Ways to stay motivated to learn English

Ways to stay motivated to learn English

We indeed keep looking for motivation to perform any activity. Any inspiration can allow us to keep doing the work and learn things. The same goes when we practice learning English. If you are practicing the language from scratch, then you need some motivation from the trainer or look for some. When you take up Best English Speaking Course in Gurgaon , a professional trainer from the institute will push you hard to learn the language through a different medium. The trainer, with examples and regular feedback, will motivate you to learn the language quickly.

Few ways on how you can motivate self to learn English: –

  • Never compare your English skills with others: –

Comparing person with others is the primary failure to achieve anything. Once you start comparing, you get demotivated to perform any activity. The same is with English learning, where if you compare your fluency with others, you won’t be able to learn ahead. Once you find that your English is not as good as other people, you start seeing yourself imperfect. So stop comparing your English skills with others.

  • Never take mistakes seriously:

When we learn a new thing, we are bound to make mistakes. However, these shouldn’t take back and stop learning. The same is when learning English, where you will make mistakes, but shouldn’t take it seriously. The more you make mistakes, the more you will learn. From pronunciation to grammar, you will make mistakes, so keep learning.

  • Always think of the Benefit: –

We are living in a globalization world where you will need to learn English and communicate confidently. Every company today look for candidates who are good with English communication. This certainly a good thing for your career because you can work for a top company with a good package. Moreover, when you are fluent in English, you get good attention among colleagues and employees. If you got good luck, you might even get a chance to go abroad for work purpose.

  • Keep the Record of the Progress: –

Imagine you are working in a top company in a good position or working as a journalist for an English news channel with fluent English. Isn’t this inspiring you, especially when you look back and check your progress record? Get a notebook, so after every study of English lesson, you do write down the date and summary of what you learned. There are three things you will come across-

  1. The act of writing it down helps reinforce it in your memory
  2. Seeing the notebook fill up with knowledge encourages you that you are learning a lot
  3. Having the notebook makes it easy to go back and review things
  • Make Learning Enjoyable:

One of the best ways to motivate learning English is by changing the method. Make the process easy and enjoyable. Try having variations in your learning method. For example, one day, you work on grammar exercise, the next day consider learning on the tone or punctuation. Watch English movies in between to relax your mind and to learn. Find some materials that can interest and motivate you to learn the language.

  • Keep challenging yourself: –

Setting up the target and learning until you learn the language is the best way to motivate self. Of course, your main goal is to learn fluent English and have a promising career. Keep a reward for self on learning the language fluently. This will certainly motivate you to the best.

Conclusion: –

It is fun to learn the English language, and to make it engaging motivate self with the above points. The ultimate aim is to speak English fluently.



Tarun Batra