You also take a Painkiller, be careful, it will increases the risk of death

Do not take pain in the head or joints that the Painkiller  eat? If so, be careful. The indiscriminate consumption of painkillers increases the risk of death by heart attack and stroke by up to 50 percent. In a study published on Wednesday in ‘British Medical Journal’ this warning has been given. Researchers from the Arhus University Hospital in Denmark judged 63 million people with adverse effects of paractatolol, ibubrofen and diclofenac, and other painkillers. They found that these drugs without steroids slow the speed of water and sodium extraction from the body. This increases blood flow. Also, due to excessive pressure in blood delivery to the organs, there is a danger of arterial stroke and the person’s heart attack and stroke.

It was also seen in the study that pain relief medicines neutralize medicines used to reduce blood pressure. According to the main researcher Morton Schmidt, painkiller medicines uncontrolled the heartbeat. This may cause a person to complain about uneasiness, anxiety, chest pain and sweating. They demanded from governments of all countries to make such a strict law, under which the sale of Painkiller is completely prohibited without the prescription drug shops.

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Paracetamol, ibuprofen and Diclofenac-based medicines affect kidney function

-The increase in the level of water and sodium in the body increases the flow of blood, the vein continues to be feared.

– Different medications used to reduce blood pressure also make the pain reliever pills

These 5 things to relieve pain

1.Haldi: The presence of ‘karakumin’ that destroys free radicals is effective in reducing the feeling of pain.

2.Long: Equipped with the natural painkiller compound called ‘Eugenol’. The most effective in tooth pain.

3. Ginger: The signals of pain are found to contain the two enzymes which interfere with the action of the brain.

4.Badam: Omega-3 fatty acids inhibit the chemicals which cause pain, swelling, stretch of muscles in the muscles.

5.Burf / hot watering: Reduces the pain in joints and muscles by making blood flow smooth in the veins.