20 Types of Plastic Cosmetic Surgeries

plastic surgery
plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is a Sub-specialty of plastic surgery. By this the body can be made more beautiful and attractive. Cosmetic Surgery Enhances Your Self-confidence By Making Your Self Image More Effective And It Changes Your View Of Yourself And Others With You.

Can you be more beautiful as your wish, and can you imagine what you can afford in that price? Yes, now it is possible.

When you look in the mirror and you feel that there is no part of body in your desired size and proof, then you can think about cosmetic surgery, which can turn your fantasy into reality, very securely. Our main objective is to bring awareness about this gift given to us by modern science.

Types of Cosmetic Surgeries


This surgery is also called Lipoplasty or Lipo-sculpture. Body size gives a distinctive semiotics to the body’s beauty. Pregnancy, increase in weight, aging, etc. By changing all these shapes, beauty becomes confusing. In most cases, if dieting and exercise is done very carefully, then only partial and workable benefits are available. It is helpful in this problem, the sophisticated methodology offered by science ie Liposuction!

Extra fat deposited in any part of the body by liposuction can be arguably arbitrarily removed. Liposuction is mainly used to remove fat from parts of Tummy, Love handles, waists, buttocks, thighs, arms, chest, back (back). . Liposuction can be given to anyone of any age who is medically fit.

Bra-rolls from liposuction (folds due to excess fat on the back), double chin (under the jaw, shave at high fat in the neck part, folds in the lower part of the chin) and men in Gynecomastia ( More bulge on the chest) can be normalized. In men, the stomach can be spin-shaped by the Six Pack surgery.

Facial implants:

Sometimes the beauty of the face becomes lighter due to some part of the face, lower than the size of the other parts. Modern silicone implants can make the face more beautiful by giving proper shape to that part.


Proper measurement and size of Arms provides feminine beauty and youth. Arms hanging due to age and due to obesity seem to be incomplete. Arms can be made beautiful by removing excess fat and skin by liposuction and brachioplasty.

Thighplasty for shaping hanging hips:

This surgery can be made beautiful by placing hanging hips in proper shape.

Brazilian Butt lift:

Flat Buttocks can be made more attractive by flat injection.

Ear Shaping / Ear lobule repair:

Occasionally there is a deformity in the size of the ear through birth in the children. Plastic surgery can be made beautiful by shaping such ears. Broken broken ear with age can be made beautiful by plastic surgery.

Genital Cosmetic Surgery:

Change in the size and size of the sexes of woman and man can be made by cosmetic surgery. Apart from this, the change in age and pregnancy due to the pregnancy of women can be given more Young Look. Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty (Reshaping of enlarged labia), Hymenoplasty (Reconstructing Ruptured Hymen), Penile Enlargement etc. are such types of surgery.

Hair Transplantation:

Hair transplantation is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in men. The hair looks beautiful due to the hair increases the charm of youth in the man’s personality. The most important reason for hair fall and baldness in men is genetic / genetic. Besides, physical and mental stress, Dandruff (Russian), insufficient nutrition (habit of taking irregular and junkfood and fastfood), and also due to the environment, the hair starts falling further, and after the passage of time hair becomes very less and then the baldness Comes. If the hair has diminished only then it can be increased by special medicines. But in the part where the hair has become too small or baldness, there is no benefit from medicine. Through such hair transplantation, the entire natural hair (which grow like normal hair and can be cut) can certainly be obtained.

Increased breast surgeries in men (Gynecomastia):

In some children / adolescents, with the development of the body, the chest / breast part also appears to increase. This is mostly due to the change in the intravenous disorders caused by the body at this age. It reduces the self-confidence of men and experiences embarrassment.

No medicine is effective in it and its only treatment is surgery. The size / structure of the chest may be normal by cosmetic surgery (liposuction).

Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty):

After high amounts of weight loss or after pregnancy in women, the skin in the lower part of the stomach remains in high concentration. Which most often do not come back to its original state. Also due to delivery, the stomach muscles are loose. Because of this, part of the stomach and waist is missing its shape. Many women can not get their original shape even by exercising. The abdominal and waist section can be given beautiful shape by removing this extra skin by abdominoplasty.

Cosmetic Breat Surgery:

Breast is an important organ in female beauty. The size and shape of the breast increase the self-confidence. Women’s breasts lose their beauty due to changes in size and size during different steps of body development, pregnancy, breast feeding and aging. Occasionally, very large breasts cause physical discomfort, while very small breasts decrease the woman’s self-confidence. After the pregnancy, the hanging breast makes the body foul. Small breast can be grown by cosmetic surgery. Large breasts can be made smaller and the hanging breast can be made more beautiful by giving proper shape. Measures of breast can be increased in two ways: (1) by fate injection and (2) by silicone implant.

Rhinoplasty (Rhinoplasty-Nose Surgery):

The nose is the center of beauty of the face, so its size increases the tenderness in your personality and the damage done in the shape of the nose reduces the beauty of the face.

More large / long nose can be made smaller by modern cosmetic surgery. The hump nose and lower nose (Flat Nose / Saddle Nose) can be made attractive by making the proper shape and straighten the Devinted Nose.


The first sign of growing age is seen on the eyebrows and the surrounding area. Are you worried about your hanging eyebrows and Eye Bags of the eyebrows below? So your eyes can be made more beautiful by blepharoplasty.

Lip Shaping Surgery:

Lamp with the eye, being the vital organ for facial beauty, during the communication, the first sight stays on it. Therefore proper measurement and shape of the lips makes the face beautiful. Cosmetic surgeries can make the lips more prominent and the small lips can be made bigger and attractive.

Dimple Creation:

Dimples in the cheeks make humor on the face more beautiful and attractive. In some people it is God’s gift, but they can be obtained by surgery. Dimples manufactured by this surgery are permanent.

Fat Injection / Fat Grafting:

Any part of the face on the body is sitting – due to Depressed, it seems ungenerous, then by transferring fat from the other part of the body to the part in the body, it can be made beautiful and beautiful without any external marks is.

Scar Surgery on the body:

Stains on the body, and especially on the face, reduce the beauty of the face. Such scars can be made less and light by cosmetic surgery to make the face and skin more beautiful.

White-blot Surgery (Vitiligo):

The removal of white spots by surgery and replaced by a new skin is done and thus the white spots can definitely be removed.

Tattoo Removal:

The tattoo on any part of the body can be completely removed for all time.

Excision of lumps & bumps on face / body:

Due to the removal of the tumor / nausea on any part of the body, the marks on the skin remain very low or no.

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