Why Social media marketing is Future of digital marketing in 2017-2018

Why Social media marketing is Future of digital marketing in 2017-2018

Why Social media marketing is Future of digital marketing in 2017-2018

Do You Know ?  Why Social media marketing is Future of digital marketing in 2017-2018-2019-2020…………………………..?

The trajectory of evolution of social media has not been anything short of simply incredible. While it did have very humble beginnings as a gateway to connect friends and families across the globes; but now it has evolved to become a marketing juggernaut that can put most sales pitches to absolute shame.

The popularity of the plethora of social media channels is going on rising and there are no chances of them letting up anytime soon. Brands have been making good use of these platforms with the inception of new innovative strategies which they have made use of in good effect and have build a pretty good audience following for them.

What is the future of social media marketing in the upcoming years of 2017-18-19-20…?

The past decade saw the rise of social media into an internet giant!

Social media networking has seen a meteoric spur in just a decade from its invention. And to go by the forecasts it is believed that it should grow even further in the upcoming years. After all humans are definitely social creatures and this extra nudge of connecting with others has been a key to social media development at this space.



Graph showing usage of social platforms

With the emergence of social media the distances of geographies have almost collapsed and people feel much more connected than they ever did. As per predictions the numbers of users will expand at the rate 8 percent in 2017 and the total will be a hefty 2.39 billion people! To put this in a sort of prospective the total combined population of china and India is 2.6 billion.

And the availability of having a platform where this scale of audience will be available at just a tap of the button does make social media a very attractive platform for brand development, awareness and market creation.

Turning of employees into branding beacons!

For people who work at a company which considers itself to be connected, you might be encouraged to share all the business updates on social media platforms through your personal channels. This is because brands have now started turning their employees into brand ambassadors to further push their brand image up. Or in other words, when using employee social advocacy programs they have grown to about 191 percent since the year 2013.

This has further increased the social reach through scaling as it integrates elements which is employees who already possess a connected audience. And when they pull this off correctly it can be much more effective to entice the audience and drive engagement. So, people are considering using tools like the social toaster to turn their teams into passionate groups of social advocates.

Having the ultimate real-time engagement:

Another important aspect of social media is the ability to run efficient client support programs. These days’ users almost take it for granted that every brand should have a social media team who would want to answer, resolve and amend the issues that the users faced and have uploaded on social media profiles.

The data from Search Engine Watch further emphasized on this fact by stating that – 72% of Twitter users expect responses from the brands they use and follow and that too within a prompt window of 1 hour or less.

Data analytics is driving good decision-making:

Before this, social media was a lot of hit-or-miss when it came to conducting marketing and relied a lot on gut feeling. But these days with the emergence of social media analytics, the market has grown much stronger, more user-friendly and detail oriented for even average blokes to use and understand. So, it is evident that dumbed down statistics automated will analytics tools will be here to stay.

Video wins on social media:

It is definitely hard to ignore, but perhaps you might have seen Snapchat has more than 10 billion regular views for its video content. This even surpasses YouTube! This domination of the social media by high-quality video content has been much like an eye-opener for most companies, and this will further increase in the future. There is well-backed proof that videos definitely work for brands. So, more than 76% of B2Bs actually make good use of them.






Bhanu Garg