What are the symptoms of heart disease and its treatment

The heart is a very compulsory part of our body. It is stationed in the middle of the chest, on the left side. Our heart beats about 1 loc times in a day and 60-90 times in a minute. The heart muscles are active and they need diet and oxygen to stay alive. When 1 or more arteries stay, some muscles of the heart cannot get nutrition and oxygen. This situation is called a heart attack. (In this connection some people may have the illusion that there are more heart-related problems such as the problem of the heart valve, the congenital heart problem etc., and when we talk about heart diseases, it is usually not included. But these problems are also associated with heart disease).

The main causes of coronary artery disease: –
The key cause of most cases of coronary artery disease or cardiovascular disease is that the fat known as atheroma gets accumulated inside the arteries. Along with Samat, this superficies develops increased and the flow of blood starts getting interrupted and angina becomes the pain. This occurs mostly when blood clots are formed on this level. When this happens, a part of the heart muscle suddenly reduces blood and it gets damaged. This condition is called a heart attack only. If the harm is limited, then the heart can comeback to its first state, but if there is more harm than disease can also occur.

many people with congenital heart problems have slight or no symptoms. But indications appear in little serious cases, especially in newborn babies. These indications include breathing fast, breathing, fatigue, and blood dissemination in the nails of skin, lips and fingers. The exercise and yoga involve fatigue in the symptoms of a heart attack. Snag in breathing, blood clotting and fluid accumulation in the lungs and fluid accumulation in the feet, ankles and legs. Unless the child is in the uterus or immediately after birth, symptoms of severe cardiovascular disease usually come into being. But in some cases, it is not recognized until the child grows up.

Symptoms of cardiovascular diseases : –

  • Chronic chest pain can be a sign of heart attack, but in many cases other warning signs are also direct.
  • If you have one or both hands or waist, neck, jaw pain or pain in the stomach and restlessness, then this can indicate a heart attack.
  • You may have chest pain during exercise or other physical work, which is called angina.
  • You may have problems breathing, cold sweating, nausea, or dizziness.
  • If you start having pain in the chest during exercise or other physical work, then it is called angina. Which can be a symptom of chronic coronary artery disease (CAD).
  • Persistent respiratory thrombosis is extremely severe or there is a warning of heart attack. But it may be a sign of other diseases or problems.

    The stomach fat can increase the risk of heart diseases, Learn Expert’s opinion

    Worldwide statistics show that cardiovascular diseases are the major causes of death among humans. In the year 2016, about 17 million people died from heart diseases. In 2016, the number of those who died of heart diseases in India increased by 34 times compared to 1990. These figures show how much we need to be aware of heart health. A major stomach fat in the heart of Indian people is a major stomach. 7 out of every 10 Indians have a risk of heart disease due to obesity. It is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent this.

    Learn from Expert What are the latest treatments for heart diseases and how safe is surgery?

    Small cut for surgery:Of course, many new works have been done in the field of cardiac or heart surgery. The first thing is that now cardiac surgery has become the least rigid surgery or les invasive surgery. As a result, a small cut is applied on one side of the chest. In the past, many good hospitals used to cut the chest throat (sternum) to reach the heart in heart surgery.

    Robotic surgery is easy: It is now possible to change the worsened or defective valves of the heart. Those weaknesses in the heart valves can be repaired. Valve disorders can be removed even bypass surgery. Robotic surgery is also a new technique in the field of cardiac surgery. In this surgery, the heart surgeon is away from the patient and takes the surgery in another room. New tissue valves have also been developed. These valves work for a long time. Due to these, long-term blood dilution medicines do not have to be taken. Such valves have greatly reduced the patient’s problem.

    Beating heart surgery: This surgery has begun. The complications of the patients suffering from heart lung machine due to the introduction of this surgery have been successful in reducing them, and the recovery of the patient is even faster than before.
    Modern treatment of heart failure: Artificial hearts are now available for patients with serious condition of heart failure (not working properly of the heart). There is also a facility for heart transplants in some of the selected hospitals in the country. Those patients with Hart Failure can also get relief from this facility, whose condition has become very serious and for them the other options of treatment are not left.

    Such prevention: Some awareness is possible to prevent cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack. Take control of blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. To keep cholesterol under control, add fruits and vegetables to your diet.

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