CT Scan has relevance in tracing bladder cancer. Perhaps, a doctor may ask for other tests as per the patient’s condition. However, the person can go for several preventive measures for eliminating its risks. Eventually, an individual may also consult a nephrologist in Gurgaon for this case. 

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