Best 5 home remedies to get rid of headaches

Nowadays, every other person is found to be troubled by a headache problem. There can be many reasons for this, such as stress, migraine, cluster headache etc. Although many times this headache is cured after taking some rest, but sometimes it is not cured. However, many medicines of headache medicine are available in the market. But, with this, if you know the home remedies for headache, then it can be relieved. So let’s know some such five home remedies for headaches, which can prove to be the best treatment for headaches.

Home remedies for headache


Do you know that lack of water in the body can also be a cause of headache? The study found that dehydration can sometimes lead to stress and headaches. In addition, the lack of water in the body can cause stress and irritability, which can increase it. Therefore, drink more and more water throughout the day.


Ginger can be a great alternative to home remedy for headache. A study conducted in 2014 on 100 people found ginger to be just as effective at fighting headaches as sumatriptan (a migraine drug). This showed that ginger could solve a complex problem like migraine. Also, it does not have any side effects.

Essential oil

Essential oil can also go a long way in your home remedy for headaches. One study found that using peppermint essential oil on both ends of the forehead relieves a lot of tension headache. The same, another study found lavender oil to be a better medicine for migraine. Essential oils contain a very high amount of chemical compounds. Therefore, it is extremely important to use it in the right amount. Do consult a doctor before using it.

Stay away from alcohol

Alcohol can also be a cause of headache. Yes, it is very true. In one study, it has been found that alcohol increases the risk of migraine in people who always have a headache. So, if you want to stay away from headaches, stay away from alcohol.

Get plenty of sleep

Lack of sleep can prove harmful to you in many ways. In one such study, it was found that people who slept less than six hours daily had a headache compared to others. In the same, another study also reported excessive sleep due to headache. Therefore, seven to eight hours of sleep daily can be a better option for you.

So these were some tips that you can take away from headache disease or get relief during pain.

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