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Biotech companies in San Jose List Ranking 2021 Updated

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Biotech companies in San Jose List Ranking 2021 Updated

1.Beckman Coulter Life Sciences – San Jose

At Beckman Coulter, we are dedicated to advancing and optimizing the laboratory. For more than 80 years, we have been a trusted partner for laboratory professionals, helping to advance scientific research and patient care. We have a vital role: our focus on innovation, reliability and efficiency has led us to become the partner of choice for clinical, research and industrial customers around the globe. 

In the life sciences, researchers use Beckman Coulter’s precision instruments to study complex biological problems, including causes of disease and potential new treatments. Our team of experts dedicates the time and energy to understand the complexity of research for laboratory customers in a wide variety of settings: universities, government, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and commercial laboratories. By innovating new processes and technologies, we’re challenging conventional wisdom; our goal is to develop the best, most widely trusted laboratory solutions available on the market today.


Service Plans



Qualification Services

Calibration Services



Repair Services

Remote Solutions

Life Sciences Technical Support

Contact no: +1 408-747-2000

Address:: 170 Rose Orchard Way, San Jose, CA 95134, United States


.2.Oxford BioTherapeutics Inc

OBT is a clinical stage oncology company with a pipeline of immune-oncology and antibody-drug conjugate based therapies.   OBT’s commitment to the advancement of the field of cancer immunotherapy is focused on (i) the identification of novel immune check point targets, (ii) the optimisation of multiple antibody and bi-specific technologies for immuno-oncology and (iii) a broad clinical alliance for rapid testing in numerous cancer types.

Our product pipelines currently consist of (i) T-cell based IO therapies, namely check point modulators and (ii) NK cell based IO therapies, namely antibody dependent cell mediated toxicity (ADCCs) and (iii) Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). Our aim is to re-engage and recruit the body’s immune system to attack cancer cells, providing a targeted treatment strategy to patients most in need. This has been enabled by the expertise of a team of world specialists in immuno-oncology and immuno-therapeutics. Together, we have established a unique insight into the cancer-immune cell synapse by building one of the world’s largest integrated oncology immune cell surface protein libraries. 

Contact no:+1 408-960-7461

Address: 5941 Optical Ct, San Jose, CA 95138, United States


3.Complete Genomics

Complete Genomics is an established technology leader in technology for whole human genome sequencing based in San Jose, California. Using its proprietary sequencing instruments, chemistry, and software, the company has sequenced more than 20,000 whole human genomes. Our company’s mission from inception has been to help improve human health by providing researchers and clinicians with the core technologies to understand, prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases and conditions using genomic information.

Complete Genomics was founded in 2006 and in March 2013 was acquired by BGI-Shenzhen, the world’s largest genomics services company. BGI is headquartered in Shenzhen, China and provides sequencing and bioinformatics services and systems for research, medical, agricultural, and environmental applications.

Contact no:+1 408-648-2560

Address:2904 Orchard Pkwy, San Jose, CA 95134, United States


4.PhyNexus Inc

PhyNexus provides life science researchers automation solutions for high throughput sample processing in drug discovery and screening using our PhyTip® columns with our

propriety Dual Flow Chromatography technology. We are a worldwide leader in providing solutions for automated protein purification, nucleic acid purification, and sample prep, supporting many high throughput applications. PhyTip columns are used by top tier pharmaceutical companies for drug target discovery and validation, drug screening and lead optimization, drug development, clinical trials, and drug manufacturing.

PhyNexus was founded by Douglas Gjerde in 2002 to survey the needs for protein sample preparation.  Columns and robotics were developed to miniaturize and automate the process while retaining the native state of the protein. In 2005, a full line of columns and robotics were introduced.  Over the next several years, the columns were modified to be compatible with all of the major robotic liquid handlers. More than 20 column chemistries were routinely offered with more than 100 offered on a custom packed basis. Starting in 2016, kits and instruments were introduced that dramatically increase the availability of transient transfection plasmids.  PhyNexus customers are life scientists in pharmaceutical companies and academia.  PhyNexus columns are being used commercially by top tier pharmaceutical companies and many others worldwide for drug target and validation, drug screening and lead optimization, drug development, clinical trials, and drug manufacturing.


Protein A

Protein G

ProPlus/ProPlus LX (MabSelect™)

CaptureSelect® Affinity

Recombinant Protein PhyTip Columns

IMAC (His-tagged Proteins)

Glutathione (GST-tagged Proteins)

Streptavidin (Biotin-tagged Molecules)

Chromatography PhyTip Columns

Normal Phase

Ion Exchange

C4 Mass Spectrometry

C18 Mass Spectrometry

Gel Filtration|Buffer Exchange|Desalting

Custom-packed Resin

Nucleic Acids Products


HTP Plasmid DNA Miniprep

Maxi, Mega & Giga Prep

Miniprep (AutoPlasmid MEA)

Genomic DNA

HTP Mouse Tail, Cell and Tissue

HTP PCR Clean-up PhyTip Columns

Automation / Workflow Integration

Plasmid to Mammalian Protein

Culture Plasmid Purification

Glycan Analysis

Contact no:+1 408-267-7214

Address:3670 Charter Park Dr suite a, San Jose, CA 95136, United States



Cisbay provides farmers with innovative products for greater crop productivity and profitability while achieving healthy soil and sustainability. Our product solutions are designed to target three critical phases of the plants, from seed treatment to rejuvenate the soil, and allows the plants to maximize photosynthesis for their fullest growth.

A Silicon Valley based microbial biotechnology company, Cisbay provides sustainable and innovative solutions to treat soil and water globally.






Contact no: +1 800-805-3587

Address:6389 San Ignacio Ave, San Jose, CA 95119, United States


6.HumanCells Biosciences

HumanCells Biosciences is a biotechnology company that provides high-quality and reliable human cells at low price.  We are dedicated to serving the biotech research, drug discovery and therapeutic development scientists.

 Our scientists have more than 20 years experience in hematological cells collection and separation. We offer:

Human Fresh Hematologic Products & Haematopoietic Cells (leuko pak, bone marrow, cord blood etc.)

Isolated Human Primary Cells (PBMCs, T cells, B cells, CD34+ cells etc.)

Non-human Primate Cells (PBMCs, whole bone marrow, CD3+ cells etc.)


Isolated Human Primary Cells (frozen and fresh)

Non-Human Primate Cells (Cynomolgus and Rhesus)

Fresh Human Hematologic Tissue Products

Diseased Human Products

Cytokines and Growth Factors (human cells produced)

Contact no:

Address: 6606 Devonshire Dr, San Jose, CA 95129, United States


7.Assay Biotechnology Company Inc

Since our inception in January of 2006, Assay Biotechnology has been a worldwide contributor of industry-leading antibody production and engineering and assay technologies, fluorescent dyes, quenchers, recombinant proteins and synthetic peptides. Located in the heart of California’s San Francisco Bay Area, we have strived to answer the global need for high quality assay kits and immunological reagents used in pharmaceutical and academic research that predominantly formulate the basis of healthcare.

For the first couple years after our founding, Assay Biotech established itself as an antibody manufacturer and antibody engineering, catering specifically to large corporations through OEM partnerships. Since then, we have been emerging as a prominent assay and antibody source, expanding our reach to millions of researchers in over 50 countries around the world.


ELISA Kits (2638)

Colorimetric Cell-Based Phospho ELISA Kits (726)

Colorimetric Sandwich ELISA Kits (283)

Fluorometric Cell-Based Phospho ELISA Kits (81)

Phospho DNA Binding ELISA Kits (65)

Phospho Sandwich ELISA (25)

Chemiluminescent Sandwich ELISA kits (260)

Colorimetric Cell-Based ELISA Kits (968)

DNA Binding Elisa Kits (136)

Multi-Analyte Colorimetric ELISA (119)

Contact no:+1 408-747-0185

Address:47787 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538, United States


8.BioNex Solutions, Inc.

BioNex Solutions is a privately funded life science company focused on providing customers with advanced technology systems for laboratory automation and liquid handling. San Jose, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, serves as our manufacturing, development and corporate headquarters.

Led by an experienced management and engineering team with a proven track record in driving innovation toward world class instruments and laboratory automation products, BioNex is uniquely positioned to create new hardware and software solutions for high- and low-throughput applications focusing on compound management, screening, genomics, and proteomics. Our leading edge dynamic plate handling innovations have led to strategic alliances with leading companies in the pharmaceutical, agricultural, biotech and diagnostic industries.


Liquid Handling




Contact no:+1 408-855-8863

Address: 2340 Bering Dr, San Jose, CA 95131, United States


9.Genista Biosciences

Genista Biosciences is an innovative biotech company dedicated to improving public health and food safety. Since our inception, we have strived to develop rapid and accurate molecular diagnostic methods to detect the presence of pathogens and various other microbes in food and environmental samples. As a company, we believe in good service, competitive pricing, and above all sound science.Genista is more than just another 3rd party lab. We operate as an extension of your existing quality team through seamless communication and an invaluable exchange of ideas. Our clients trust us and rely on us as we continue to expand with our growing customer base that stretches from California to Chile. We are confident in the work we do, and in the words of our customers “we make it really easy to get hooked”.


Microbiological Analysis

Pathogens (Bacteria and Viruses)

Indicator Organisms

Industry-specific Microbial Tests (e.g. Sporeformers, Alicyclobacillus, Howard Mold Count etc.)

Spoilage Microorganisms and more

Methods used are AOAC/FDA BAM/CMMEF/FSIS

Food Chemistry

Free Fatty Acids (FFA)



Salt Content

Water activity


Contact no:+1 408-934-6575

Address: 5500 Hellyer Ave Suite 150, San Jose, CA 95138, United States


10.South Bay Bio

Ubiquitinated SubstratesWe offer purified E3 ligase target-substrates pre-conjugated with UbNo more ubiquitination kits or Western blots just to start your experimentsCheck out our purified polyubiquitinated p53, available only at South Bay BioAsk us about other substrates you’d like. We’ll make themHomogeneous real-time TR-FRETOur mission is to help you find your new leadMaximal S:B, & low compound auto-fluorescence are key elements of TR-FRETSee our purified Europium cryptate ubiquitin productsHTS featuring ubiquitin conjugation is now simpler than ever

Our goal is to help advance you into lead identification and provide you with the tools and knowledge to succeed. We offer a variety of custom biochemistry services with an emphasis on protein production, assay development, and custom protein labeling. Projects are phase-gated and designed for the highest chance of success; and our assay development services are optimal for HTS. All of our assays feature maximal signal to noise, high stability, minimal compound interference, and low solvent quenching effects. We will help you get your project off the ground.






Contact no:1 415-935-3226

Address:5941 Optical Ct Suite 229, San Jose, CA 95138, United States


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