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Powerful Ways of Artificial Intelligence in Enhancing Digital Marketing

Powerful Ways of Artificial Intelligence in Enhancing Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence simply put is teaching machines to be more intelligent than human. This intelligence when used in action can perform multiple routine tasks with ease and at the same time reduce human interventions.

Here We Have Mentioned Some Insane Artificial Intelligence Put in Practice to Enhance Digital Marketing:

1. Creating and Generating Content:

Well now we have Artificial Intelligence tools like Wordsmith, Articoolo, and Quill already used by multiple Press and Forbes to create news. Definitely Artificial Intelligence cannot write contents on political opinions or blog post on the best and most practical advice for a specific industry. But definitely put together Artificial Intelligence can write reports and news based on data and information.

2. Content Curation:

Now only content generation is possible but also content curation. This is already put to practice in multiple website by showing relevant content to the user based on their profile and behavior. One can experience such Artificial Intelligence uses in Amazon. View a product and the page will show you products that are similar to the niche.

3. Web Design:

The thing that you would need to learn all the coding and programming language to design a website is all gone in the past. Today there are applications like Grid where artificial intelligence is put to test in designing a website based on users input of information. Artificial Intelligence can make the website development process quicker at an unbeatable price.

4. User Experience (UX)

Artificial Intelligence algorithm has made it possible to customize and personalize user experience on the website. Artificial Intelligence can help business owner to display offers and promotional content that are more appropriate to specific user. A good relevancy and user experience can bring in repetitive user and also increase the probability of conversion.

5) Google Search:

Google searches has improved tremendously in past few years with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Their recent update algorithm Google’s Voice Search (Hummingbird) and Rankbrain has changed the way and paved path for new digital marketer’s to optimize and narrow their target audience.

Google’s Voice Search Algorithm update has made search engine to handle normal day-to-day conversational queries by understanding the users search query intention. While Rankbrain has taken it further by guessing words and phrases with similar meanings.

6) Google Ads:

Definitely Artificial Intelligence has a major role in PPC account management. It can be noted in multiple places; e.g. you can create automated rules to change ad group level max. CPC, pause ad groups, enable ad groups or trigger an email when cost per conversion increases by a specified amount. One can even use it to create automated rules for certain low quality score than a specified number. Google prediction API powered by Artificial Intelligence can be used to predict the average CPC in future on any given date. This will save your team’s time to a great extent as downloading a massive .csv file and making crunching the team with all that data. This way Google ads account managers can save time and reduce their interventions to make adjustments

7) Facebook:

Facebook uses artificial intelligence empowered by deep neural networks to help them make data driven decisions. These deep neural network scraps information and helps Facebook to decide upon the type of posts, ads to be shown to its user’s base from their profile and other online behavioral patterns. Thus resulting in brands aid by showing relevant posts and ads to its user base at the same time enhancing their chance of conversions. However, it is recommended to have a social media agency in establishing the connection between brands and their target audience. Artificial intelligence is also used in recognizing people in photos by Facebook by using Deep Face tool to analyze them contextually from the text posted in its platform.

8) Instagram:

Instagram has used Artificial Intelligence by announcing its automatic and manual comment filtering system to moderate negative comments. This is to support many Brands in the platform by filtering out negative comments and protecting their online reputation. Instagram Artificial Intelligence is based on Deep Text developed at Facebook.

9) Email Marketing:

Email is one of the best oldest yet most effective form of digital marketing. Email marketing with the support of Artificial Intelligence is now automated completely from timing, subject line & copy optimization, A/B testing and predictive personalization.



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