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Today with the increase in the use of internet for every purpose like right from Gaming to business, the number of websites getting developed is increasing day by day. We have moved from simple static to the dynamic websites and PHP has made it easier for us to develop such dynamic websites. It’s a server side scripting language has its huge amount of benefits, which has become one of the reasons of it being extensively used across the world for developing Professional and standard class of websites.

There are more than millions of websites developed and still counting. Have you think Why PHP web development is so popular? If you think just because it is open source, free, then you are wrong. Of course, it is one of the reasons, but it is not sufficient to convince people to use it in daily development process. Other’s benefits of PHP training which attracts people towards it. So, let us take a look at some of the most important reasons to use PHP in web development services.

1. Easy: This server side scripting language is extremely very easy to learn, as compared to other languages present in the world. Also, if you are familiar with the syntax of C or Perl, you will learn PHP easily and quickly; all thanks to easy to understand syntax!

2. Control: Other languages like HTML, JavaScript need too long scripts but PHP can do the same work in a few lines of code with the maximum control over the websites. Also, whenever you want to make changes, you can edit is easily. In simple it’s editable.

3. Cost efficient: PHP is open source, it is free of cost. You need not buy expensive software for it. Your website will be developed in the minimal cost with efficient manner.

4. Efficient: As it is scalable when writing the code as well as reliable too when you need to deal with a lot of web pages, you can enhance the performance of the website built in PHP.

5. Access to support: PHP is being use by a huge number of peoples, a large community is formed who deals with PHP. So, you need not worry if you get stuck somewhere. You will easily get the support from them to solve your problems.

6. Platform independent: The platform is independent whatever it is Windows, MacOS, Linux or UNIX; it supports all the major web browsers.

7.Supports all servers
: PHP also supports all the major web servers; Netscape and personal web server. Be it Apache or Microsoft IIS.

8. Speedy: it has faster processing speed because PHP uses its own memory, so the workload of the server and loading time gets reduced automatically. So, directly it reduces the development time when it comes to the web apps like e-commerce or CRM.

9. Secured: PHP have a security layer to protect against viruses and threats that’s make it is one of the most secured way of developing websites and web applications. 

10. Tested, proven and trusted: its capabilities have been tested and proven and thus trusted by the most developers as it has been used for over 2 decades by millions of people.

There are thousands of institution in India who provide PHP training. Being a learner it is a major decision which one is best suitable for you. Digital Marketing Deal, a leaner’s teaching institute who provides best
PHP training in Gurgaon. Take an advantage of PHP training from the basics, through cutting edge topics and on to certification each course offers real-life examples to sharpen your skills and add new development practices. Students having our PHP certification are able to secure a quick job in an MNC. Member need to enroll in a best PHP training institute in Gurgaon to earn the skills involved in the technology. Our one of the major strength is our trainers, who are expert professionals and veteran from the industry. At Digital Marketing Deal a PHP training company in Gurgaon, our trainers have developed practical modules combining the syllabus (industry compliance). During the PHP course in Gurgaon, trainers create a practical realistic situation using simulators and devices to understand the thing very easily.

From the last few years, PHP has become increasingly popular in the enterprise space, both on account of its friendly licensing terms and its ease of use in building strong, secure applications. From last five years PHP adoption within the enterprise has accelerated day by day, and it is now growing rapidly. The ecosystem and the explanation around PHP have matured to make it a strong challenger for driving standardization within corporate. PHP is designed for building Web applications that are scalable up to a very large number of users which is a sign that make PHP as a best language.

During PHP training classes students are asked to take decision concerning to correction or managing the technology without break off the running business operations. Join the best PHP training in Gurgaon provided by Digital Marketing Deal which equip participants with thorough information, knowledge and experience on the subject.

At Digital Marketing Deal, we consider students as our responsibility. Our values inspire us to provide students a comprehensive PHP training so that they achieve their career goals confidently and become this world more comfortable and beautiful. To do that, we have setup a training space in accordance to industry standards that comprises of latest technological learning devices, applications and software. Our whole building is equipped with Wi-Fi facility, latest I.T infrastructure, and smart classroom facilities for learning better.

We does not end with only providing the training. Our responsibility after completion of PHP course and certification, we also provide PHP training course with placement solution to the students so that they can show their learnings, acquired by our professional trainers. Our placement team schedule placement drives and also conducts interview in different MNCs for securing your job. Already, we have kept a moderate PHP course fee to support students coming from all sections of the society. Further, students find the PHP training course duration flexible. PHP course time is scheduled according to the student's requirements.

At Digital Marketing Deal PHP is all about practical and practice; our classes include some part of theory and major part of practical exposure for the students in learning. Join the best PHP training in Gurgaon provided by At Digital Marketing Deal to avail quick PHP coaching, moderate course fee, and placement.

The PHP syllabus is well designed by the industrial experts which includes PHP course module on realistic projects along with placement assistance. PHP topics covered are Introduction to PHP, PHP LANGUAGE BASICS, PHP IDENTIFIERS, Syntax, PHP CONTROL FLOW BASICS, PHP FUNCTIONAL BASICS, VELOPING PHP APPS, FILE SYSTEM BASICS, and CHALLENGE PROJECT & Many more.

Course Content and Syllabus for PHP Training at Digital Marketing Deal


  • What is PHP
  • Language and the Logic of Programming
  • Types of Programming Languages and Vocabulary
  • Why use PHP


  • Syntax
  • Comments
  • Quotes
  • Special Characters
  • Data Types
  • Precedence
  • Symbols


  • Variables
  • Constants and,
  • Arrays


  • Operators
  • Conditionals


  • Functions
  • Function Design Tools
  • File Systems (Handling)


  • Constants
  • Commonly Used File Functions
  • File System Performance


  • Client/Server Communications
  • How to embed PHP into HTML
  • How to embed HTML into PHP
  • Cookies
  • Sessions


  • Introduction to Relationship Databases
  • Keywords and Statements in SQL
  • Using PHP Functions with the MySQL Data Engine


  • Defining a Solution without Writing Code
  • Organizing a Concept Solution
  • Creating a Program Skeleton
  • Defining Error Checking Requirements
  • Introduction to Application Security


  • Coding an Order Inquiry applications

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Developing a website is one of the most important priority these days to your business on the Internet. Designing and Development of the website are the steps that are important.  PHP Programming is the Language which is most commonly used for Website Designing and Web Application Development. It’s a general purpose, server-side scripting language run a web server that's designed to make dynamic pages of the website and applications. PHP as a web development option is fast, secure, and a reliable that offers lots more advantages to make it accessible to a lot of people. Using PHP language has many benefits some of them are listed below,

  • PHP runs on platforms such as: Windows, Linux, etc.
  • PHP also supports database management system and other open source databases
  • It supports like, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL etc.
  • It is by far the compatible with servers like IIS, Apache, etc.
  • Using PHP language to create a website is very simple because of the easy functions, methods, and syntax of this language
  • Not only this, PHP has been compatible with open source software integration, such as, Joomla, Drupal, ecommerce, Typo3, etc.

People in business would want their website to be developed with beautiful layout and without any maintained well. The Digital Marketing Deal makes the difference. We provide PHP training in Gurgaon so that after completion of the course you can satisfy yours client requirement in the most effective manner.

Digital Marketing Deal has a very productive team of knowledgeable, skillful and experienced programmer team with a knack in PHP web development, PHP application development, PHP software development. We aim is delivering best training in developing website with the most effective language of the world PHP.

Top Reasons to Choose Digital Marketing Deal for PHP Training in Gurgaon 

    • India’s leading Digital Marketing Company as well as one of the top Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon and our PHP training course in Gurgaon adheres to the international industry standards.
    • During the PHP training in Gurgaon at Digital Marketing Deal, we facilitate students with latest and modern IT infrastructure and learning environment.
    • Trainers in PHP training classes combine the self-developed practice session module with current syllabus to boost your confidence.
    • Our responsibility, we provide students PHP course with placement assistance.
    • PHP training in Gurgaon at Digital Marketing Deal is conducted during weekdays and weekends as per participant's needs and Comfort time.
    • Our PHP trainers is Professional and are analysts, researchers, consultants and managers possessing a decade experience in coaching PHP course in Gurgaon.
    • Our lab is opened 365 days in a year. Students are facilitated with online mentoring during practice sessions.
    • PHP training classrooms are equipped with Wi-Fi, projectors, live frame, and digital pads.
    • During Classes we also tell you about the differences in the PHP and other languages that’s make the PHP language most suitable in the ages.
    • We facilitate students with glass-door study room and discussion zone area (meeting room).
    • With no cost training sessions are conducted on personality development, Group discussion, spoken English, and mock interview to sharpen the presentation skills.
    • With no cost PHP training course materials are provided so that you can access all the details in written as well as the practical CDs also provided to make your concept stronger in comparison to the theoretical classes.
    • Study materials include books, and soft copies of tutorials in the form of PDFs, sample papers, technical and HR interview questions also provided by us for your future growth in the Digital Marketing.
    • We also provide hostel facility if needed.
    • Our certificates are globally recognized provided after completion of course.
    • We facilitate students with Extra Time Slots (E.T.S) for doing unlimited practical at no cost.
    • According to the requirements, students can retake the class at no cost if any particular topic is left or not attended.
    • To enhance knowledge of the students, the complex technical concepts are imparted through easy coaching.
    • We accept master and visa cards (Debit & Credit), also payment mode cash, Cheque, Net Banking available and other options are also available.