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Boost or Horlicks Which is Better 2023 Updated

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Boost or Horlicks Which is Better 2023 Updated

Hello everyone!! Today we will be discussing about one nostalgic topic which can take you to your childhood. Boost and Horlicks that’s emotion right? Specially for the 90’s kids its really an emotion for the children. As our grown up has started from having a cup of Horlicks or boost mixed with some hot water and having it mostly twice a day. According to our parents it can give us energy to become strong and more efficient to handle our upcoming difficulties, these are the few sentence that we have heard since childhood and still we can remember our parents used to force for complete the glass before going to study.

So with this nostalgic feel we have also seen a confusion regarding this topic that which one is better boost or Horlicks and many we also got in the trap of this confusion that weather Horlicks is better or boast. So today in this article we will try to clear this confusion and you will get a clear idea that what you have to provide your next Generation for a healthy drink.

Before going to the advantages and disadvantage of this two hot drink let us know first why drinking a hot drink in our meal is important? Having a drink in our meal is important because taking a hot drink can actually give us strength and also can save us from many disease, with that it also make active your digestive system along with smoothing it. Most importantly it hydrates you also makes you loosing your weight which is really a concerned matter for many Indians. It also helps you to get rid from toxins adding to it many Indians also face the problem of constipation and here the hot drink play a very important role in releasing some issues from yourself.

Is providing hot drink to a children is useful??

Yes providing hot drink to a children is actually helpful as morning and evening are the time when all the children’s get set for the study purpose the hot drink provide them them the energy along with some confidence which can strengthen their mentality to study more dedicatedly and shine more to contribute to the country’s development by putting their efforts in the growth of national income of a country.It is not necessary than it can be taken only in the beginning sometimes in the middle of any work also the hot drink can be taken to relax and feel better and freshup yourself. So, in the given below article we will try to discuss about the detail note of both the drink. Firstly, talking about boost –


Boost was introduced many years ago as a hot drink specially designed for the children’s to have. Before making it was kept in mind about the taste so that the children’s can get more attracted to it and can have it again and again. You have seen many advertisements about the boost in your t.v since childhood which also helped the product in becoming more popular and to survive for long time in the competitive market.

The packaging labelling and the price structure of the boost is so appropriate and accurate which help them to get more profit from this product by selling it in mass. The red colors in the whole package attracts the eye of the consumers. The taste of the boost is so yummy that children’s demand to drink it more and more. The boost is available both in packet and bottle and the price of the product is fixed based on it.

Nutrition’s: –

One packet of boost may provide you some following nutrition –

  • 76 calories.
  • 1.5 – gram protein.
  • 16 – gram carbohydrates.
  • 5-gram fat.
  • And some useful vitamins.

Some useful benefits of boost are –

  • It helps in increasing the stamina of the boost drinkers (specially the


  • Helps in strength the bones and muscles.
  • The taste of the particular drink is actually demanding in the Indian market
  • As the fat quantity of boost is very less it helps in reducing weight.

How to consume it?

Boost can be consumed by adding some amount of hot milk in it and after the mixture of this two product it will help you to stronger and you will be able to acquire the facilities of the particular drink. If any one present here in in the mission of reducing the weight can take it twice a day. Another most important factor is that water should be highly ignored while making it and some of the people have digestive inability should ignore the milk and can replace it with the same amount of hot water as milk dsn’t suit with everyone’s digestion.

Secondly taking about another competitor of boost i.e., Horlicks –


As like boost, Horlicks is the another drink that is used since a long time specially by the children’s as their evening and morning drink which can give them energy and strength to be more attentive and memorize the study for long time which can ultimately help them to score a good mark in their respective

Marketing strategy: –

Horlicks is using a great marketing strategy by giving some FREE attractive gifts to the buyers with the wonderful taste of the Horlicks the packing, labelling, pricing and marketing is done in so proper way that instead of having many other products in the market since many years it doesn’t saw any downfall in the sale sector. The gift with the product was so attractive for the children’s where the started to force their parents to buy it from them. Since long they have provided many free gifts such as- Gel Pen, Geometry box, Exam board, Phone toy, Cup etc. Horlicks is present in the market in various flavors which very from each other in taste as well as in price some flavors like – chocolate (the most demanding one) vanilla and some other are presently available in the market.

A great strategy that Horlicks company have opted that they have divided their customers in some groups. There are some products for children newly arrival of Woman’s Horlicks that is also trending in the market became very popular in a very short span of time. Also there are some categories for the small children group which actually helped them to grab all the sections of the market with one brand name.

Nutrition’s: –

A 25 gram of Horlicks can serve you 200ml contains of –

  • Energy – 794 kcl (approx)
  • Fat – 4.3 gram
  • Carbohydrates – 28.1 gram
  • Protein – 9.5 gram
  • Vitamin like A, D, E and C and addingly some folic acid.

Some useful benefits of Horlicks are given below: –

  • The advertisement itself says that it can make you tall.
  • Your concentration power can largely have increased.
  • It can occur your growth
  • It can largely help you in gaining weight as the sugar contain is minimal.
  • Obviously it can help in bodybuilding and the growth of muscles.
  • Also boast your immune system to work from efficiently.

How to consume it?

Consuming Horlicks is very easy just need to add some hot water with two tablespoon of Horlicks some sugar adding to it (not compulsory) and can take a glass full to enhance more power into yourself. It is not necessary that it can only be taken twice a day, it can also be taken at any time to boast up yourself even sometimes when you are feeling sleepy too. Some people also prefer to take it with milk but the people having some gastric disorder may avoid it.

Solution of the confusion between Horlicks and Boost

Both is better in their own way. Both the products succeeded in surviving in the competitive market since long by adopting many advertising strategies to convince the buyers and to interfere in almost all Indian houses. Still by hearing this name many adults can run back to the childhood memory where these two meal was really an emotion for them. You can have both Horlicks and boost depending upon your taste preference but not both at a time maintaining their individuality is also important. If milk suits you then you can jump to boast and if not Horlicks can be useful to it.

Summary: –

In the about discussed article given about the nutrition contain, way of consuming the drinks is given. You can easily read it and can have a brief knowledge about both the products and then can choose your most desired product and can add any of them in your bucket list to provide you with e energy and strengthen for the upcoming challenges. Further milk can be added in both of it that will again depend upon your choice but incase of Boost it is compulsory to add milk by ignoring sugar and incase of Horlicks it is actually not necessary to add milk one can do with their own choice if u doesn’t really have any gastric issues.

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