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Xiaomi will sell smart shoes after smartphone – Know Prices & Features

Xiaomi will sell smart shoes after smartphone – Know Prices & Features

Xiaomi is going to launch smart shoes now in the Indian market. A photo has been shared on Shaomi India’s Twitter handle. With whom is written, “Guess what’s coming? #BFF “. It is not that Shomai sells only smartphones. In the Chinese market this has been selling shoes for the past two years. In 2017, the company launched Mizia Sneakers here. In 2018 the MiGiya Sneakers -2 was launched. It is expected that the Mizia Sneakers -2 can be launched in India.

The tagline in the Twitter handle is shared, ‘Ready to put your best foot forward’ At present, no official information has been given about the date of launch and the price. It is estimated that the cost of smart shoes will be around Rs. 3000. These shoes will be available in 4 colors. In the Indian market, shoes can be introduced in black, floral blue, floral gray and white.

The company says that smart shoes are made of unimolding process. It has mixed five different materials. Its weight is around 260 grams. The company also says that it can be washed in the washing machine. In 2019, the company has made several announcements about the Indian market. In 2018 all the smartphones that were launched were cut in price. The new model of Mi TV was launched in the market. Apart from this, the pollution mask was launched to save 2.5PM.



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